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  1. Sorry for bumping this old dusty thread, but does anybody know, what happend with all this 50+ machines? Something about the new owner? Did he sold/sell some ones? Thanks, andY
  2. Yes, I guess, that should fit. Above the POKEY (between Pokey and the aluminium cage) should be also enough space. But I have a couple of 400's too and I can measure it, when I'm home again, to be absolutely sure about... Gtx., andY
  3. One of my last markable grabs on ebay was this freaky, funny thing here: a "ATARI Desktop Printing Calculator" 😎 In a absolutely excellent, original packed and never used version.... Gtx., andY
  4. The young man on the left side, gosh, thats my father 😂, and the boy in the middle , thats me 😊... EDIT: But now, if I take a closer look, damn, yeah it´s me 🤣!!
  5. Not really a major update, but I found another picture of the same time. The funny fact is, that you can see next to me, on the right side, my sweet niece... Now she´s married, and had two beautiful kids 😊... Damn, how quickly time flies........ 😥 Gtx., andY
  6. It seems so, ´cauz if you take a closer look at all "IRATA" entries, you can see, that only the more specified entry "Super Copy" is stuffed with a german flag... -> IRATA Verlag Gtx., andY
  7. Yes, ya´re right, of course. If it works well for you there is no need for it 🙂👍.
  8. I just stumbled across this thread. Not sure, if it´s helpful, but I've a couple of these ones left.... Gtx., andY
  9. If the value of both resistors is identically, so it should work. The both pins in the middle of the bigger resistor are bridged (it´s equal to the third pin of the smaller resistor). To adapt it to the holes on the PCB, you could try to bend gently the pins.... Otherwise you can also solder a short extension to the resistor pins, to make it fitable. Gtx., andY
  10. Hi XXL, yes, I know 😉, but I'd prefer, to playback in stereo. But you´re right, as a simplest version (w/o any addition cabling) it would be the best solution. Btw, your SIO-Card looks also great 😎. Gtx., andY Hi Mathy, at the moment the CODEC reads the required data directly from SD and the ATARI "only" sends the proper commands to control it. The biggest advantage is, that you´re able to replay MP3/Audio files in "HIFI" quality without any CPU-load (maybe for forthcoming great demos with high quality audio experience, without any BUS limitations and CPU lackage) The disadvantage on the other side is, that you´re forced, to prepare your SD on a PC or Mac with the proper files before. For the future I´ve planned a version, where you´re also able, to load files from Disk (SD-Drive MAX, SIO2PC, you name it) and store it to the MP3 SD-Card. The option to "stream" the Data directly to the CODEC is theoretically also possible, but, depend on the limited bus speed and high CPU load, it makes no sence in my eyes.... (I´ve tried to simulate it with different "downsized" bitrates, but the quality sucks a lot.) Gtx., andY Thanks guys, for the positive feedback 😎👍! andY
  11. Hi folks, at the beginning of this year, there was sourrounding an idea in my head, to bringing MP3 experience to all 8-Bit Ataris, without too much technical and financial effort. I´ve planned to realise, an external easy "Plug´n´Play" and an internal version (with a minimum of soldering skills). The idea behind is, to control a cheap but powerful MP3-Codec via SIO commands. So I´ve started to creating a Prototype (you can see at the pictures below). (I was a bit surprised how well the prototype already worked 😉). For easy testing, I wrote the code in TB (works great for the Prototype), but finally it should be a small piece of Assembler code, putting in a switchable ROM. At the moment the MP3 files are stored on a SD, but for the future I´ve planned, to make it possible to provide the mp3 files directly from the ATARI to the CODEC. Unfortunately, this project just stucked for a while, depend on more important issues.... But I want to ask here, if it´s basicly for interest, to go on? If anybody is interested in, I can start to go on and also, if required, I can provide the used material and the beta code. Gtx., andY
  12. Killswitch available on Ebay for 6,99$: ATARI 800 Killswitch
  13. All steps you need to do, you´ll find in FJC´s great manual here: Incognito-and-1088XEL-U1MB-Firmware-Manual (Page 9) I prefered the SIO2PC method, (mount firmware.atr as D1:) It´s very easy and works well for me... Gtx., andY
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