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  1. Well, that is, the loader does not like the accelerated loading of the emulator. More precisely, he does not like the modification of the bootloader (patch), which most likely is not correctly applied, since not quite standard functions are used. I see. Thanks.
  2. Hello there o/ Having found an archive of cassette images on the Internet, I came across a strange note that some of dump only work on real atari, but not on emulators. Having downloaded the "Boulder Dash" dump for testing, I really made sure that the download occurs up to a certain part, after which the computer is reset to the "SelfTest". What can be wrong? Any tricky timings? boulder_dash[pigwa].cas
  3. Thanks a lot for the answers!
  4. Hello there o/ Raking up the next junk yard of files, I was interested in the attributes in quotes, which are assigned by the authors. For example: Star Raiders II (1985)(Atari)(US)[!].car Star Raiders II (1985)(Atari)(US)[!].rom Star Raiders II (1985)(Atari)(US)[a1].xex Star Raiders II (1985)(Atari)(US)[a2].xex Star Raiders II (1985)(Atari)(US)[a3].xex Star Raiders II (1985)(Atari)(US)[a].xex Star Raiders II (1985)(Atari)(US)[o].car Star Raiders II (1985)(Atari)(US)[o].rom [!] - What does an exclamation point mean? Something like, attention this is modified file? [a][a1][a2][a3] - Alternative version? [o] - Original version? [m][m2][m3] - modified file? [u] - unique version? [b] - bad version? B-Side? [t] - ??? Maybe there is some FAQ where all these abbreviations are described? Thanks a lot in advance \o/
  5. It's a very good idea. There is never a lot of memory Perhaps making other changes to the architecture is undesirable, but memory in this case is definitely an exception to the rule. I see that the post was made more than a year ago, is there are some ideas to implement a board with 512Kb on board?
  6. How about go to… profile and click this icon?
  7. woow! the problem is really in this. I compile all 15 different games and everything worked. However, this does not solve the problem with the first game, which should be 8k and complement the menu. In any case, thanks for the info. But it's better to write your own builder
  8. You shouldn't be so worried. I can say that when adding a large number of images of cartridges, the loading also breaks. A byte-by-byte comparison shows that the files are shifted. So most likely the problem is in the builder script itself. Now I'm trying to figure out how it all work together. The problem is that part is done in python, then C is built, and only then ASM is compiled. There are a lot of intermediate steps. As soon as I reach enlightenment, I will definitely share the results
  9. Well, unfortunately this is a feature of open source At the moment, the author does not have the time and opportunity to deal with the project, but is not opposed to get help. I do not mind taking up this issue in more detail and bringing the bring to happy end. I was able to find the pattern of the error. As the author wrote, the problem is with alignment. If you arrange the blocks like this: 8k menu 8k first game 16k second game For example, pac-man = 8k. zaxxon = 16k Everything works perfectly. cart_8_16.zip
  10. I contacted the author of "xe-multicart" project and he said that things are not so simple with 16k cartridges: In other words, most likely the problem is in the correct assembly of the cartridge image. Need more information and testing.
  11. Well, I was particularly interested in the issue of copyright, whether there will be claims. No, I haven't tried. I wanted to cheat and convert bin to car so that emulator would not ask for a format every time it starts. Well, most likely it is, this is a test version. Thank author for adding this feature so quickly. cart_8.zip cart_16.zip
  12. woow! It was quickly! I created two cartridges with 8k games and 16k games. In the first case (8k) everything works fine. But the cartridge with 16k games could not be start. The emulator crashes or atari show self test. It is also impossible to save the image of the cartridge through the menu: File → Save firmware → Save cartridge: I do not know if the forum rules allow, but I can attach the created images for testing.
  13. Hello. It's great to see that the "Altirra" project continues its development. On this occasion, I would like to ask if it is possible to make support for cartridges from the project "XE Multicart"? As say author of the project: It would be great to be able to check in emulator the dump of the builded cartridge before it is write into the real rom chip.
  14. A very interesting project! We are looking forward to at least a demo version. This could really spice up the creation of new atari games. It would be very interesting to know the minimum amount of memory for run.
  15. A year later, I returned to this question and still figured out the reason for the error. The problem is in an incorrect parameter when calling the DIR command: Replace string: 2160 DIRNAME .BYTE "D:*.*" with 2160 DIRNAME .BYTE "D1:*.*"
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