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  1. If I could just get Mame to work with the Rlauncher I would be set. I'm not get much help in there forum. This forums great!!!!!! You see this was the first PC/Game system I had as a kide other than the arcade just some "INFO"
  2. how about classic99 can it be opened to a full screen windowed mode ?
  3. Do happen to know anything about RLauncher-ui the Ti99 4a. It is working under mame, but if I lunch it with RL it opens and then closes ?
  4. In the mame folder open mame.ini theres a setting autosave I change my to 0 it was 1 it works now. Otherwise it just saved game at all different points. CORE STATE/PLAYBACK OPTIONS # state autosave 0 rewind 0 rewind_capacity 100 playback record record_timecode 0 exit_after_playback 0 mngwrite aviwrite wavwrite snapname %g/%i snapsize auto snapview internal snapbilinear 1 statename %g burnin 0
  5. I also have the disk but not sure how to load it under "partial mode"
  6. Ok, so apparently not all keyboards and mame like to play nice ! "Partial keyboard mode by pressing Schlock". My keyboard Logitech K360 you need to use FN key and PgDn key to turn Schlock on, and off but that still didn't work for me. So then I selected TI99 4A had to alt tab which got me to general interface menu. I then went to user interface and change from Schlock it to delete, and now I can use Tab to change keyboard emulator to load cassettes. the is working now. Just have one last thing is there a way to load the TOD.dsk in the same way I did the cassette ? Thanks you for all your help !!
  7. where should files, be in mame I know under romes but can they be in there own folder or do they need to be in with the bios? if I select the ti99 4a and hit tab I see a input this machine but when I click it there's nothing there not sure if that's what you where talking about.
  8. I do use mame on screen display. Not sure what your saying here "using TAB in partial mode), go to File Manager', do I do this after I launch mame.exe do I need to go to ti99 4a first ? go to File Manager in windows or mame " ? OSD, Tape control not sure I know where this is ?
  9. When trying to load TOD from disk I get "file error 0 device error" I tried cassette and get "no data found cs1" and I'm not hear tape loading.
  10. Thank you so mush for fast reply and help. Ok, now TI99-4A is working just one more question where or how do I point mame tord the cassettes or disks ? or what do I use as the emulator for it?
  11. Hello, Trying to play tunnels of doom but cassette file not loading no data found "cs1", and I cant get ti99 4a rom to work, even thou it shows green and working but when I try to use it said missing roms or chds under mame. All the other games play but under the ti99 4. I all so try the cassettes and dsk with classic 99 and all works. any help would be great thanks.
  12. Hi, running mame64 0.213 i want to run Texas instruments TI99-4 have all the games running but cassettes don't load. any help would be great.
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