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  1. Legend! Yes, that's it, thank you very much Deepthaw
  2. Hello, Sorry if this isn't the best place for this but I couldn't see a better forum. I'm looking for an old game that I played on either a very early PC or on an Amiga. It's at least 20 years old, possibly more than 30. You control a party of four characters, a wizard, a bard, a warrior (I think maybe a barbarian?) and an assassin (pretty sure). I think there was some very minimal character customisation such as clothing colours and rolling dice for stats. There was a lot of D&D similarity, such as the base stats and getting "+1" weapons, but I don't think the basic combat system was D&D-based. The combat takes place in an isometric battlefield screen where your characters run around hacking at the enemies, which consist of armies of monsters. You can click on one guy or girl at a time to have them cast spells or target specific enemies etc. Each character's HP is shown as four or five skulls next to their portrait, which change colour before disappearing. Probably the most unique thing about the game was its magic system. Your mage has to learn different runes, which are combined into spells, which each rune useable up to three times. Each rune has to be purchased or perhaps learned some other way, and you also need the right ingredients to mix into the spell through alchemy, which each rune consuming the ingredient(s) for each time it is used, so that spell-casting can be very expensive. A few runes determined direction/area of affect, like a missile that goes to the square you click on or a surround affect that hits the 8 squares around the caster or the target point. There's also a continuous affect which creates a field which "fires" every few seconds or so. There's also an anti-mage rune which makes you immune to magic, and a corresponding rune which dispells this protection. I think the most powerful rune was called Disrupt and I have a feeling it did 15 000 damage, and bypassed protections. The bard also learned different songs which continuously played and had ongoing affects for all your characters. The default and starting song gradually heals everyone. The warrior was shirtless I'm pretty sure, and used an ax. The assassin looked like a ninja and used a knife, doing backstab damage if he got behind something. Outside of combat, you move your characters around as a banner on a map. The enemy armies are different coloured banners, and I think they regenerate every so often, at midnight or on the full moon or something. They will get stronger as the game goes on and they can attack cities and take them over. At regular intervals, allied armies of good guys will appear from any free cities and go out and destroy the monsters. I'm pretty sure you could buy horses, which did nothing in combat but made your banner move faster on the map screen. And if you ran away from a fight any horses you had were eaten by the monsters. I think that should be enough to identify the game to anyone who knows it. I've tried doing keyword searches but unfortunately I just get various D&D and Diablo results. Please let me know, it's really bugging me that I can't find it. Thanks
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