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  1. Record: 133.500 Game 1 B/B Lives Bonus: 7
  2. Stampede: Game 1 B/B - Record 3224 Game 8 B/B - Record 1110
  3. Really, that's right. The added lives have been validated. Very good, thanks for the observation.
  4. Ms Pacman - 53.630 Vocelli, Sorry. To clarify, I selected the wrong ROM in my "everdrive" / flashcart, where I used it for agility and practicality, because I have the original cartridge where I used it at that time. It was not intentional and, obviously, no intention to gain an advantage. Thanks for helping me. And whenever I notice any irregularity, I will turn to you, the tournament moderator, not exposing any mistake by any participant to public embarrassment. Thanks for the trust Vocelli.
  5. Star Wars : Death Star Battle Game 1 B/B Record: 55788
  6. Star Wars: Death Star Battle Game 1 B/B Record : 29.791
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