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  1. His 486 does not have ECHS capabilities in the BIOS, so it has the 502mb max capacity restriction on bare metal. To use a 1gb CF card, he would need diskmanager or ezdrive.
  2. Vintage copies of Norton Ghost could do that.
  3. You will claw back a good 100kb of low/upper memory by removing the drvspace/dblspace driver. If you have some efficient way to get data from a remote source for when you want to move stuff, so that you can get around that 500mb restriction (Or go ahead and use vintage software like ezbios or diskmanager), then it might be worth it. It's your system, your call.
  4. win95 (with pluspack) or win98. Just pretend it is DOS, but utilize drivespace 3 for its improved compression features.
  5. same. The only reason for it these days is to have drivespace 3 set up. (and I would not use the GUI, just pretend it is DOS instead.)
  6. FINALLY, My ride is here. I've been calling home for YEARS.
  7. up to 36" wide on the short edge. But I need a vector image to do that justice.
  8. If he releases it as a vector, I can grant that wish in large format.
  9. SWEET The new bed does not even need the new Y axis sled! The screw holes for the bed springs mate up perfectly already! So-- Bed installed, test heating works, so I presume FIXED. YAY! Time to resume printing
  10. 486 DX-2 133 or Pentium 90. Hits the sweet spot in most cases. Get a nice PCI video card. Say a Riva TNT, or a TNT2. Thats period.
  11. looks like a toughbook tablet pc to me. Panasonic has a "Ruggedized" PC line intended for "hazardous environments" like war zones and cop cars. Its their "Toughbook" like. Magnesium system housings, shock mounted disk drives, water proof, etc...
  12. Hurray! It wasn't porch piracy, UPS just cant tell my house from my neighbors'. Neighbor lady gave me my missing package earlier. YAY.
  13. snowed yesterday. all melted now.
  14. They REALLY want to steal a package they probably wont know how to use?
  15. This is getting out of hand. Package says "Delivered, at front porch" NO PACKAGE IS THERE. Who's cheerios did I shit in at UPS?
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