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  1. Hey Humblejack, if you can get the audio into a WAV or MP3 format, there are a few tools that can translate those into a data stream... from there, you’d need to try a few different emulators to see if they are readable.
  2. For those who missed it, here's a link (may go away after 60 days!) to the video, audio, and transcripts. https://clu.zoom.us/rec/share/EGIRuINbatwZ2QvimWjPXVwqL5RqEHbgJti9OsNtKrXo7ZyWuLy17fGTbgjYiY8O.9y5c9XmEk8ZFWJJR
  3. Boards are being tested with original components to ensure they are indeed, like-for-like replacements. A few corrections have been made (bodge capacitor under the LS165, etc.), but these are intended to be replacements. Eagle boards and Gerbers will be available after testing is complete. Schematics (current update) attached. - Sean v1-1-0b.pdf
  4. Hey Aquarius fans! EDIT: I had the wrong Date here (corrected it), but the Zoom call is correct! We're going to try for the first ever Mattel Aquarius (or Radofin Aquarius, if you prefer!) virtual meet and greet? The virtual user group meeting will happen on August 8/9 (depending on where you live). It will begin at 21:00 London time (see chart below) on 15 AUG 2020 and will run for about 3 hours (or until we're either sick of talking, or we run out of interesting things to talk about). Here's the FREE registration link: https://clu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0pde-pqjIjHtLzIJ8BFbnvHe7qaEAakXFh After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Here's the VERY ROUGH agenda: First Hour - Welcome & Introductions Second Hour - Show and tell Third Hour - Future of the Aquarius Here's a BROAD chart of the start times by city/country (a few are probably incorrect): EU - 22:00, 15 AUG UK - 21:00, 15 AUG West Africa - 20:00, 15 AUG Iceland - 19:00, 15 AUG Greenland - 18:00, 15 AUG Brazil - 17:00, 15 AUG NYC - 4:00PM, 15 AUG Chicago - 3:00PM, 15 AUG Denver - 2:00PM, 15 AUG Los Angeles - 1:00PM, 15 AUG Honolulu - 11:00AM, 15 AUG Melbourne AU - 06:00, 16 AUG
  5. Hey Quinten, Did you ever get this to look better? This is LIKELY due a poor-quality composite video cable, but that statement itself assumes that composite has a range of quality. For the RF shield, I leave mine off, but it's up to you if it fits. - Sean
  6. Here is the current list of videos I have on how to perform some basic and advanced mods to your Aquarius Computer... Removing the Aquarius Motherboard "package" from the case - Removing the RF Shield (not the RF Modulator... that comes later below) - Removing the RF Modulator and the 7805 power regulator - Installing a Modern, Replacement Power Regulator (Runs MUCH cooler and no connection to heat shield) - Replacing the old electrolytic caps - Building the Aquarius Composite Video Adapter - Installing the Composite Video Adapter - Testing the Aquarius Composite Video Adapter - - Sean
  7. Very nice! Thanks for the find, Anders!
  8. And we're off! Key caps and switches from AliExpress arrived... So I carefully laid them out into the pattern I made for the Aquarius Mechanical Keyboard... And then I cut a jig to hold them all in place while laser sintering the paint/pigment (powder coat paint) to the keys... More pics after I get some samples laser sintered. - Sean
  9. Kinda. Depends on how the target system wires their keyboard scanning matrix. For instance, Aquarius is a 6 x 8 grid. The C64 is an 8 x 8 grid. So the Aquarius is missing 16 more possible "keys" than the C64. And the mapping of the characters to the matrix is totally different as well. On the Aquarius, keys in ROW 0 (pin 9 on the header) are RTN, P, M, U, V, R, Z, Q. On the C64 keys in ROW 0 are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, +, POUND/DOLLAR, CTRL. It is actually NOT that difficult to wire a unique keyboard for each type (aka make a custom PCB for each). Yes, you could add some shift registers that dynamically read and write characters according to a profile, but nothing I do to a stock Aquarius is going to give it the ability to use those 16 extra keys (except maybe adding "CHORDING" routines to a custom Kernal). And which printed KEY CAPS do you use for them? The Aquarius ones with the BASIC commands on the front? Those are kinda useless on the C64, ZX Spectrum, or Atari. Conversely, I can't use the cool character set from the C64 on the Aquarius (I can't even change the stock character set without some major surgery), so... a new keyboard for each type is actually easier. The USB to keyboard adapter that exists for the C64 is interesting, but I'll have to grow into that project. Thanks, Barnie!
  10. Installation Instructions (DRAFT) (Click here) Aquarius Composite Video Adapter v1.0 - Installation Instructions
  11. Bill of Materials (Click here) Google Sheets - Aquarius Composite Video Adapter v1.0 Bill of Materials
  12. Hey Everyone, UPDATED 19 SEP 2019. I've completed full testing of my RF modulator replacement, the Aquarius Composite Video Adapter board. (v1.0 shown, but will ship v1.1) Here are some notes about the project: Installation Instructions - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BLytR65OgsL6rTRvebeDWA1ux9743x6LvqPK5smutCE/edit?usp=sharing Bill of Materials (BOM) - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/192rCOzwS2t87O_Rc9E6RhjAbDTs6fMf05IUGyVK_5Mk/edit?usp=sharing Requires opening up and modding your Aquarius, desoldering the stock RF modulator, and adding an extra header pin for +5v. Replaces RCA/RF hybrid port with 1/8"/3mm AV jack. Uses the commonly available AV out cable that goes from 1/8"/3mm to three RCA plugs (yellow = comp video, red = right audio, white = left audio). Bare PCBs are for sale (US$10 + shipping), so you can build this mod yourself. All through-hole components. At this time, I WON'T be selling pre-built boards. If you've got the skill to remove the RF modulator, you can easily built this board and install it yourself. Spacers are used to help vertically center the board in the AV port hole as you solder the board in place. The double pin headers around the edges center the board front to back and side to side in the stock solder tab holes from where the RF modulator was mounted. The channel selector switch will no longer work. Tested to work with both PAL and NTSC systems! I'd also recommend swapping out the 7805 to an OKI-78R-5 at the same time. Runs cooler, no more tethered transistor to the heat/RF shield. Easy removal and replacement for only about US$5. Units are available for purchase now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223672642110 - Sean
  13. I updated sharing on this link. Now anyone with the above link should be able to read the BOM.
  14. Thanks! I had the MEKO schematic, but not the other three. Those will be helpful.
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