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  1. Robert Pattinson: The first Batman that looks scared.

  2. Lesson #1 from 2021: If Keanu Reeves is involved in a hyped project, prepare the popcorn: there will be drama.

  3. If Atari had released the Dreamcast in 1973 with Ray Tracing, Dungeons & Dragons wouldn't have had a chance.

    1. IntelliMission


      @DraxxonDon't be so confused. Check out the Atari 2600, Jaguar and Dreamcast forums for references.

  4. I imagine certain CEO tweeting this and getting destroyed:
  5. "For a genius, George Lucas sure has a lot of bad ideas". Now that's a way to start a video game review! (Quote from CGW's review of Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures in 1996)

  6. I'm not sure if others had the same experience, but my dad never had or loaded Windows 3.x from 1992 and 1995 and barely even loaded Windows 95 from 1995 to 1998.
  7. @profholt82 Great post! I just wanted to point out that Rebel Assault is not 3D and uses video as a background. I believe Crash N Burn uses the same technique, as the framerate is quite low and the camera doesn't really change.
  8. Just to provide some context to non-Amstrad conoisseurs, the Amstrad thing he scored was an Amstrad PC 1512, not an Amstrad CPC or Amstrad PCW (the most successful models). I checked the specs a couple of years ago and it was basically a PC with a couple of "improvements" to the CGA mode.
  9. Everyone that has been around IT people or has worked/studied IT for a bit knows that many people have been complaining about Microsoft for years. Amiga is better than PC, Linux is better than Windows... We've all heard that (and often suffered it too while being Microsoft users). However, Microsoft managed to have enormous succeed and growth in the 90s thanks to MS-DOS and then Windows. Did they deserve it? Were they just in the right place at the right time? Or maybe their actual merit was all about finantial/marketing? Let's discuss.
  10. @JamesD Thanks! I wish I could have tried all those machines. Anyway and not to nitpick, you only answered one of the questions (model of computers used). So... what was your experience using one of them for 8 hours? Did you grow some "love" for them? Did you manage to run any games on them or connect to any "pseudo-Internet"? Were some of them more comfortable to use due to the keyboard or screens? 🤓 I could add a fourth question to the initial post: After years/months/weeks using these machines for serious stuff at work, was any of you guys nostalgic enough to buy one for yourselves 20 years later or emulate it to play games (or do other stuff)?
  11. So the VAX 9000 was a mainframe... Interesting! (I was a Mainframe operator for 4 years in the mid 2000s, but in my case it was all remote console apps running on a Windows PC). I just found a 2 year old blog entry about a guy who has "VAX 9000 nostalgia". He also mentions playing 2 games on it.
  12. I googled "teletype" and it looks like that thing didn't even have monitors. Can you give more details on "gaming" and "networking" using that? Were you "reading" the social messages on sheets of paper? Did text adventures come into multiple perforated cards? How did you manage to hide ALL THAT from the boss?
  13. Yeah, I've actually only seen this once. I think it was a modern application I used, maybe a dating app. It's a feature that basically camouflages your video game/dating app/insert thing you shouldn't be doing with your computer. It makes it look as something different, serious, technical. Often fake graphs are added. I think I got to see/use two: 1) Around 5-10 years ago, when i was an IT worker, someone had installed some app that could "fake" that you were writing code as a programmer. I remember some green and black colors that made it look more serious. I seem to remember you could type anything with the keyboard and the code appeared anyway as something that made sense. 2) The feature in the dating app. It basically showed a fake graph that made it look like you were working on soething serious and boring. I suppose these retro "boss keys" this user has mentioned worked similarly. I just googled it and found an article about it in Howtogeek. And Mobygames has a list of the games with a boss key! That's pretty interesting, because I've played some of these games (Wolfenstein 3D, Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures) and didn't noticed (or dont' remember). EDIT: I just played Wolfenstein 3D and there doesn't seem to be a "boss key" anywhere. The Howtogeek article says you see a fake "C:" prompt if you press F1.
  14. I've always used 8-bit computers and MS-DOS/early Windows 95 PCs as game machines, but that's because I was born in 1980. When I started working in 2006, "modern" Windows and the Internet were everywhere. But I know computers were used by many companies through the 70s, 80s and 90s, in times when the Internet was simply not there (or as limited to connecting directly to a BBS at home), multi-task was not an option and, of course, well... often no mouse was available. I know Atari Age has a few users who have lived that era, so I was curious about how your experience was. Here are some of my questions: 1) Does your perception of one of these machines change a lot (for the worse) when you are forced to use it 8 hours a day to introduce boring data (or even if you have some fun programming, it's still work and it's tiresome)? 2) When there was nothing to do at work or in rest periods, was there any way to have "fun" or "check some news" in those machines before the Internet era? (Including playing pre-installed game packs for Win 3.11 or even bringing disks/tapeswith games from home) 3) Can you specific details about the type of work you performed and the computer model? Thanks all!
  15. Well, I guess the downside is that, of course, the console would use the Wii / Wii U / Amico approach and be one or several generations below the competition when it comes to graphics to offer a competitive price. Another downside is, maybe third party support would be minimal.
  16. - It included ALL retro console Sega games from 1980 to 1998 - It included ALL Sega arcades too, even the ones that don't have home versions - It included the best Dreamcast games for free - It received all new Sega games exclusively
  17. I'm also a noob, and I also would like to see more 3D stuff in Jaguar homebrew. However, I understand this is quite complex due to 2D being much more easy for 1-person teams to handle, especially in an architecture so complex/bottlenecked as this. Maybe what's needed is some joint effort to create a simple and evolving universal 3D engine for the system. Starting small, with a cube that jumps through different rooms "Alpha Waves" style, and then adding polygons and texture slowly to avoid bad framerates. I personally like the look of early 3D games, both without textures and with pixelated textures, but many people keep repeating they "haven't aged well" and all that stuff, so that also may be part of the problem. What I personally believe is that, with the exceptions of racing/simulation games, some 1st person games and some 2.D plataform games, 3D games usually control worse and play worse (so I don't think they have "aged bad", it's just that maybe many of them were not a good idea gameplay wise from the start).
  18. Sorry for the non-Garfield related interlude, but Alan Moore views on magic and art are interesting:

    I thought he had gone crazy, but it appears he just started calling art "magic".


    1. joeatari1


      How dare you!  Then again the mere mention of it being non Garfield related actually makes it Garfield related.  So, bravo, carry on!

    2. Charlie Cat

      Charlie Cat

      @IntelliMission You're excused bro. :D


      Garfield on Twitter: "...or not. #FridayFeeling #crazy #TGIF #HelloWeekend  https://t.co/Q9c8hNm8B9" / Twitter

    3. Hydro Thunder
  19. Nah, I think we can leave it like that. I wasn't expecting there would be 28 different abandoned innovations and some must be left out. I guess we can concentrate in the discussion instead of the poll results anyway. I think the great thing about that huge list is to learn how many controller methods, layouts, screens and special effects were included as default controller options in the past. With many of them, you understand that they were abandoned, but a few have a lot of potential (or are even better than some current options).
  20. Done! I have added the 3D effect, the paddle/joystick combination and the double D-pad.
  21. I must say I discovered some "hidden gems" among the controllers while doing research for the poll. For example, I wasn't expecting the D-pad and joystick combination of the Colecovision and the Neo Geo CD. They look comfortable.
  22. OK, so that makes the missing options 3: - The paddle/joystick combination (Astrocade) - The 3D effect (3DS) - The "one D-pad and 2 buttons in each side" controller (Virtua Boy) I guess I could have removed some absurd options to make room for those (as the maximum is 25), like: - The lightgun/steering wheel/paddles "super triangle" (Coleco Telstar Arcade) - The turbo buttons (PCEngine Duo) - The round D-Pad (Amiga-CD32) The first one is just "too much", the second one is not really relevant and the third one... Well, that D-pad looks painful (I'm sure some Amiga-CD32 fans appreciate it).
  23. Okay, so I missed 2 things in the poll: - The paddle/joystick combination - The 3D effect of the 3DS I was planning to add the 3D thing, but forgot about it. It's more about game defining innovation than controller related stuff, even if most are in controllers.
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