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  1. The joystick directional inputs go into the PIA chip (triggers go to the GTIA chip), so maybe your PIA is bad?
  2. Could your OPTION key be stuck? This would disable BASIC, so if you have no drive attached, it would go right into the self-test. Maybe try it out with the keyboard unplugged?
  3. Wait, are you saying that there ain't no Coupe de Ville hidin' at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box? 🎵
  4. I used PaperClip back in the 80s & early 90s. IIRC, it detected and used the extra RAM in my 320K XE.
  5. Atari was founded June 27th, 1972, 50 years ago today!
  6. Just take a black Sharpie to the screw heads.
  7. Unlike Beeblebrox, who is so amazingly cool you could keep a side of meat in him for a month!
  8. Even before the Atari's, there were the printouts that used just ASCII characters to make a sort of gray-scale picture of naked ladies over several pages of fan-fold paper. You had to stand back a bit to see them, but the effect worked. Or so I've been told.... 😉
  9. Marketing.... Like with TV screen sizes. Now they are size "classes". 🙄 Here's a Samsung " 75" " TV that is actually a 74.5" TV. Samsung - 75" Class QN90A Neo QLED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV Model:QN75QN90AAFXZA SKU:6451487
  10. Yeah, they are actually the same size & color, just like the upper & lower shapes below. 😀
  11. Back in 1990, my manager told me about when he was trying to diagnose a flaky prototype. Every time they leaned over the machine to probe some pins, the system started acting properly and the flakiness went away. When they sat back, the problems returned. Eventually, they figured out that it was the fluorescent lighting interacting with the uncovered eprom. When they put a label over the eprom window, the problems went away. Weird, huh? Ever since, it's always been procedure to stick a label or tape over the windows every time.
  12. You could just wire up 16 of your 510 ohm resistors in parallel. That would give you 31.875 ohms. 😀
  13. I installed a TV remote app on an older phone that had an IR port on it to control the old Panasonic LCD TV that I use on my Atari (found TV out on the curb on the way to work one day - that's actually what inspired me to dig out all of my 8-bit stuff after nearly 30 years!). I had to try a few different apps until I found one that worked.
  14. Yup. But there's still the potential for a corrupted disk if the power goes out.
  15. LOL. Back in the '80s, I had thought about writing a tool to sort files on Atari DOS. IIRC, I never got around to it, but I had planned on sorting the directory and updating the 6-bit file number in all of the affected sectors. I had also considered a defrag tool to speed up file reads. One of the things that I remember worrying about when designing the tools was that a power outage would leave the floppy corrupted. I'm not sure if I had ever considered this *obvious* approach of just copying the files to a new floppy. Probably because floppies were pricey considering that I was a student. I could even have kept it on the original disk (since the label was already written on) by doing a disk copy to a spare disk and then a file copy back to the original disk. Anyway, thanks for the memory... and the laugh (at myself!).
  16. Yup, and the DIP socket also has 24 pins.
  17. I seem to recall that someone in high school had a set of decals on the front of his 800's keys that showed the graphics symbols. Aftermarket, sure, but I thought that it was pretty slick at the time (and was a little bit envious).
  18. Or, maybe the other way around? Ribbon cable plugs into chip socket on this board and into the cartridge port on the A8? The two "broken" bits stuck into the edge connector look like they are designed to open the cartridge door (open the cartridge bay doors, HAL).
  19. I believe that the Ingots are 120V supplies, so your 240V one should be OK.
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