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  1. That's more or less what I'm likely to end up doing. Although I don't have the talent that the people who make these have, but I at least know my way around Photoshop and Illustrator to hobble something together. I may just decide to redesign the spines only, since that's the part that matters most.
  2. So after a 20 year pause in my collecting I've decided to start getting my stuff in shape. My collection from back in the day (mostly late 90s) is primarily loose carts, but a stack of carts looks a little rough and after seeing a few pictures of people that have collections in Universal Game Cases and trying a few out I decided that the experience of seeing the carts in boxes on the shelf and having the artwork (and I've been reprinting manual booklets as well) is just worth it for creating the experience of what it was like back in the day. So I've been getting the covers from The Cover Project, and obviously there are plenty of talented people that have worked on these, but there are a few missing covers and plenty of missing varieties and sometimes even similar covers have minor differences on the spines that it's noticeable and not quite the consistent thing it could be. While there are plenty of people working on more resent classic systems, it doesn't seem like there's been much movement in Atari 2600 stuff for a while, but it also seems there are people making covers that haven't made it into the database yet. I did manage to make one missing cover for my collection (a Sears version of Space Invaders) but I figured I'd check around to see if there's any other stuff floating around before I start trying to sort my life out. Thanks!
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