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  1. How to kill suspension of disbelief in 5sec- "it's inhabited by humanoids" (3 white dudes appear speaking English)

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    2. IntelliMission


      The issue is the lack of imagination. It's a show made by white dudes who speak English where half of the alien races have evolved... to be white dudes who speak English. I don't know, at least paint their skins blue or something.

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      the rant we expected... and didn't need... it's everywhere... I'd suspect if the show were made in a land full of purple people, we'd see purple things... this stuff is tiresome... if only people were logical...

      TOS had green people, black people, asian people... and on and on... it even had half of this color half of that... they had all sizes shapes and colors for people and alien... you are off base and off topic, take this crap away!

    4. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      nice job editing what you said after I responded to it... poor move

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