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  1. Great! Nice to could help you 😎. EDIT: I saw, the tripple offer was closed, seems to me, that a lot of people was following my hint 😉! Gtx., andY
  2. Or you take "Turbobasic XL", there is also a Version for ATARI 400 available, here: -> TURBO-BASIC XL (Scroll down to "ATR-Images) Gtx., andY
  3. Hmmm, if you´ve installed the Basic Cartridge, you can press "B" in DOS 2.5, to jump into Basic, than you´re able, to load the *.bas files from your atr. Gtx., andY
  4. Hi folks, I'm sure you've heard of it, but if not, it might be of interest: TBA is selling new JAG-Controllers, 15USD each, 25USD for two or 35USD for three... I guess, it´s a good price. -> The Brewing Academy - Jaguar Controller (New, no box) Grey buttons Gtx., andY
  5. Really great work! Well done, mate😎👍! Did you ever think about expanding your skills on FOFT´s new, cool PokeyMax (QuadPokey /DualSID or, QuadPokey/Covox/DualYM2149)? I guess, it could be a "Paradise Heaven" for sound programmers 😉..... Gtx., andY
  6. Chiptune lovers her 😉?

    Sexy (ATARI) Synthesizer...


    -> Sexy Synth

  7. Never knew, that Florida is located in germany 😋. Gtx., andY
  8. You could try it with https://www.conrad.com/ or contact "tf_hh", he sells a couple of it .. Gtx., andY
  9. There is the option, to build a cheap and easy "SIO-to-Parallel"-Port Cable to connect your 1050 to the ST´s Parallelport. Than you´re able to use "XFormer", to read 5,25 Zoll ATARI 8-Bit Floppys to the ST. Gtx., andY
  10. I use the "AOYUE 852" Desoldering Station the last 12 years... It´s not the cheapest solution, but it works fine for me for all the years... Gtx., andY
  11. SpectraVideo (better known as "SVI") was one of the most popular Joystick companies in germany in the 80´s / 90´s ..... The Quickshot series was legendary.....
  12. Great solution👍! I´m in with 5 sets please (with SMD parts soldered of course please, cauz´my eyes are getting week last years 🤓...) Gtx., andY
  13. After moving my ATARI storage last year, I also recovered two 8 inch Radio Shack TRS-80 Floppys... The difference between 8, 5,25 and 3,5 is phenomenal 😉 Gtx., andY
  14. Ahh, okay.... another way is - if you are a member of the ABBUC - to get the latest version of the "holy bible", called "The ATARI Profi Book" from 2018 (includes all known ATARI 8 Bit computer systems). Unfortunately, it´s in german but its a PDF, so you´re able, to translate it in your native language... Gtx., andY
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