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  1. Unfortunately consumer behavior doesn't reflect consumer preferences. You'd be hard-pressed to find consumers who supported Blockbuster's high late fees, while its competitors touted more forgiving prices (or forgiving late fees) without much threat to Blockbuster. Those same late fees were a sizable part of Blockbuster's revenue and success. They had no desire to get rid of them. The data said they could (should?) keep them up, make no changes. The number of people who approve airlines parceling various allowances and amenities as fees may be.. well, it's just Ted. That's it. Ted's the entirety of four national surveys looking for approval. But consumer behavior forgoes slightly higher priced tickets and airlines see it's a race to the bottom to post the minimum for each ticket, and then make margins in selling seat assignments, baggage, boarding, snacks, drinks, entertainment, lounge access, upgraded space, cushions to people exhausted by the check-in process and re-thinking their budget decisions. Most people will state they hate micro transactions and in-game ads, paywalls, pay-to-play freemium games, the app stores they must navigate (or largely avoid)... and will still take their slings and arrows to play now and again. Or play the free games, not spend a dime, but the companies still see THEIR profits because you've had to sit through 8,000 ads of Zombie Fortress Laser Pew Pew Pew Annihilator.. you opt NOT to pay, and they still win their profit model. It's a game of attrition. And they know they get enough reluctant takers in the end. Our New Year's resolutions don't last long, our refusal not to pay doesn't always stand, and if they nickel and dime their way to profits, so be it. The absence of more than a handful of viable alternatives is good for Intellivision, but ultimately, a viable alternative will at some point shake down the model. Maybe Intellivision doesn't much do it, but we're hopeful. Cable television, the record industry, just about every industry existed and heavily profits with archaic or anti-consumer models that maximize the fleecing of customers, and either government regulation or a viable competitive threat or sudden change in technology disrupts that model. For mobile gaming, there just hasn't been a viable competitor to counter its model in a while - not since the Wii and DS wound down.
  2. See and now I'm digging the grey with the woodgrain and gold. Here's to customization!
  3. I'm enjoying the Evercade, haven't had the issues some are reporting, find it's been a very good spend for me. I'm looking forward to the two collections - imagine it'll mostly be Action and Space Network games, a mix of latter arcade-types. With the number pad mapping several would need some retooling, but the Evercade has four add'l buttons to work with, you could cheat with a couple combos if you had to, so some room to maneuver. And everything is inherently single-player. Still, they got up to 25 on the modern plug-n-play controllers in the 2000s, it's not impossible. I'm hoping they can sneak in a couple home-brews, or a later Intellivision home-brew cartridge is announced. Something of an "Indievision" cartridge.
  4. I've had a few interactions with their customer support team, I think they may operate on the 30 mins or less, or it's free standard? Email replies within the hour each time. There may be a standing order from the top though, "RAB gets emails answered IMMEDIATELY, or heads roll. Don't make me regret not opening the Sheboygan office.", so take it with caution. Real Tommy quote, though. I actually helped devise a couple separate surveys on the speed, efficiencies, language, satisfaction, overall ticket management and issue resolve rate on our Customer Support/Tech Support (overlapping department). We surveyed about 300 companies with 21 touches per over a couple survey periods as our customer experience research - helped build our own metrics, evaluate our own Support standards and upgrade our Issue Tracking software. Those... were some dark months... no one should EVER consume that much hold music.. Sure, at first you're like, "Oh that's nice, I'm Shazaming this grainy Kmart tune over the speaker phone. WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO RESULTS?!?"... then those earworms start to haunt you. You're humming them on the train home, five of your Pandora stations are now 'Muzak'... you're blurting out to people at Macy's, "You believe they're pumping this through the speakers?" as they politely back away.. Have to say thus far Intellivision's way ahead of the curve in handling customer inquiries from what I've seen. May be a different story with hundreds of thousands of customers rather than the current lot interested early followers and pre-orderers, but so far, so good. I don't think they'll really have need of a separate Customer Support and Tech Support department.. the type of tech support will likely be cataloged and accessible for Customer Support to resolve. And if someone's taking an Amico apart and has questions because the BIOS are no longer recognized for the pack-in games, then, maybe they're outside their warranty?
  5. Thank you Tommy. You guys have been incredibly supportive, and pretty creative at seeding and watering lots of ideas - credit where it's due! Couldn't ask for a better corner of the net to banter over a games system.
  6. I like Atari's interpretation. It's warm glowing vectors, it pulls the grid and color schemes for an early 80s feel. I think they did well. I prefer Intellivision's reimagining being made by Stainless Games. You know what though? It's a friggin WIN for video games in 2021 that two distinct and unique takes on a game are being done for different consoles. In the 80s and 90s we had entirely different *ports* of game titles on different systems - sometimes playing very differently with different levels or features based on system capacity.. in the 90s Capcom and Virgin were funding entirely different versions of licensed Disney games. Two unique Aladdins with some serious pros and cons we're still enjoying 25+ years later. It's fascinating, it is a real world case being made that CHOICE matters. Microsoft and Sony forums are all about their exclusives and fostering an ecosystem for a back catalog, perceived value in perpetual subscription-based access to a curated library of goodies. ::bangs head against the wall:: Whatever happened to "You should check out THIS system because its games are unique ::lists forty games::?? That's a jolt of differentiation the industry needs. We're too dependent on wrapping our hopes and identities around what first party exclusives Sony or Nintendo will drop this year, putting our wishes into Microsoft to buy some massive studio and have it's own "killer non-Halo app". This is overdue. Atari and Intellivision can go make radically unique takes on classic games for a modern audience. I applaud Atari for it, and would love to see a lot more like it.
  7. My winning lotto numbers are: 4 3 4 4 4 4 Neo Geo, you're the rich girl from part of town I don't get to...
  8. Accessories?! You don't say... I was just talking about this the other day. I'm... interested. Ring Fit is a great title, a simple band to flex and engage the one JoyCon for positioning, pressure, another for movement.. I would love to see Nintendo move further with this. There's a bit to the game as you go, but the formula probably isn't for everybody - it's very much progression and different activities as you go. I love the side quests, but they can interfere with the workout aspect. Good tool, that just screams "I WANT THIS APPROACHED FROM 15 DIRECTIONS!!!!" A lot of potential.
  9. I know. The world needs "Poorly Titled Crab Game" where crabs dutifully cause mischief to beachgoers, stealing picnics, wrecking sandcastles, just absolute Bastards of the Beach. Ooh, name idea! Not on Amico.. but.. nah, House House or Panic earned the follow-up rights on that one. This crab though... needs more views. Or, just for people to keep their friggin distance. It's been a rough day/year. ::sidesteps stage left. crab waddles stage left. whatever::
  10. Agree somewhat with you about the games being listed on an angle.. I do like the concept of the angle, it just looks off to me presented at such a skew. Maybe too drastic? I don't know, I know it's an older UI and hope a few variations of this display are going through some focus groups. I do like the clockwise cycling through, like you were turning a giant dial or disc though.. if only Intellivision had a circular, disc-y thing associated with it that may be subtley introduced here, incorporated into the menu like this was being dialed and each genre was placed on it... mental wheel is spinning but turning a blank here, we'll have to circle back to it I guess. Actually there may not be enough room to display enough of disc to convey that theme, or it may crowd the text worked into the arc.
  11. You have not been to a lot of European soccer games I take it? I’m up to double digits on the number of times I’ve attended as police in riot gear (or mounted on horses) have stepped in to dissuade hooligans and “sensible” ultras from uprooting seats or setting fires. And the grandmothers are like, “Double digits? Is that all? Are you even a fan???” Some sports promote commercial breaks. Others, stoppage time for punches on the ice. Others, contained riots in their gladiator coliseums.. only, the audience doesn’t always know they’ll be doing the gladiating
  12. I like the idea.. but since skiing is already a launch game and would be a little bit before a second skiing game I presume, what about: same concept, but with animals on roller skates as a roller derby, bumping, speeding, avoiding obstacles and traps? Kids would enjoy the playful characters, adults the balancing mechanics of different animals pluses and minuses. Lends itself to team play and the screen would be perfect to play special items as obstacles/weapons.
  13. The pawn shop business has no effect on the overall new consumer electronic products market, or most any retail. Pawn shops comparatively spend somewhere along the lines of 1/20th to almost half a percent of the money on television marketing that comparative retailers spend in local television marketing. This fluctuates but it gives some idea of where pawn shops are on the consumer radar. 400 miles off-screen And they don't spend much on print, online or radio marketing either. Consumers know second-hand shops exist, they just elect to shop at retailers offering new products. The entirety of the US pawn shop industry in FY 2020 brought in about $2.8 billion USD. During that same fiscal year, Wal-Mart brought in $524 billion USD. Target brought in about $75 billion USD in revenue, Best Buy $40 billion USD and Amazon about $160 billion. Out of a total US retail market of about $4 trillion USD in revenue. My math may be off but that is about 1/15th of one percent. It just doesn't register. Nothing against pawn shops and flea markets - it's how my family could afford systems and games in the 80s and 90s. I've almost never bought games new, so there IS some customer base who elects to shop that way and I'm there to count myself in that audience. But it doesn't turn the economic meter much at all, and it's a folly for any manufacturer to NOT produce a product because the second-hand market exists. I know a couple podcasters dialed into Amico coverage dismiss "why get an Amico when you can get a used Wii or PS3 for $50? THAT'S the competition for this thing" ... Because the shopping patterns of 370 million in North America and 400 million in Europe just doesn't reflect any appetite for second-hand purchases to meet the demands for ANY consumable or durable good beyond housing and cars. And even those high-value items they show a distorted preference for "new". That Wii at the pawn shop.. does it work? Will it have issues? Does it smell like it's spent the last decade absorbing the essence of an ashtray? Where exactly has that silicon sleeve been and is it supposed to be that sticky? Is there even a Wii for sale at Harley Kwin's Cash4Gold & Pawn? Will that pawn shop take it back beyond 10 days? Will they have many games to purchase with it? Where then do I get the variety of games? GameStop seems to have nothing PS3 or Wii in stock any longer, and major retailers don't stock the older systems inventory beyond the 20 copies of Just Dance 2019 alone in the case. Pawn shops are hit and largely miss in the public eye. And the local retro game stores I frequent.. 4 times out of 5 when I stop in, I don't see families or solitary women shopping there, so if there's a family audience frequenting them, that audience has been escaping me. Something like the Amico stands a healthy chance of success precisely because of the void in retail product, which is the working market. It should be standout enough from comparative video game systems in the games it promotes and messaging, and consumers encountering it aren't weighing it against a used Wii or PS3.
  14. I can't think of a sub-community I'm part of that doesn't have "that one guy", or a few far more out there on their own limb than everybody else. I wouldn't let a hyper-advocate dissuade interest in something any more than I'd let a fixated naysayer speak for my concerns or disagreements. Neither make "their side" look particularly stand-out, but then again neither speak for a side. Their antics are unattractive to most viewers. I look forward to April when the machine launches. All of the sideshow, the relentless whatabouts and pursuit of drama; all of the "bombshell" videos that, frankly, I have a hard time discerning from manufactured flak cranked out to waste people's time, fall on deaf ears. The only thing tangible that emerges is whether people play and enjoy the machine and its games. That's it. If it's at all an enjoyable experience to players, then the system will grow a normalized community who make videos and share and invariably bury the fringe with the cringe-worthy slurs and attacks. If it turns out to not be enjoyable, then you and most everyone else will move on. I tend to enjoy a good bit of Amico content, but then again I've resorted to filtering out a lot of what seems suspect to me, and ignore a handful of repeat offenders, until their periodic name change. I'd rather enjoy the things I like and not be bogged down by those eager to prove the old adage, "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things."
  15. CurlyQ... CurlyQ, your assistance is needed in aisle 5: nuts, nut boxing, and assorted nut punches.
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