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  1. Are you wearing your tin foil hat again? We emailed a few times but I don't know him that well to know that he is a member of this forum. I was just trying to help out, also I did not knew the back of the red box is white with a picture on it. Most of the times the back of an Atari game box consists of mostly screenshots and text.
  2. Ok, small world, nevermind then..
  3. Here is more info about the game Zzyzzyxx: http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter=Z&game_id=10547
  4. I started on a new site called PSPImages.net. At PSPImages people can choose from many wallpapers to download and use on their PSP, the images have a special size which the PSP requires (480x272). Also there is a forum and I'll update it once in a while with related news articles, its still in its early days but its already got around 300 wallpapers online. nice
  5. Are they gonna re-release ET for the PS3 and XBOX 360 ??
  6. I use Netscape 8.0 or IE with all the packs, whatever that is. At least some of you are seeing it. This piggy bank horned animal is what I get on the bottom of the auction page instead of the games. I have no idea why. 943472[/snapback] Your probally the guy selling those carts aren't you
  7. Wasn't too hard. Here's the same demo except you can shoot the invaders. 941634[/snapback] Wow, excellent!
  8. You used the 2nd missile and the ball? common tel us
  9. Pretty nice to play with and handy.
  10. I know also tried making a tank with the missiles but no succes Lol, I gues you used pfpixel for the tank plus with a missile on it, pretty smart! Seems this way it will be possible because now player0 and 1 can be used for the sprites, great!
  11. Well I found some time to play with it but I can't seem to get rid of that flickering so if anyone wants to continue with this project of making the first game made with bB that has around 37 sprites onscreen be my guest.. Here's the code: bBspaceinvader.txt And the bin: bBspaceinvader.txt.bin
  12. Pretty cool, wonder for how much they go. Never seen a lab loaner here in NL
  13. Yes there is: http://www.retroreview.com/paldatabase/Index.php Have fun! Geert 863366[/snapback] Wow, pretty cool, i was looking for a PAL rarity guide since AA doesnt list many PAL carts and there it is all along. Great work!
  14. Great translation to English. Was this done by google? How can I do this? 935057[/snapback] Just check out this page: http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=en Also http://world.altavista.com is very good in translating. Thanks
  15. Spelling errors are more common in PAL countries
  16. Ok nevermind I did not know that Hozer sold these carts. Really should have read the translation from German to English with google first. "Quadrun of Hozer video Games. The original Quadrun of Atari gave it only over the fan club and is extremely rare. Here I offer an affordable version of Hozer. The play is natural correct. The condition of the two stickers is good. The dispatch takes place as stably packed and insured package. No warranty, cancelling, conversion, money back, etc. there private sales. The dispatch takes place on risk of the buyer. A self-service is naturally possible. I answer questions gladly. For all further I refer to my me side." Figured at first it was real with a starting bid of 50..
  17. http://cgi.ebay.nl/Atari-VCS-2600-Quadrun_...1QQcmdZViewItem not mine. <nevermind> edit:changed the title and content of the post
  18. Yes, I know its region free just said it because its seems to be such a standard answer to say well the PAL version is more common and since the Lynx is region free nobody can say that this time..oh nevermind Also sounds to me that it seems to be easier to find them in Europe. I found 3 auctions with this cart on the Dutch Marktplaats: http://www.marktplaats.nl/index.php3?sref=...Q%253D%26df%3D1 http://www.marktplaats.nl/index.php3?sref=...D%253D%26df%3D1 http://www.marktplaats.nl/index.php3?sref=...D%253D%26df%3D1 50 is just to much but the seller has dropped the price to 30 and thats reasonable.
  19. Lemmings with a starting bid of 50 Euro http://cgi.ebay.nl/atari-lynx-lemmings_W0Q...1QQcmdZViewItem Also think Lemmings should have a rarity of 3 or 4 instead of 6, I frequently see the game in auctions especially here in NL and don't say oh, the pal version is much more common since it's for the lynx
  20. Don worry, we love Stella BTW. Does the new release have a video capture something implemented?
  21. Sadly I never really played the arcade version of SI so I don't know the differences only know the 2600 SI version. What would be cool if you could select between 2600 mode and a Arcade mode in the main screen. Do you have the 0110001..etc. for the sprites?
  22. Thanks for the tip! I now got 36+1 'sprites' on screen, will try the rest later like improving the flicker method. So it seems it can be done, really nice. spaceinvader.26b.bin
  23. Hi, I noticed a bug in the IDE which is perhaps similair to what you mentioned. When you have a program loaded and do actions>compile everything is fine *But when you have saved or loaded a sprite or playfield from or in a different directory then where the ide is located the program doesn't compile correctly anymore. I will try to correct this as soon possible.
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