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  1. I have soldered a micro switch from the beginning, so it works perfectly. You can later close the housing again and you don't run the risk of creating a short-circuit. Cheers, andY
  2. Great idea 😎👍🏻!!! I´d like it very much! Cheers, andY
  3. Okay, so you have to search for an: REALTEK RTL8822CE Win10 Driver (WLAN/BT combi module) Cheers, andY
  4. The best way is, to plug in a Ethernet cable (LAN cable) connected to your router. After than boot Win10 and go to "Find Windows updates" , and let the system install all Updates and drivers ... it will reboot for a few times and everytime you should repeat the search for updates. After everything is done, it shows you "You´re up to date - no Updates found." Now it should works fine... Cheers, andY
  5. No worry about that, Win10 will recognise all relevant drivers you need. All you have to do, is starting the install process, lean back and relax 😉.... Cheers, andY
  6. Great stuff 😎! Well done 👍🏻!
  7. In unserer heutigen, extrem kurzlebigen Zeit, ist ein Monat schon fast ein Katzenleben 😉!
  8. Many guys here (including me) have installed a couple of different 64Bit-OS´s successfully on the VCS in the past 😉
  9. You´re really, really late to the party 😉...
  10. The AMD Vega3 Graphics is using 13GB of shared memory 😉
  11. Yes I did it (using a 1TB M2.SSD). To install Win10 is straight and easy. Everything you have to do you´ll find here: -> Windows 10 install If you face some issues while the install process it would be very helpful, if you explain all steps you gone and what issue you get. Cheers, andY
  12. Interesting little detail (after fixing some minor issues): The AMD Vega3 Graphics is using 13GB of shared memory 😉
  13. It's just for fun and a little reminiscing..... But I´ve remembered to the good old days in 2016(till early 2018), where I´v build my own special optimized and very energy efficient Nicehash-Miner with 2x 1060 6GB for home use. It was profitable indeed 😎, even in Germany with one of the highest electricity prices 🙄. Now I´m back, to show you, the ATARI VCS is also able, to mine some Crypto Currencies 😉... See pictures attached.... Thats s only a quick n´ dirty setup, nothing is optimized at all... Cheers, andY
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