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  1. How the hell do you sneak a frying pan into school? I was listening to 98.5's talk show and some dude snuck a frying pan into school and attacked his classmate. 


    bring this to mind



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    2. HoshiChiri


      Metal detectors don't pick up every kind of metal, and many frying pans today are partially/completely made of non-metal.

      This is also assuming the kid's school had metal detectors, that he didn't know of a door/window without them, that he didn't bring it in while they were turned off, & that he didn't acquire it inside the school (from the home ec. class, for example.)


      If someone intends harm, it's honestly pretty easy to bypass most security.

    3. save2600


      Beating someone with a frying pan is so 20th century disgruntled housewife.   🤣

    4. S1500


      I blame Throw Momma From the Train. 

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