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  1. Hi CC, it´s the price for the large ones. As far as I know only the first batch (finally sold out) was with the small ones. Gtx., andY
  2. I´ve just ordered my promised two ones 😎. Gtx., andY
  3. Not sure if it´s useful, but here you´ll find the 65XE (w/o ECI) and the 130XE (ECI) manual scans: -> Atari 400 800 XL XE Manuals Gtx., andY
  4. Hi @all, I´m currently looking for an empty ATARI XF551 case, if possible with the matching side rails for a 5.25 inch drive. If anyone want to sell, pls make an offer. Thanks in advance! andY
  5. That´s are REALLY good news 😎!!! Thx for reply 👍! Gtx., andY
  6. @foft ..sorry, me again, but any news or progress here 😇? Thanks, andY
  7. I'm not really 100% sure whether that was humor or serious praise 😉, but I say "thank you" Btw.: "Andreas" is -> Charlie Chaplin 😉 Cheers, andY (André)
  8. A couple of weeks ago I´ve replaced one of my 400´s with a B-Key, so the membrane Key was left over... But an other user was very interested in, so I sold it... But I am currently looking again for a B-KEY for another 400'er. If I succeed, then a membrane key could be available again.... Gtx., andY
  9. I'm not sure if that could help, but at the end of the following Wiki entry you will find something about the SMM804 DIP switches.. It is in German, but you can certainly understand it or have it translated... -> Newtosworld Wiki SMM804 Gtx., andY
  10. Thanks for PM, dropped you an answer. gtx., andY
  11. "Yes" and "No" 😊 He is an longtime and good seller, but if your´re located in europe, it´s finally more difficult and more expensive to order something there.... In the worst case, maybe I can help you ... I think, i can offer you a GTIA and I'm located in Germany (more closed to you 😉) But first I must checkout the shipping & handling costs.. If you are interested in, so drop me a PM... Gtx., andY
  12. Hmm, the drive is correct (see, attached pic), and as BIOS I´ve used the AltirraOS for XL/XE/XEGS. Gtx., andY
  13. You could try the attached one. Just generated with Altirra 3.10 & SpartaDOS 3.2. I´ve mounted SpartaDOS in D1, attached an empty ATR in D2 (Note: you have to enable write permissions before), than boot SpartaDOS -> Xinit -> choose "DOS" -> (Destination) Drive 2 -> choose 40trks/DS (-> select "5") than "Double Density" (-> select "2") and fire up.... Thats all... Gtx., andY Sparta32_QuadDensity.atr
  14. Hmm, I guess, you mean the RAM-Card 🙂? (The ROM´s of the 400 are located on the Mainboard - except the ATARI 800, it has it´s own ROM-Card.) So it could be a RAM issue maybe? After Power on, can you determinate one (or more) RAM chips, getting very warm/hot? On the other side, have you tried out DrVenkman´s suggestions? I think, he might be right ...👍 Gtx., andY
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