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  1. They are just scam.. Too much value we have given to these people when at the same time there are programmers out there who work and create new titles without complaining and making very low profits but do what they love. One example is a german guy who has worked over the last 20 years and has given us titles like moon patrol for Vectrex etc.. Do not give value to one time hits creators, but to creators who have dedicated many years from their life to do much greater work and bring so many titles out to the public.
  2. Personally i believe this team of the creators are just scam.. They try to make overpriced money from a game by making it rare to find. Do not forget it is just a homebrew. Unfortunately for them, e bay is full of sellers who sell reproductions of this, so actually there is still production of this game going on😁
  3. Because they like that the price of these are about $900... Instead of producing new copies or creating new software they make excuses and chose the lazy way to make money by making this game rare. That is why on e bay they sell reproductions and they are doing pretty well because most of the buyers are gamers they do not care to collect and pay an overpriced tag for a homebrew...
  4. Yes, but we need to know who to contact in here, before we upload anything, so we are ok with the copyrights. There needs to be some kind of rules about these things.
  5. Are you the coordinator of this site? Are you talking directly with the creators?
  6. I just uploaded the whole manual in Atari Age Jaguar high score club. Enjoy!
  7. Ok thanks. After this crisis is over i will contact you again. I am located in athens greece.
  8. Ok thanks. I will wait after this crisis is over and will contact you then. I am located in athens greece
  9. Please you need to fix your paypal account. When i tried to send you money for the multicart, i got an error message from paypal that the paypal e mail you gave me is not valid. Thank you
  10. I am newly registered to this forum so i do not know how to PM. So this is my mail: [email protected] thank you in advance Regards loukas
  11. Hi, where can i buy this multicart? Lucius2018
  12. Hi, where can i buy this multicart? Lucius2018
  13. Well, just saw the offer... i would like to buy this multicart. I own rca studio ii console. If you cannot find a shell, can i put the board naked inside and work? Loukas
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