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  1. I can't think of a sub-community I'm part of that doesn't have "that one guy", or a few far more out there on their own limb than everybody else. I wouldn't let a hyper-advocate dissuade interest in something any more than I'd let a fixated naysayer speak for my concerns or disagreements. Neither make "their side" look particularly stand-out, but then again neither speak for a side. Their antics are unattractive to most viewers. I look forward to April when the machine launches. All of the sideshow, the relentless whatabouts and pursuit of drama; all of the "bombshell" videos that, frankly, I have a hard time discerning from manufactured flak cranked out to waste people's time, fall on deaf ears. The only thing tangible that emerges is whether people play and enjoy the machine and its games. That's it. If it's at all an enjoyable experience to players, then the system will grow a normalized community who make videos and share and invariably bury the fringe with the cringe-worthy slurs and attacks. If it turns out to not be enjoyable, then you and most everyone else will move on. I tend to enjoy a good bit of Amico content, but then again I've resorted to filtering out a lot of what seems suspect to me, and ignore a handful of repeat offenders, until their periodic name change. I'd rather enjoy the things I like and not be bogged down by those eager to prove the old adage, "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things."
  2. CurlyQ... CurlyQ, your assistance is needed in aisle 5: nuts, nut boxing, and assorted nut punches.
  3. I have a feeling this is the way to go. Tommy's already mentioned they need to show all players on base (steals, picking off runners, maybe forcing a balk?). So the perspective is going to get no closer than the diamonds, and at that perspective, it looks a bit unnecessary to show player names/numbers. They could breakaway for at-bats but it's not needed, I think the focus is less on precision hits and more on the variety of play beyond making contact. Even that allows for inside, outside, curves, fastballs, and variations paying attention to the shadow or ball arc, plus timing the hit will of course matter, so it's not like the player has almost no input in getting a hit. I'd also prefer they don't get a contract with the MLBPA. Cost, updates, or some trade mechanic, or something to make a mess of just playing ball. Plus, I kinda don't want to be disappointedly reminded that every decent Mets player of the last whenever is scoring a zillion runs, pitching 14 perfect games in a row while blindfolded, on any other team because the Universe hates my Mets.
  4. The outtakes were brilliant... that audible distancing had all the professional touch of a man who clearly wasn't yelling at his first wall. A very humble thank you for the channel shoutout, that just made my week. Might be something of a 2nd to getting that shoutout on Romper Room's magic mirror segment, but it's up there. I mean, it's Romper Room. The playground cred. "Daniel, go get a surname." 🤣
  5. You may like the Google piece I'm working on then - a bit of a theoretical, but in a similar vein. Script's done but there are a few videos ahead of it 🙂 Honestly I was thinking Amico may have something of an adjacent idea in mind with the controllers so similar in layout to the phone, and an integrated app that doubles as game demo, news source and marketing front. I was thinking Intellivision may be using phones as mini game experiences when you're not in front of the television, to help build your skills in AD&D, maybe help stack some power-ups for the next round of AstroSmash, maybe design a maniacal bomb scenario in Bomb Squad. Away from the Amico, that you could then easily integrate via WiFi the next time you went to play Bomb Squad or AD&D or AstroSmash. Less all-intrusive, but, still kinda taking the game with you in a sense when you're not in front of the game. Good that they're just focusing on what matters though - "Is the game fun?"
  6. I am also a little surprised by the demand on the Series X and PS5 pre-orders, but am a little cautious to say it's unprecedented demand. We have an idea of many units Sony and Microsoft want to put out over the holiday and first quarter based on statements Sony's made - which are much higher than the production run they had for the PS3 or PS4. But I can't see them offering more than a single or low double-digit percentage of those for pre-order from retailers. They still want units to go to stores for the holiday. Retailers WANT physical units in stores for the holidays - that brings shoppers, shoppers tend to add extra items to their cart that online preorders do not. So were we looking at a sell-out of 500,000 units, or 2 million? I don't know. Sony and Microsoft have no desire to say how many preorders they made available, and it's only good buzz for them to say the preorders sold out in record time. It'd look really bad if they made several million available and.. well, there are plenty still in stock from all preorder sites. So yeah, this week was a preorder debacle, but it was ultimately good news for both Sony and Microsoft, showcasing how absolutely in demand their consoles are. Or maybe, just a little bit fabricated to look that way. Sorry to get you down with my doom & gloom video! I hope more smaller games break out to encourage publishers to diversify their offerings, rather than the all eggs in a blockbuster or two basket approach, we need a broad diversity of games and a deep bench. Just don't see either software as a service model really delivering on that front anytime soon.. I don't think Microsoft or Sony pad their offerings with too many unknown variables/games, that renewable income is just too core to their business model.
  7. ... my absolute dreaded fear with Amico was we would see games like this reimagining of Combat, "Atari Combat: Tank Fury". I just see so little of what *was* Combat in a game like this.. buy tanks, a matching gem mini-game somehow incorporated, a generic base builder from another game... I loved Combat, sure it was a simple game, but I am not seeing anything of that in this trailer. I realize I'm looking at tanks, but, that's really stretching the technicalities of how this pedigree ties in. When people say "Amico's games look like mobile games", THIS is what I picture as a mobile game. Match 3. Exploding chains. Infographic icons and health meters that are always on screen.. little reward credits when you complete an action. A purchase element and upgradable gear. A store to cash in coins/rewards. A button to "Finish" for some coin. A Loot button. Collectibles. Generic PVP combat. Bland repeated backgrounds. This was a depressing watch. To be fair, it is actually a mobile game. But it paints this real contrast to what Atari is doing with their property, versus what Intellivision is doing with theirs and licensed properties. Rather, we see these careful renditions like the remake of Armor Battle (BattleTanks?) in Amico's presentation and reveals. Gameplay gets upgraded. You probably don't have a gambling element or a flappy bird mini game. These games look cared for. They do NOT look like mobile games.. and for those who argue they do - show 'em this vs what Amico is doing and marvel at how identical in premise, gameplay the two look and feel. Hope Atari makes money with this one and makes a decent Combat successor in the coming years, but I think my playtime is going to BattleTanks/Armor Battle/BlowinStuffUp&AvoidTheHelicopter.
  8. I'd mostly in agreement with your observation, so count that as two persons. My understanding is the kind of all-family experiences I think you're thinking of, are something really geared to showing non gamer audiences. The board game announcements (the licenses they're holding onto at the moment, we've been told we've seen about half of their partnerships), the titles really aimed at young children, games along the lines of gameshow formats, party games.. some of these have slipped and have been hinted at, but not really shown. And for two reasons. One, they want to make an announcement out of them. You don't slip or show, let's say, Hasbro board games, then issue a press release and try to create an event tying into Toy Fair when the product is no longer news. You save it, announce it, showcase it and get some articles, influencers and attention on it in a single shot. And two, (critically) these games aren't going to blow up the retro or tuned-in gaming audience. Let's say Amico releases the coolest version of Pictionary ever created on a system, one where team members can use their touchscreens to scribble independent drawings to piece together a phrase on the screen for others to guess. Maybe the opposing team can try to scribble on that image (in another color) to divert the picture to something else.. all in real time. Something your PS4 touchpad isn't really created to do. Something your WiiU tablet wouldn't have allowed you to do like that as teams. It's rather unique in the market space, and would be costly for the owners of Pictionary to create the hardware to sell families. I highly doubt a good portion of gaming content viewers are motivated to even roll an eye at Pictionary. Some of them, sure - but the large body write this sort of thing off. And perhaps the art style will look a bit.. ooh, what's the word people like to use as a dagger in Amico's heart.. mobile. Yeah, probably met with less enthusiasm from this crowd than it would be with a parent influencer crowd, at Toy Fair, at a convention on Aging and Inclusion. There are audiences in mind for the pieces we want to see. I think they're there in the amount you want to see (I want to see them too!) - with the new timeline we just have to wait for that stuff. Should they show more now? That's a debate, but I get the strategy here. And if I'm wrong, if the launch line-up looks to be something like 3-4 family oriented games and dozens of retro-reimagined, bookmark this entry and I'm happy to stand corrected. I would add, for me, Farkle, Cornhole, Skiing, Liar's Dice, Intellivision Spades, Nitro Derby, SideSwipers, 4p Missile Command, Pong, Battle Tanks, Breakout, Shark! Shark!, Astrosmash, 4p Space Strike, Blank Slate, Telestrations, Incan Gold.. there looked to be a good number of games already announced and several teased that I'd wonder if they aren't filling out that "all-family experience". These are inherently simple concepts that don't need much explanation, so it's going to be easy to hand the controller to a total novice and tell them what to do - buttons to shoot, disc to move around, get the meteors before they get you/shoot before you get shot/swing balls into the goal. Some are frenetic, some more laid back and casual - some more abstract, others far less. But they're not quests, not narrative immersions, not fantasy fulfillments that most casuals (all-family content consumers) might shy away from. A couple I named like Battle Tanks might not fit into all-family. Though when I think back to Combat and Armor Battle - these were easy enough to rope game-averse family into a quick couple rounds in my experience. Night Stalker, Moon Patrol, Cloudy Mountain? Not so much. Some of these will appeal to casuals while others - might be more of a stretch to get the game adverse grandparents in a game of Space Strike. Now we haven't seen the full range of the co-op experience for any of these (again, those reveals they want to spread over the next 6 months), and we haven't seen the marketing begin for family audiences. Assuming with that ramping up in Q1 (I'd love sooner but may not get too much of this stuff then), the gameplay and announcements you'd want to see to bolster those early claims should make large announcements.
  9. Just want to take a moment to highlight how this simple, introductory little game has a pretty decent amount of TLC put into something as seemingly old-hat as Moon Patrol. First, you'd think it'd be a pretty non-starter to just press the fire button and blast your way through the level. It isn't. Your front cannon recoils, takes just about a second to reload, and the blast has a limited range. Fire too soon and you lose your opportunity to destroy an obstacle. Fine, just jump over it. But if you weren't intending to jump, it's a split second reaction. Oh and jumping an obstacle is 50 points rather than 100, so your high score run is probably moot. Second, terrain alters your line of fire. Hit a slightly elevated bump and you think you will take out an obstacle with your shot (or be on the downward slope of said terrain) and you may be shooting over that obstacle or into the soil just before it.. oops. Jumps have affect your fire when you land as your shocks absorb the impact and you realign, making it a little difficult to land that jump AND get the rock out of your way in that moment. UFOs and flying enemies only have a brief fraction of a second when they align with your antiballistic turrets.. miss and you've spent your front cannon shot, making it that much more dangerous if you are taking too much focus on the ships firing at you. Mines are discreetly placed (maniacally placed?) as you progress, lots of traps to memorize as you progress.. it's a challenge. More than a couple Checkpoints are just beyond difficult obstacle courses (UFOs+jumps+rocks+mines with changes in speed needed). We've seen one level.. a brief taste of the game.. a power-up (maybe there are a lot of others, I've only made it to about Checkpoint S), a little variety in the waves of enemies, ramping difficulty, change-up in the music as you get later, some thoughtful level design and placement - gratifying power-through moments and cautious lots-coming-at-you sections. I heard this was just another Moon Patrol clone of which there are several so no need for it. I was told by a casual observing podcast host how this looks like garbage. I can't find all those "better looking" 'Moon Patrol' games in my App Store or cursory searches online. There seems to be a good deal being put into this (before I even play VS mode, competitive challenges, or the Co-Op mode where friends control different functions of the rover, the in-between levels where you travel between moons). This is a good little demo - something you don't see much of in games these days (free demos).. definitely a better game than other app versions of Moon Patrol I've trialed over the years. This is a hefty Moon Patrol iteration, I'm excited to play it with buttons and see some of the tricks and surprises in store. Well done.
  10. I like promoting reasonable voices. A ton. Please show this new channel some love.. covers a range of new and vintage gaming coverage. Thoughtful input on Amico, for its success and skepticism. Check him out.
  11. I know much of the conversation has moved on, but hadn't left any feedback on the event yet: 1) the (d)elay (4 August to 5 August).. who really cares at this point? Well, an audience, but it's small and would find anything else to chew on. This was an arbitrary date set by Intellivision. For an event they invited a lot of press to (you've seen and shared many of the articles). They had to postpone at the 11th hour due to getting Earthworm Jim (I know, we were all thinking some licensing that was tentatively approved, first in, then out, then back in), but I think just the importance of that title being the capstone was pivotal. You noticed EWJ made many of those headlines. So it was I think the right call. They didn't miss E3. They didn't miss a major event - they missed an event they scheduled with dozens of press and industry professionals, and several thousand interested spectators - by a day. Some of us made plans, but, this happens. The event was moved a day. Happens. A bad Tuesday. A better Wednesday. 2) the (D)elay (10/10 to April '21).. aside from being a bit bummed about the extra wait, I think the date is what it is because it's the first viable safe option. If they're not able to make 10/10 because of compliance testing and the timeframe, it's not like November is any more feasible. Where we were in mid-July when they made this call actually isn't so far removed from where we are in early August after the reveal - nothing much is open as far as state offices and sites to complete that part of the process, and even if they magically all came online today, it'd be by the skin of their teeth that they could even make it for Thanksgiving/Black Friday advertising, which is much costlier and they've lost an opportunity window to get in front of people thinking about whether a system is right for them. Advertising skyrockets, the attention is highly split, and they're lost in the headlines. So it'd have to be after the holidays. And January is a dismal month for retailers. We've probably seen a fiscal report from a console manufacturing company that says something to the effect of 2 units sold in January. Orthodox Christmas I guess. So then you run into February, marginally better than January, and then February and early March are the Chinese New Year holiday when factories are shut down for the entire month. Meaning you could aim at March, a 5 month postponement, which would be all right. Switch launched in March and sold out of limited units. N64 launched in March in Europe and its sales were less impressive. But you could wait for April, it's pretty wide open, buys another couple months to cushion development and manufacture, and you get tax return windfalls for a fair number of people in the North American market. Strikes me as a well though-out date. And 4/3/21 Launch is clever. 3) with that (D)elay confirmed in July, you've got to imagine a lot was taken off the table for this event. Tommy mentioned 100 things he wanted and going over with J the must-haves and adding a few to that list. This event was great for some of us, but as several have pointed out - it was for journalists, for retailers, investors, for analysts, partners, future developers, and as a starting point for the general shift away from us as the main audience. I love that we get so much attention as an audience but we don't fill stadiums or even a small arena. This company begins stacking its pitch for the purchase decisions of moms and dads. And to keep momentum for us alive and well, now that there's an extra 6 months on the clock, probably some deeper dives into the gameplay you guys wanted to see, like we saw with Missile Command, Sideswipers, Moon Patrol, Night Stalker.. those other games we're asking about (Biplanes, 10-Yard Fight, Back Talk Party, Flying Circus, Ecco, ToeJam & Earl, Shark! Shark!, Miner 2049er, Lode Runner, Super Burgertime, Breakout, Lunar Lander, Asteroids, Tempest, Warlords, Yars' Revenge, B-17 Bomber, Tron Deadly Discs, Frog Bog, Utopia, the Running Man Runner, Dynablasters, Snafoo, Boulder Dash, Spelunker, Bomb Squad, Archon, LocoMotion) that we've seen some footage of a year ago or some mention of as a decent shot for release - some of these are farther along and likely held cards to play for future announcements, others probably less ready but now may make it into a 60 game launch library with the additional time. Especially if they get positive interest from additional developers who are familiar with some of the few dozen studios showcased. I'm sure we see something showcasing unique controller gameplay. Something highlighting how the system interacts with you. Future reveals that continue headlines. You don't throw out everything and then have nothing to talk about for 6 months in the lead-up to release, it's not how you market a new toy. So expecting a few larger surprises, I have a pretty good idea about a few smaller ones, but more exclusive games (new IPs and a familiar face or two), more retail partners, more lengthy play trailers highlighting a game, a couple more demos in the app.. fun stuff to tide us over. With as much anticipation as many of us have, it's a little surprising more aren't a little let down - we did want this to be everything, but it's probably pared down to what had to be shown with other reveals parsed out over the coming months. Still, for the most part, I was really impressed. I would have liked to see Hasbro, Disney, Nickelodeon, but they did announce Mattel (the most likely partnership) and Sesame Street, along with USAopoly, so a few board games were addressed. Being that board game players are a big part of the market they are trying to appeal to, this was good. Hope to see another big drop or two moving ahead. Obviously we have more card games and maybe some more dice games coming, but the stand alone thematic board game properties can be eye-catching. I saw a lot of positive feedback for Finnegan Fox - the art design looks beautiful, it should appeal. And if its characters are something like Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, where in Finnegan Fox's case, multiple players would have differing character abilities, it could be a popular character to market to slightly older children. Along with Earthworm Jim. Along with ToeJam & Earl. Along with Ecco. Characters that either don't appear on other platforms, or are suitably buried and standout here for a little identity for children ages 6-12. It's no Switch killer, and doesn't have to be, but if they have 5-10 of those personality-laden titles at launch.. you don't think that won't convince some part of the parents purchasing a console that Amico is a viable option? I think that's significant. When PS5 and Xbox1 and Switch launched, they certainly did not have a library of cartoon characters that might just have appeal to children. And this has at least two that are probably release timeframe, and my bet is it's more, with EWJ the holiday follow-up. I loved the cartoon characters for Liar's Dice and Intellivision Spades. That there are adorable monsters on the screen interacting per play? My oldest daughter will eat that up. My youngest surely will watch and participate in her own way - there are pink and purple monsters on the screen and her grandparents are playing with her parents/her sister.. that sounds like a nice night or ten. And Doggo, Froggo, Piggsy and Munki in Liar's Dice look quite expressive, a fun game overlaid with lots of cuteness. Hopefully the Sesame Street titles and additional "edutainment" titles follow up on this bright cartoony look. It makes it look specifically like the system for families with younger children, without really having to research just how many of those games on the Switch would be accessible/graspable to a 4 or 5 year old. I actually did get the Rocket League vibes from the Space Strike game - perhaps just in seeing four ships flying about with the orb bounding off forcefields and scoring from behind as the shields were depleted around the goal. Sure, I get the Warlords inspiration, but hyper soccer in space with tractor beam physics seems like a good time, this one I'm looking forward to. Rigid Force Redux Enhanced - what's not to love here? I've already seen some "lul, another port" comments elsewhere - but it's a great looking game, and being optimized and enhanced with local multiplayer.. definitely surprised to see this one. R-Type will come, but this looks like a good switch-up. I don't see what the problem was with the size of the sprites in Astrosmash or Missile Command. I showed my parents Missile Command and their eyes lit up. I shared with my older cousins who are interested and they loved it. It looks intense but a lot of fun. The original Missile Command was all about setting into a rhythm and I think the single player mode will probably be like that. On a disc to select your turrets and a touch screen to drift about like the classic trackball, that seems true in nature to the original gameplay. The multiplayer adds a lot of commotion and certainly isn't anything like the scope of the original, but that's fine - to me it looked like a marriage between Missile Command and Warlords. I'd say the backdrops looked gorgeous on Astrosmash, the variety of objects and cleaned up animations very nice. I'd love to see some differentiation in a couple of explosions (every UFO had the same explosive rim tumble) and the meteor shower had far too much repeated debris tracking that caught my eye. That's polish, maybe that all goes away in the final version. Maybe it's less an issue than I spotted; if I played that, I doubt you'd hear much complaining about the repeat destruction animation. Was most happy to see so many team members on screen, and the 25-30 or so studios represented. Mostly, I think jaybird3rd said a few days back - it highlights the depth of real effort going into this console. Real people, real excitement behind the games and system they're developing. Sure, it doesn't deter certain crowds committed to their arguments of how the thing is a scam, nothing much does. But it's significant in opening up the work they're doing for Amico and Intellivision. I'm hoping these developers (who've to this point been absolutely mum) will have some opportunity to share and reveal moving forward. Every tweet is an audience that may not know they are working on an upcoming game on a platform people haven't even heard of. And for the journalist just coming at this, it's one thing to say "I don't get why this is a thing", it's quite another to hear game developers excited about how a unique controller input and system features work into their games differently from other systems. I was floored by the presentation of Alex Neuse of Choice Provisions/Bit.Trip fame talking up his interest in what they could do with the controller in bringing Breakout to Amico, but a lot of these devs were very positive about their projects and great voices to hear. So I walked away mostly positive. Would've liked more, always more, but I think it did all the things Intellivision needed it to do.
  12. Just like the controller, that email address is something of a firecracker.
  13. Oh that one is fun. 🤥 In later videos you get full tasting critiques and recommendations. Sooo, educational? It quickly goes into rambling afterward but, hey, something for everyone. There are some really odd things burrowing about in this rabbit hole. The internets are fun.
  14. I had to delete my Amico Club app and re-download, as the update wouldn't pull the newest version or register. Apps. It's definitely more challenging, I love how the perspective going over a hill gave me trepidation - I was sure there would be a rock or mine waiting for me. Can't wait to see how multiple players can maybe place the mines (while they're all red color in this demo, I feel may be a vs player option to trip up the current player with well timed placements just beyond the screen?)
  15. Short answer? They don't, you shouldn't. Asterisk. The asterisk, because beyond why you shouldn't care about two guys with zero pull and influence in the video game industry, they do have some sizable platform on social media. And Intellivision is incorporating some amount of a general buzz campaign within the retro gaming community to build enthusiasm for the development and release of a brand new platform. You run into a modest-sized influencer with an ax to grind, with monthly (weekly) updates for his audience (30,000 viewers on YouTube, much larger on podcast?), it galvanizes AN audience. And they lend some legitimacy through their size to the many small scavenger "channels" putting up a front of garbage videos. See @cmart604's "not more of this" response to it, and he is PASSIONATE about Intellivision. What does that do to the casual observer plugging in the search and filtering to what's newest to see what this system is all about? It platforms them, they become a standard bearer. In the long-run it doesn't much affect the prospects of the Intellivision Amico, but it is a deliberate thorn in the side of a company looking to talk with YouTube channels and podcasts as part of its strategy to generate buzz and leverage social media to spread information. They occupy the space used to spread misinformation. I suggest you ignore as best you can, @jaybird3rd had a fantastic post on sealioning as a social media behavior worth doing a search in this thread to review, it was very eye-opening. If you must explore their takes, I have a new series started yesterday to address their talking points, the narrowness of their perspective and how that confirmation bias really misleads their take and misinforms an entire audience. I won't be advertising it here, it's just there for the record, as said record seems easily malleable by a couple of podcasts hosts with a prerogative.
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