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  1. Great! Done, and thanks a lot for the quick response.
  2. @matthew180, I've been getting my old TI system back up and running, and I would love to get one of your F18A Mk. 2's. I've read a lot of the praise from people here on the original version. Is it still possible to put my name on the waiting list, and if so, where would I do so? I saw your web page and the comments there, but I didn't know if that was an "official" waiting list or not.
  3. OK, for those of y'all recommending me to use a Q-tip, I've never disassembled a disk drive before, and I'm concerned about damaging it. Or just messing it up from the disassembly and reassembly. It sounds like a lot of work. I see that there are some disassembly videos online, but are all 5-1/4" drives pretty much the same?
  4. I've got a Myarc Mini Peripheral Expansion Box with a 5-1/4" floppy drive in it that hasn't been used in 20+ years, and I want to clean the head. I *think* it is a single-sided drive, but I'm not absolutely sure. I found this new 5-1/4" head cleaner on eBay (a modern Chinese import) and this 1989 NOS (what's NOS?) cleaner by 3M. What would y'all recommend?
  5. In that case, I have access to the Engineering Department's 3-D printers. Are there files available for the case design?
  6. Well, I think you've sold me on it, then. I'll see if my wife, who has been tolerant almost to the point of indulgence with letting me set up the old system on the living room TV, will mind me spending a hundred bucks for the FG99 and case.
  7. Yes, I can see every screen behind the black bars. I read a description of replacing the crystal here: https://www.pagetable.com/?p=672 Do you think this is a good guide to doing this repair? I haven't done any soldering work in many years, but I'm a physics professor who works closely with our Engineering & Computer Science department on some projects, and those guys would be willing to help me. Thanks a lot for the advice!
  8. Here's a picture of all of the disk software I have. I'm excited I found the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but my favorite by far was Not Polyoptics' SPAD XIII Mark 2 flight simulator. I played that simulation into the '90s, I'm sure. I have a lot of the Home Computer Journal On Disk software collections, four volumes. And then there's my high school science fair attempt at writing my own neural network. I don't know how well the disk software survived with several years in a garage attic, but I see that SPAD XIII and maybe some others are available online as disk images, so I might go with that, once I buy a modern storage device for my TI.
  9. Whether the video problem is the video chip or the crystal, I like the idea of the new F18A Mark 2! I think that will really soup up my TI. And getting a second console is good advice. I can use that for testing and as a backup.
  10. Thanks a lot for all of the advice! I've read over the FinalGROM99 description, and I'm not entirely clear how it's used. Is it a general-purpose mass storage device that I could use like the disk drive (save my own files to), or is it intended to load copies of cartridge software or some other specialized use? TIPI looks like it could replace the whole expansion system; is that right?
  11. Asmusr & Ksarul— I had no idea that MPES/50 was so rare! Looking at the manual right now, I see we bought it in October of 1985. I was searching the web and found that the one-drive version I have (MPES/50-1) originally sold for $595. My parents were certainly willing to put some investment into my computer hobby in middle school. A couple or three years earlier, I'd spent the summer building them a very long rock wall along our driveway and farm road to earn the $50 to get the GE Program Data Recorder shown above. What an upgrade the Myarc was! Well, I'll be holding on to this for sentimental reasons, but I will make sure and take excellent care of it. Considering that the Myarc MPES won't take any additional cards, as Ksarul noted, is the HxC my best bet, or would any of you recommend getting a different storage system in some kind of standalone configuration?
  12. Hi, all, I just joined the forum, and it's my first post. I've recently gotten my TI back out from my parents' house, about 25 years after I turned it on last. I have the TI-99/4A, with the GE Data Recorder, the Myarc peripheral box (32 kB memory, RS-232, and a single 5-1/4" disk drive), and a Seikosha dot-matrix printer hooked up to the Myarc parallel port. I found many, but not all, of my cartridges (thankfully, I've found Super Extended Basic, Editor/Assembler, and the Disk Manager II, as well as several games), as well as a whole lot of programs on disk. Who knows if anything survived on those disks in a garage attic all of these years, but I'll get a head cleaner on the drive and clean the disks if there's any mold, too. The old B/W TV I used to use it with has a fading tube, but I've bought a composite video cable and have gotten it to work on a modern TV. So here's my question: What should I get next? I have read about a lot of the modern peripherals that are available, but I don't have any experience with them. 1) I'd especially like to get a reliable, non-magnetic mass storage device soon. I've read of...what, three flash-based storage devices? TI-PI, the nano-PEB, and the HxC Floppy Emulator. Which one would you go with? 2) I get black vertical bars and no color on the screen. I've read it could be the VRAM chip that needs to be replaced, but another site describes replacing the crystal for the same symptoms. Which is more likely? 3) I'll have to tell y'all later what I found on the cassette I still had in the Data Recorder. The nerdiest thing in the entire house. Advice?
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