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  1. Thanks so much for the answers. I will study the proposed documentation.
  2. Oh, just ask and the answer was found. If I understand correctly, then $4F is not a device, but a bus poll. And if I correctly understood the description on the site atariki, then something like this (1090) could be connected to the bus.
  3. Hello everyone o/ I began to study the work of Atari SIO and ran into an interesting question. I connected the Arduino to the Atari SIO pins and started listening to the broadcast that Atari asks for when it is turned on. The first 28 packages were standard: Received data: $31, $53, $0, $0, $84 CRC: Calculated: $84, Received: $84, Status:OK Device: $31 ("1") Command: $53 ("Get Status") Atari tries to interrogate the first device ($ 31 = D1:) and requests its status. Having exhausted all attempts, my atari requested an unknown device ($ 4F) and tried to send an unknown command ($ 40): Received data: $4F, $40, $0, $0, $8F CRC: Calculated: $8F, Received: $8F, Status:OK Device: $4F ("O") Command: $40 ("Unknown") I found a description of the commands and device IDs on the site atarimax, but there is no $4F device among them and the $40 command is also not known. Google search also failed. Perhaps this is no secret to anyone and the information is available. But I managed to find only the mention of the device ("O") in the RespeQt program. Someone can tell where to find out a little more information. Thank you in advance!
  4. OK. Good idea. But required global code analyse and neat fix some source. So here, my quick fix bit solution on python3: fix_atascii.zip
  5. Thank you! Very useful tool, but still same problem with inverted chars
  6. Hmm.… May be utility can reset the 7th bit and saving it as plain text? Logically it's same text, just decorated, it isn't? …or at least make one of the possible convertation mode
  7. And yet there is a small problem when saving the file: If the text is written in inverted font, then the characters are not saved correctly. Please can you fix this? Thanks a lot in advance!
  8. Big thanks! It's really works! Even without the need to switch between Output -> ASCII and ATASCII!
  9. Hmm… very strange issue. I have same symptoms on my Windows 10 x64. But this time is Viber.exe o_O After close Viber, ATRTools.exe continue to start…
  10. Hello there o/ I need to convert macroassembler Mac65 source files (* .M65) to text file format on PeeCee. Are there any utilities for this? If you simply open the file in any text editor, we will see strange text. But everything looks great in the same MAC65 editor. As i can see file is tokenized or something like that. Thanks in advance for your reply.
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