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  1. It would help anyway to point "line" that contains issue. After that I could find specific chip on that line. Check the video I linked above I'am from Europe so not sure
  2. If you know where to take GND after stabilization that would be even better for IC, please post it. About Hayao, my apologies. I did not have console near me when I was writing post and I messed up names. Nevertheless, this could help with debugging of Lynx issues quite a lot.
  3. Hello, i would like to ask some of you who has Lynx 2 in working condition (with little to no mods ideally) to measure Suzy, Mikey and RAM with simple multimeter put to diode mode. Measure would need to be red coord on minus battery terminal and black one would be used for making measurements for each leg of IC. These data should be quite useful in finding out if these chips are broken or working on other lynx consoles that are not working and thus help a lot with troubleshooting. Explanation on iPhone troubleshooting is for example here: Could someone take these? We could then put them to schematics and help everyone in process. Same could be done for all Lynx revisions. Unfortunately i have only faulty one so cannot do this 😞
  4. So I have more info on my side. I have found that there is quite rich communication between Suzy and the Mikey. Also address counter seems to be running, generally interface to cartridge is communicating. Ram is getting some data in and out as well based on oscilloscope but I still get only about second of "title screen" (static California image, Rampage game is just empty screen) and then empty screen only. I did full recap and waiting for new rams. Any other idea what to try?🤔 More info here:
  5. And last bit, contacts were cleaned with special contact cleaner on both cartridge and lynx. No change as well
  6. And "unfortunately" serial to parallel convertor next to it seems to work as well 😕
  7. So ripple counter IO (U8 - 74hc4040a) seems to be working. I'am attaching scope measurement example of multiple output Qs next to each other (they should alter 2x lower 1x upper). Also this should mean that clock from one of main IO is working as well.
  8. So new info: I did full recap, no change sadly. I checked voltages on IC under metal shielding and they all get 5V so this seems ok. Last good thing is that no IC is getting hot as far as I can tell. Now i'am waiting for simple osciloskop / logic analyzer to arrive. If you have any idea please let me know it is getting strange 😁
  9. Hi, any problems with shield being off? I'am considering keeping it off as well but not sure what could consequences be for HW 😕
  10. I see, sounds good 🙂 so i will give it a go as well in case recap will not help. I also ordered some simple USB osciloscope so i should be able to diagnose further once it arrives. Fingers crossed...
  11. I feel for you, I hope recap and ram replacement in case recap will not help solves the problem 🙁 I just wonder how did you find these chips are exchangeable with ones in lynx? Usually there is some list of "same" chips which I can't find in this case
  12. Hi can you send a link or part number for these replacement chips you found and if change did help? I seem to have same issue but cannot find D41464L-80 anywhere
  13. So I returned to it once again and managed to get one of the games to even show "intro" image. So something is happening. But after that screen just dissapeares (roughly 1s) i'am left with empty screen again 🤔
  14. Tried that, unfortunately after digging down to problem further it looks like D13 zener diode broke (9V on both sides as if there is no diode at all)😞 I have made regulator mod. That worked nicely, i have now proper 5V where they belong but console has still same issue. When game is inserted "partially" it shows INSERT GAME and when fully inserted, just empty screen and no sound. So i dare to say that zener did let 9V to 5V rail and some of the chips inside metal cover died as a result 😞
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