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  1. I found a clever trick I used a 9V battery and the plug from the original AC adapter.
  2. What kind of boost regulator I need for that battery?
  3. Hey, I am making an Atari Flashback 2 Portable with the cartridge mod. I hooked up with the audio amp, the controls, and the TFT lcd screen, and everything works except for the Lipo rechargeable battery. The FB2 works fine with the regular power plug, but it doesn’t with the LiPo battery which I used was 3.7V 2000mAh, the usb charger port, and the buck converter I have trimmed down to 9V. What am I doing wrong? I need to have the rechargeable battery working on my project. I 3D printed the case I made, so this is the best I can make.
  4. There is a video about the video mods such as YPbPr.
  5. I just realized I am not supposed to socket the chips, so doing that might damage the board.
  6. I am lucky enough to get the motherboard replacements on eBay, so I replaced the top board and it works like a charm!
  7. That modification of the VDD looks interesting, but some of the parts from the video that I don't understand like connecting the power to turn on the VDD and the ADAM at the same time.
  8. I I found this page from the ADAM archive site, I think this section might be the solutions to fix the black screen problem or something.
  9. I know the CV Delta Board lacks the socketed chips, and the ADAM Logic Board has some chips that are socketed.
  10. Hmmmmm. Okay, I think he has some of the replacement parts for the ADAM to replace. I think he has some chips to replace for the ADAM Gamma Board (bottom board for the standalone ADAM), so I hope this'll fix the black screen problem.
  11. I assume some of the socketed chips from the ADAM logic board need to be replaced, but I don't know where to find them.
  12. If only I could replace one of the boards to fix that stupid black screen problem or something.
  13. Who is MilliV? William Hicks is actually on the Facebook, but I don't have an account. So MilliV is his Atariage account?
  14. Do I have to replace both of them to save my ADAM? So if it works, I have to re install the RGB mod, and if it works, I should put it back together. BTW, I do not have a Facebook account.
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