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  1. Fun game. The difficulty definitely picks up quick when you get to level 3.
  2. A Mystery Coleco Proto type game. I wonder what it is. https://www.ebay.com/itm/coleco-vision-proto-type-game/274343536788?hash=item3fe0262894:g:OIMAAOSwEg9enwNp
  3. I wonder whats on the Floppy Disk Drive Wafer's. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Exatron-Stringy-Floppy-Disk-Drive-Wafer-Lot-of-40-Vintage-Rare/372948434136?hash=item56d5757cd8%3Ag%3AX6gAAOSwGHReQbfM&fbclid=IwAR1I_sZCOm_Eb5GX0Gi2VZxeXkHE6QLyeGCymcHJFOPe9Dh-etM0CEPrt50
  4. I'm excited and I have my guess as to what the secret game might be too!
  5. I was looking at the Collectorvision release list and saw a few games that I would be interested in playing that aren't currently released in rom form. Thanks for the explanation.
  6. I'm signed up too. Any idea what 17 new games are going to be added to the rom vault for 2020? Maybe Arkanoid, The Way Of Exploding Foot, or Hole In One?
  7. A very Merry Christmas to you. Thank you for the wonderful releases.
  8. I've received a copy of the secret game. Wow it's definitely not what my original guess was. It's fun and I'm going to play more so I can see everything. Thanks!
  9. My Coleco did exactly what you showed in the first picture. This is what I did to fix it. Clean the cartridge slot with some electric contact cleaner and a tooth brush. Open the Coleco and clean the power switch connections with some electric contact cleaner.
  10. It's all good. If anyone else is interested please pm me. Thanks
  11. I'm so disappointed. I replied to your post first and I never heard back from you. I even mentioned your pm's weren't working.
  12. I'm very interested in purchasing from you. Please message me. The forum is not letting me message you. Thanks!
  13. Hello, Well if your Just looking for Ideas for the Omni system and also Colecovision here's a bunch. Good luck with your Omni system. Lots of potential for some new old school games. ----- Mr. Do - A nice Arcade port of the first Mr. Do. Lets face it the Colecovision port of Mr. Do isn't the greatest, but it's the best version of the time. Boulder Dash - The MSX and Commadore 64 versions are superior to the Colecovision version. You could even add more levels. Jumpman - Colecovision has Jumpman Jr. and there was also the actual Jumpman game. Maybe a port of Jumpman with new stuff or a totally new game. Dragon Warrior - A Randomized game from what the Nes version has. Or even a new RPG that functions something like Dragon Warrior 1 - 4. Your own graphics and IP. Bubble Bobble - The MSX version is ok at best. If it was more like the Nes version with Randomized levels it would be fun. Maybe some type of new mechanic or even custom graphics so you could make your own IP. Castlevania - A totally new castlevania game with your cool looking engine. All new levels, maybe add in whip angles, and possibly more playable characters. Or even your own graphics and IP. A beat em up game - Something along the lines of Mighty Final Fight or River City Ransom. Your own graphics and IP. A generic wrestling game - Your own graphics and IP. Donkey Kong 3 - Your own graphics and IP because the big N would say no. Donkey Kong - You have the engine programmed. Why not keep the mechanics and make it a totally new game that's your own. New levels and graphics and your own IP. Heck you could use the same graphics from the above suggestion. Donkey Kong Jr. - Make it your own using the same game mechanics with all new levels using the graphics from above two suggestions. Now you got yourself a Trilogy. Ha. Some type of space shooter. - Something with some complexity like Solaris on Atari has. But maybe have some alternating play styles to what Solaris, Starwars on Coleco, and R-type had to mix everything up. Obviously your own graphics and IP. Dig Dug Style - Will need some good thought to pre laid out levels. No Digging. Only up/down lanes that are pre setup with quick enemies. Enemies can change lanes. Can only walk and shoot up/down. Jump to the left and right lane are buttons 1 and 2. Button 3 shoots. Obviously your own graphics and IP.
  14. I think I just might cry if the 2nd batch doesn't get made and I don't get a Phoenix. I've been looking forward to it. I have mine pre ordered and I'm in the 2nd batch. 😋
  15. I'd rather buy the bigger package for the secret game, extra's, and access to the rom vault. I'm just going to wait until next years membership. If there isn't one next year I'll just buy the rom pack at that time.
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