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  1. I forgot Dragon Slayer VI was MSX 2. It's been a while since I've last played it. I agree it would be a wonderful game to port for the Phoenix. Dragon Slayer IV (Or Legacy of the Wizard on the Nes) is a regular MSX game and might be a "easier" port for the Colecovision.
  2. Check the game link for 2020 that you were sent. The link was updated later on and the secret game rom was added.
  3. The suspense of what the two secret games are is killing me. 😏
  4. How about a Pac-Man game that is 2 Player Coop / Simultaneous?
  5. Perhaps if someone buys your new 100.00 game you could just give the He-Man rom with its a bonus. Then you can recoup your costs. I finally kinda except the fact I won't get to play it at this point. Maybe you could record a play though one day for everyone to see.
  6. I really hope your right and Collectorvision won the game.
  7. What a great start. I totally forgot about this game. I used to play it on DOS back in the day.
  8. Thanks for the fun releases. I was very much hoping you might release Uridium.
  9. Thank you Mean Santa. I had fun playing this wonderful game all weekend.
  10. That Asteroids controller is Totally Fabulous. I'm excited for this next year.
  11. I'm all in for 2021. The 2020 game was excellent. What games are going to be added to the vault this year?
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