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  1. The F18A MK2 will be cool.
  2. Hmmmm. Maybe. Some rom files might be good, and others might be bad.
  3. Boy, I am enjoying my CV with F18A, but sometimes the menu of AtariMax SD card Ultimate glitches up, some games work fine, but other games don’t because they have glitchy graphics, self reset, etc. I do not know why. Other times, it works fine.
  4. Those things should be sold on eBay.
  5. Why can’t people start selling the F18A boards on eBay, so I could use it with the other CV that doesn’t have it.
  6. Never mind, I definitely realized that F18A board isn’t inserted all the way, so I have re connected it.
  7. Well, there are emptied sockets for the small chips, so the CV won't work unless it has all of the chips installed.
  8. I bought the other one that has a VGA mod, but there are no DRAM Chips on this console, so this could be a simple fix.
  9. Wahey! I have gotten my Sophia to work on my Atari 5200!
  10. I have received a certain core from Simuis earlier after sending a PM to him. So I will be reprogramming my Sophia, but how to do that?
  11. I know how to install on Sophia on my A5200, but I want to reprogram it with a different resolution.
  12. I did send him a PM earlier, but he hasn’t read it yet.
  13. How do these work? My Sophia is Rev C.
  14. Simius, my Sophia has a 1536x960 resolution, so I do have to stuff to reprogram the Sophia, and I think I need to reprogram it from 1536x960 to 1280x960. Anyway, I need to know how to reprogram my Sophia.
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