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  1. Any chance I am the 4th guy to request black and yellow buttons? Seeing how I already have my controllers, I just need an extra set of buttons. I should be able to easily remove my red ones for these, correct? Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Maybe I will hold off on buying the shell for now then. Depending on price, I am hoping to get (2) by Christmas, planning an Atari party with the kids. New games and new controllers... Please let me know when they are ready and if its possible to get the color theme on the buttons I asked for. Thanks.
  3. Is your partner the individual selling the 3D printed custom controller shells on eBay? If so, he has been playing around with a black version for me I am about to buy, however it may be cheaper to have it go through you so the shipping is at one time verses two different packages. Have you decided how much you guys are going to sell them for? I was looking for an all black, which I will then paint the Atari logo red, with either red or yellow buttons. Maybe use green, yellow and red color pattern on the Start/Pause/Restart buttons. What would you charge for a completed one in the black shells with the above mentioned color pattern for the buttons? Trying to keep it close to original... I can paint the logo myself if need be.
  4. I bought some off of eBay from him. He replied to questions I had at the time via the eBay messager app.
  5. Are these the boards you are using? I ordered two of these earlier this week on eBay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-5200-Custom-Handheld-Controller-bare-PCBOARD/173811028957?hash=item2877f1d3dd:g:9yQAAOSwQTRb54hE) I am waiting for the guys who 3D printed the custom controller case to print some up in black, then I was going to order a set from them. If I send you the board and controller shell, what would the price be then?
  6. Is that all parts included or just manual labor?
  7. Shawn, how much do you charge to build a new modern controller?
  8. Sorry if I am crossing the two threads. You can reply on this or the controller thread. Would you ever consider making the MasterPlay clone adapter and selling it as well?
  9. Ok, thanks for the reply. Why not kickstarter the first batch? How much do you think you would be selling them for?
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Were you still looking at either building these or the 3D printed controllers at some point to sell?
  11. Would be fun to sit down and build one of these with someone showing me what to do. I have soldered copper piping in the past and can program with Python, but I don't really know what to do with these. Anyone that has built one live around Southeastern Idaho or Northern Utah?
  12. Second that. Unfortunately at this point I would be looking for a completed version. Would love to know if and when any of the completed ones are available. Been getting my boys into the Atari 5200 the past few weeks. Good times and fun memories!
  13. Any updates to this list or is it current?
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