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  1. SECAM = Some Eccentric Computer Atari Made
  2. And also so that if there is something wrong with the board that caused it to blow up a chip, it doesn't blow up your working chip if you put it in the bad board.
  3. I used WD40 on my Epson RX80 F/T+ printer for years in the 80s. I think it worked by dissolving the ink on the entire width of the ribbon, causing it to redistribute itself across the ribbon (including where the pins would strike). The result was like a new ribbon - the printout was dark again. Let the WD40 dry out before you print so that your printout isn't oily, though. However, I did this for so many years that after a while, it only slightly darkened up my printouts from light gray to less light gray. I eventually found a place that had ribbons and got a new one, probably in '89 or '90. It wasn't until I put the new ribbon in that I realized how bad my original ribbon had gotten. Another trick was to flip your ribbon over. Give it a half-twist and wind that up into the ribbon cartridge. Keep winding until the twist comes back out the other end. Now your ribbon has the top-bottom flipped, as well as the in-out.
  4. One button? No problem! Tap Start to win, Double-tap Start to lose, Press & hold Start to pause.
  5. Yeah, we discovered that side effect as well when the polished aluminum attachments for the Kitchenaid mixer went into the dishwasher.... 😡
  6. You could install the Freezer button upgrade. It makes warm boots into cold boots. Then you don't have to wait the ten seconds for the RAM to drain. I did this on my 320XE back in the 80s.
  7. So I am back in CA where these Byte magazines are, and they are still available. I can ship them, or meet you in the Bay Area *this week* to deliver them. I am moving another load of my stuff to TX (near Huntsville), so if anyone in that area would like them, I can throw them on the truck and move them back to Texas where I moved them from in the first place. Or, I can mail the box of them (48 lbs) anywhere you like (you pay shipping).
  8. OK, so I am really curious here. What, exactly, is "soft ecological leather"? I mean, is it real leather, and if so, from what animal (cow, pig, sheep, goat, deer, etc.)?
  9. I did this mod on my 320XE back in the 80s! It's called a Freezer because it changes a reset button warm boot into a cold boot. IIRC, it tricks the system into thinking that a cart was plugged in/out.
  10. I wrote one back in the 80s that was really powerful. It had all kinds of cool features, including a disassembler. I tried to submit it somewhere in 89? 90? but never got a response. I even wrote a manual for it as part of a class assignment for a technical writing class while at university. I had to use the quick reference sheet to figure out how to do some stuff when I used it a few years ago after digging out my 8-bit stuff after 30 years of storage. It was all written in 100% assembly using Mac/65. One of the cool features it had was you could store a second buffer of sector data, which you could then AND/OR/XOR with the current sector of data. This was handy if you happened to have a sector of data that was "encrypted" by XORing with another set of data (cough Broderbund cough). 😀 I should dig it out. I have a few ideas for some enhancements for it. I am kinda scared to look at what my teenaged self thought was good code, though! The main "flaw" in the tool, as I think about it now, is that it was written to only handle 128 byte sectors, either single or enhanced density. I had the US Doubler at the time, but I only used DD for my own stuff, as SD was the universal format that everyone could handle. Anyway, I called it "The Disk Interrogator", and it used a Dark Theme (Black, White & shades of Grey) before there even was such a thing! 😀
  11. Pedantic math alert! 😀 I think you mean 227.33333333333333333333333333333 times more impossible. 227.33333333333333333333333333333 percent more impossible would be only 6.82 pins. Which reminds me, if you've done six impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliways, the restaurant at the end of the universe? Math! 😀
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