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  1. I don't think Mobius has them in stock anymore, unfortunately. If you have the composit mod, you can use the retrotink 2x along with the ossc, though. Looks pretty good in my setup.
  2. Yes - last night around 6:45pm Eastern.
  3. Welcome! I've seen you post a few different places and it looks like you're off to a great start! I recapped mine and did the composite mod, but didn't do the 5v memory mod. Not sure about SGM or SGM2 requirements! As for controllers, I have a pair of controllers that doubledown built which have straight cords (replaced with straight...not straightened) and ball tops. In my opinion, having a properly cleaned and adjusted controller with the ball top makes a HUGE difference in feel. The biggest issue I always had growing up was that the side buttons didn't seem very responsive at all. My Coleco playing experience was at my Uncle's house, who took meticulous care of his system, so i'm fairly certain it felt this way out of the box. That shows me that it's probably the lubrication of the buttons that made the biggest difference. Hope this helps a little!
  4. Giving you a friendly bump as I have a lump in my throat for MY big box Sierra titles...which were all tossed in the late 90s (not by me). I still have all the disks, but the boxes are long gone!
  5. I'm trying to be objective here, so please bear with me. As someone who has been on both sides (18 months ago i knew very little about the current coleco community and now I'm pretty caught up), I think I am able to do that pretty well. When I first started getting back into colecovision I was overwhelmed with data. When I read something I hadn't heard of before, I researched it. Searched the forums, google, other forums, etc. I sent PMs to certain members (you know who you are) whose posts were really helpful to me. I just researched until I was satisfied I knew all I needed to know. All that said, that's my personality and I wanted to really dive deep into the current (and recent past) state of colecovision. I probably actually read those 4,735 posts. I also realize that not everyone is like that - there are people with casual interest and that's probably where @turboxray falls. I think that, in addition to the search, a good place to point you to would be the Homebrew Project Tracker thread: That should at least give you an overview of most of the current and previous projects that are going on. I think the Phoenix is listed there as the "Collectorvision Game System." It's basically an FPGA based recreation of a colecovision which outputs a scaled 480p signal via HDMI. You can play from real cartridges or an SD card. And finally, @turboxray, this is where I might be a little bit negative. While it's certainly a valid question to ask "why should I care," I don't think it was asked in the proper way. At least not in this thread. That's why you are getting all of the cold responses. Even without seeing the console, one can say that the OMNI (or SGM2) is just Opcode's interpretation of what could have been. Nobody's saying that Opcode's version is any more "valid" than another one. And, sure, one could (and these homebrew developers certainly DO) develop for 16 bit systems rendering this venture "unnecessary." But given the extent of the original colecovision, how long would this community last if the developers didn't branch out? Here's what I think will make the Omni/SGM2 different: Hindsight. Developers in the 1980s/1990s didn't know how their consoles would be received. They didn't know how game developers would take advantage of or work around flaws in their systems. Most importantly, they didn't know how future generations would mod their consoles to achieve new and interesting things. I don't know if the Omni/SGM2 will be successful, but i'm certainly interested. If you're not, that's OK. I think the fact that there will be a colecovision attachment (SGM2) gives it more of a chance at success as it gives more people the opportunity to play those games. I'm happy to support Opcode in this (as well as other) project as are many others.
  6. I haven't been to Montreal in a decade. This might give me an excuse to make a trip back!
  7. I realize that $150 is a lot of money for "what it is," but I don't think much of anything in this community is thought of like that. This isn't something mass marketed. We can add up all the parts to see what the bottom line is, but on top of that is the assembly time (including the reinforcement of the case, drilling holes, wiring) that has to be done for each unit, printing the panels, proofing, etc. As shown by this thread, there is interest at that price. Nobody's twisting the arms of the buyers. If it's not worth $150 to you, you don't have to buy it.
  8. I've been in and out through the holidays and just got a chance to read through all this. Sounds great! Other than the poll, are you taking any interest checks yet? Want to make sure my name's on the list! -James
  9. Although I am chomping at the bit to play some ROMs, I can 100% respect that. In my house, at least, $150 discretionary cash towards video games is a big deal - especially coming out of the holidays! So thanks for the clarification. I hope those waiting are able to get in on the fun!
  10. That's what I thought as well, but it looks like you can still order on the website. So I guess it's not closed yet. Maybe they decided to give it a few extra days.
  11. Any word on when 2020 club members will have access to the rom vault? Just want to make sure I didn't miss an email somewhere!
  12. I wholeheartedly agree with this. I privately acquired my copy of the secret game from a member here who didn't care for the game choice. I offered $75 and he accepted. My justification for the offer was that it was half the club membership price and the secret game was easily half of the rewards. Also, $75 is only a few dollars more than I feel CollectorVision would have charged for the game if they sold it on their website. I missed out on the 2019 club as I wasn't as involved with the community at the time. Getting the game and keeping the secret (even though I purchased 2nd hand, I still did not know the game until I received it - as it should be in my opinion if you are selling it to another member) is half the fun for me. I signed up for the 2020 club the day I got the email.
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