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  1. Thanks a lot, now I have somewhere to start from 👍
  2. @SparkTR: could you please share more details about recap? which capacitors did you replace? Maybe by change you took a picture before reassembling . My Jaguar CD is becoming more and more picky. I'm considering replacing Laser mechanism, rubbers & recap. Perfect thread here for that. Thank you all.
  3. SainT, All, I've been following this topic from the begining, reading each single post of the 110 pages. Now it comes reality, nearly too early. It was so good to wait and follow the progression...I did not order immediatly (I'm currently #644) so that the waiting pleasure can last a bit more. I'll definitively have to by a 7800 in order to feel the same again This is a rebirth of the Jaguar. Thank you and lot of respect, Mr SainT, for making this a reality. I wich you all the best. And thank you all for this passionating topic with 1000s of posts (that will last again for a long time I hope).
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