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  1. Put me down for at least 1 Donkey Kong style...I may decide on another later on!
  2. wow - nearly 5 days left and it's already almost $400....that is so minty, though. look at the top sticker!
  3. Seconded - I try to stay away from Steam if I can...
  4. Cool. So will I be kicking myself for not holding out for the January club enrollment if I buy access to the Rom Vault the day my Phoenix arrives? I'm impatient and impulsive!
  5. Wondering about Rom Vault access vs the Club. Do either (or both) give you ongoing access to the Rom Vault? I really want to take advantage of that access in time for my Phoenix arrival next month, but don't want to miss out on any new additions that may be added if it's a one time download. At the same time Will there be a Club next year (January) and, if so, is there some kind of "continuing member" price? I definitely want to get in on the club, but feel like the Roms are a big part of it. Would seem silly to buy the Roms now if I was going to join the club and get them in January anyway....except for those months I get access until then! -James P.S. Joined Atari-Age just this week, solely for the Coleco/Collectorvision chatter!
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