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  1. can someone help me out? i'm using the latest build of Applewin for windows and i'm getting an error #6 when using the original Apple II

    it's also the same for the II+


    trying to get the mini assembler to work, no such luck. Also, how do i bind the arrow keys to the emulator?

    1. Keatah


      Stop doing what causes the error and it will go away.


  2. playing Titanfall 2, the devs deserve a medal for Singleplayer alone, but the multiplayer puts BO4 to shame

  3. You mean on Lemon64? Look, i've gotten over it. This was supposed to be a fresh start for me. New site, new ideas.
  4. You could've put that in the warning. but, i understand. Consider this as atonement. I will try to do better this time.
  5. There's not enough info for people to learn why exactly they were warned. Mine just says content moderated Indefinitely and yet the warning is blank. some clarification please?
  6. Ok so two things: 1. Can't use the Mini Assembler in the latest release of Applewin 2. I entered Assembly lines Chapter 3's example as Hex , went to start it with 300g after checking with 300l and it just sat there, frozen in time. any ideas? https://archive.org/details/AssemblyLinesCompleteWagner/page/n37 pages 19 and 20 used the apple IIe
  7. one wonders: what goes through a cows head when it sees the Mcdonalds menu?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zoyous


      "Where's the grass?"

    3. high voltage

      high voltage

      Glad they don't use real meat

    4. Flojomojo


      Its asshole.


      No wait, that's the last thing that goes through a bug's mind when it hits your windshield

  8. What were some of your first programs when programming the Tandy COCO. please give some examples. I'm still new to this dialect of BASIC, but i am a fast learner
  9. Is there a version of Eliza for the Apple II in disk form?

    1. Trebor


      Stand alone (v3.0) or part of the Golden Oldies Vol 1 from Software Country in '85.  Both are attached.

      Eliza 3.0.zip Golden Oldies Vol. 1 (1985)(Software Country).zip

    2. Blindseer42


      Much appreciated

  10. I really wish they could be configured for WASD or Arrow support
  11. Applewin has a tendency to freeze when i use the RTS command when using the mini assembler. are there any updates on it so far? has this bug been patched? if not, it makes using Assembly Lines impossible
  12. How the hell do you sneak a frying pan into school? I was listening to 98.5's talk show and some dude snuck a frying pan into school and attacked his classmate. 


    bring this to mind



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    2. HoshiChiri


      Metal detectors don't pick up every kind of metal, and many frying pans today are partially/completely made of non-metal.

      This is also assuming the kid's school had metal detectors, that he didn't know of a door/window without them, that he didn't bring it in while they were turned off, & that he didn't acquire it inside the school (from the home ec. class, for example.)


      If someone intends harm, it's honestly pretty easy to bypass most security.

    3. save2600


      Beating someone with a frying pan is so 20th century disgruntled housewife.   🤣

    4. S1500


      I blame Throw Momma From the Train. 

  13. anyone played it? we have one here in Lodi, at Tony's Pizzeria and upon playing, metaphorically, my brain blew out of my skull. One of my favorite bands of all time finally got a pinball table of their own, with the songs i loved growing up. One of the few good uses of a license.😀
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