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  1. Lansing or Grand Rapids Michigan are the largest cities near me
  2. Thanks for the input guys. After talking with bfstats I’ve decided to change my asking price to $5000, as well as adding in certified and insured mailing as a delivery option. I came across this copy of VideoLife at work a few months back. I work for a junk removal company and after cleaning out a basement I decided to take a look through some of the boxes. I found an Atari, asteroids, combat, and this copy of VideoLife.
  3. I am looking to sell my in box copy of VideoLife. The cart is in pristine condition and the box is in good condition. I am asking $5000 or best offer for the cart and box. For security reasons, any deals will be done either in person, in cash, at a video game resale shop here in the Midwest, or by shipping via certified and insured mail, negotiable with the buyer. IMG_0447.MOV
  4. Haven’t sold it yet. I will be posting it in the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the Marketplace tonight.
  5. I found this game at work. We cleaned out a basement and before we took everything to the landfill I decided to look through the truck. In one of the boxes I found this game, asteroids, combat, and a light sixer. I want to avoid selling this game on eBay since, unfortunately, there are less than honest people out there. I am posting here, along with various other Atari groups on Facebook in an attempt to sell the game. The game works, and was tested at a local video game resale shop. I am only willing to sell the game through a face to face meet up, which will be done at the same shop. I’ve attached a video of the game in action, however I don’t think that the video is working. Realistic offers are welcome, along with any suggestions of places to post about the game. B778C411-9BF1-427B-A06E-A886511A3362.MOV
  6. I’ve recently come across an in box copy of Video Life by CommaVid and I’m hoping someone will have some information about the value of the game along with how I can go about selling it. I’ve seen projected values of the game ranging from $2500 to $10,000, however many of these articles are old and I’m hoping to get an updated value of the game on the current market. The box and cartridge are both in great condition, but I am missing the game manual. Any help as to how I should move forward with selling the game would be greatly appreciated.
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