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  1. A year later, I returned to this question and still figured out the reason for the error. The problem is in an incorrect parameter when calling the DIR command: Replace string: 2160 DIRNAME .BYTE "D:*.*" with 2160 DIRNAME .BYTE "D1:*.*"
  2. Recently, the source code for Elite (https://www.bbcelite.com/) was posted openly for BBC Micro, in which every line of code is documented, and most of it is explained. Any chanche to complete the story?
  3. Thanks so much for trying, but still it is't that: Nemo's Vault - yes skull, but two and small Pribeh Ze tmy - big skull without wings and year 1992. the game on tape was released explicitly earlier or in 1989 Savage Pond and War-Copter - sorry but very small skull and not b/w colors
  4. Unfortunately, whole hope is that someone will remember a similar picture from some game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Unfortunately, there is no more information. In addition to the loading screen, nothing else is remembered.
  6. Logically, yes, this is most like this game, but I just remember that the picture was black and white, and the "screaming wings" had yellowish brown tones. In any case, many thanks for the help, maybe someone else will remember something similar.
  7. Hello there o/ Back in 1989, I had a cassette with a game. Unfortunately, tape was damaged, and the game is was not loaded. After so many years it’s hard to remember the name of the game, but I definitely remember that on the loading screen there was a skull with wings, like this one: Having looked at many archives, I unfortunately did not manage to find something with a similar loading screen. Maybe it was a loading screen of a cracked version of the game. I really hope that someone can remember at least something. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Hello there o/ I want to understand how atari wedge works. Atariarchives.org has an article entitled “The wedge: Addings Command to Atari Basic”. Comprehensive information, but the example of autorun.sys does not work correctly a bit. The system boots without errors, but when you call a command, for example, DIR, in the end we get stabile error 14: It is also interesting that if you type an error command with a length of 2 or more characters, and then retype the DIR command, the error disappears. If I understand correctly, when calling a deliberately erroneous command, some additional initialization or something like that will occur. Perhaps the error crept into the source code of the example or it really is not finalized? The article states that you need to use DOS 2.0. I may not have the correct version, but I did a clean DOS2.0 image using ATRTools and then added the AUTORUN.SYS file. p.s. I already tried, like an already compiled file(P174P2.OBJ), and tried to compile from the source. The result is the same.
  9. Thanks so much for the answers. I will study the proposed documentation.
  10. Oh, just ask and the answer was found. If I understand correctly, then $4F is not a device, but a bus poll. And if I correctly understood the description on the site atariki, then something like this (1090) could be connected to the bus.
  11. Hello everyone o/ I began to study the work of Atari SIO and ran into an interesting question. I connected the Arduino to the Atari SIO pins and started listening to the broadcast that Atari asks for when it is turned on. The first 28 packages were standard: Received data: $31, $53, $0, $0, $84 CRC: Calculated: $84, Received: $84, Status:OK Device: $31 ("1") Command: $53 ("Get Status") Atari tries to interrogate the first device ($ 31 = D1:) and requests its status. Having exhausted all attempts, my atari requested an unknown device ($ 4F) and tried to send an unknown command ($ 40): Received data: $4F, $40, $0, $0, $8F CRC: Calculated: $8F, Received: $8F, Status:OK Device: $4F ("O") Command: $40 ("Unknown") I found a description of the commands and device IDs on the site atarimax, but there is no $4F device among them and the $40 command is also not known. Google search also failed. Perhaps this is no secret to anyone and the information is available. But I managed to find only the mention of the device ("O") in the RespeQt program. Someone can tell where to find out a little more information. Thank you in advance!
  12. OK. Good idea. But required global code analyse and neat fix some source. So here, my quick fix bit solution on python3: fix_atascii.zip
  13. Thank you! Very useful tool, but still same problem with inverted chars
  14. Hmm.… May be utility can reset the 7th bit and saving it as plain text? Logically it's same text, just decorated, it isn't? …or at least make one of the possible convertation mode
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