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  1. @thread Updated list of the included games (currently 22 of the 25) #6
  2. @all Home page Broadcast info and tentative presentation schedule Active Day 1 broadcast link About 45 minutes from this time of posting. Check broadcast and/or home page for the day 2 active broadcast link later #6
  3. @thread Production begins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9p8t_yFmZY&ab_channel=DVDfeverGames #6
  4. Why Does the Quote Box Get All Funked Up? Albert's advice to my post #10 worked fine for me on desktop. #6
  5. Retro Games Ltd. announced about an hour ago that both the tank mouse and the gamepad are available for preorder on Amazon U.K. Details on facebook #6
  6. @thread gamepad & tank mouse both to be available separately #6
  7. @thread Followup interview with Karl Jobst from a few days ago: #6
  8. @thread Another new gem from Seth: the actual article about the above from just hours ago See the Karl Jobst twitter link for more. Another vid announced to be on the way. #6
  9. @thread One obvious side effect. A reliable utuber (shown in the original video) has stated that he received an email from VGA, indicating changes they intend to make. It does make sense that they would use this situation to their advantage. #6
  10. @thread Seth Abramson (this information is referred to in the twitter link) Seems to be updates through yesterday. #6
  11. Yes, and the original video refers to what was stated by the Washington Post. It does seem like the media opted for the sensational headline over investigative journalism. btw-Bezos owns the Washington Post. Atari reference - 46:12 if your browser doesn't handle timestamps correctly The above is merely from a section of the video where the author discusses possible directions things may go, but since this is AtariAge, I thought it might be of some interest. #6
  12. @thread Author's twitter account, should you care to read recent followups #6
  13. No. The more recent activity concerning the brand with associated legal links #6
  14. You are the best. I'm sure to make the same mistake again, and being on desktop I shall use your solution at that time. Thank you again, #6
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