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  1. I bought two of them when they were initially available and have yet to use either one - and at this point I don't plan on it.
  2. I didn't mean to imply you were using the wrong gear...simply that there are too many variables with that setup. I don't know why they wouldn't have included the cable and adapter with it....one they could thoroughly test and garauntee works! I don't have the meanwell, but I have no doubt it's superior!
  3. All of that depends on what USB charger and cable you use with it. There are so many variables. I think when used as intended, with power supplies and cables within the same specs to which is was designed around, the ColUSB would work perfectly. With the meanwell, you're getting all of that right off the bat. You know the specs and you know they'll work!
  4. Sounds like he will have a marketplace thread coming this weekend which will probably show specifics, but I'd really encourage you to read the whole thread from the top anyway. In addition to info on why some can and some can't be made again, it's a great look into how these controllers evolved and what goes into them. A lot of them were originally commission pieces (I have the Q*Bert prototype), so if there's something you don't see it doesn't hurt to ask! But basically the thread will show you why some can't be made anymore ...limited editions, dye no longer available or they're just too much work. I think some of the hand controllers actually tick all three of those boxes!
  5. Count me in for when they're available. This sounds like a great idea!
  6. Welcome back to the sickness! I did the same thing and missed several years of greatness. Catching up has not been kind to my wallet!
  7. Thanks Mobius! Ordered 3 as soon as I got up that day. Wasn't sure what your stock would be, so I set my alarm! James
  8. Sad that the virus has had so much impact, but I'm sure most of us understand. I hope you are doing well otherwise! Not sure if you were waiting until September or not to gauge release interest in nether dungeon, but I'll email now stating my interest. For current preorders, including mystery man games, are they still included in what you can do? James
  9. We're lucky enough to have an electronics store a couple towns over (coincidentally run by the father of a girl i went to high school with) that we can still go to if we need parts quick. They're not cheap, but they're quick. Business must be at least acceptable because (at least before the plague) they're still there!
  10. Awesome - any plans for an IBM Model M?
  11. Glad to see you back working on this, but sorry to hear of your wife's illness! Hopefully the hobby (assuming there is time for it) can ease your mind a bit!
  12. I'm still waiting on my Bomb and Blast 2 to arrive, but I bought the deluxe edition. I'd probably do the same with these new games as well. The only issues I run into are things like fitting into a plastic box protector once i'm done oogling over the contents. But I have the same issue with Knight'n'More. I'm impressed all over again, though, when I read the manual for that game. Just a fantastic release all around!
  13. Looking for a pair of Wii U Pro controllers (Genuine Nintendo, not 3rd party) in nice working and cosmetic condition for a reasonable price. PM me if you have something! Preferably in the US - I'm in New Jersey.
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