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  1. Hi there, how are you doing? During next early October we will celebrate an open, non-profit and non-commercial -community-driven- Atari Users Meeting at the very heart of the city of Madrid, Spain. As long as we speak English, perhaps it may be a great moment to spend the day with us with a quick flight (+ metro, with a very, very short-commute walk) to share time and experiences together if you like! > Date: October the 5th, 2019 > Place: Medialab - Prado (Lab 0) Madrid-Spain > Timeframe: 10h-14h, 16-20h CET (GMT+1) Our activities will include: ---------------------------------- - Vintage and Homebrew Atari Hardware as Software exhibits, as well as live machines. - Atari Homebrew projects, as a SIO-based Robot control implementation with Open Hardware for example. - New findings about preservation of vintage Hardware and Software. - A PONG Machine creation Workshop (GEMINI TV GAME-Style) - A Debate/Panel with former employees of Atari Spain - Several Atari quick talks and peerings, and a game contest - A PONG implementation on giant, RGB x-thousand lamp-based interactive façade - At the end of the day, beers and tapas with us! >> If you like to share time or even bring your stuff and have some space , you may confirm assistance there! >> Original post at Vintagenarios >> Activity Post at Medialab-Prado
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