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  1. This is awesome. But also where did he get the SD card adapter for the extended joystick port?
  2. Are you sure? The two 41526-10 come up as 32KB (256kb) chips when I google so thats only 64KB for those two combined I cant seem to find info on the HYB513256AJ
  3. I recently picked up a USA 1040STE and want to upgrade it to 4mb. I'm assuming it has 1mb in it currently but I'm not 100% sure. It has a 4 sticks but of two different configurations. I know two of them are 256KB as they each have 8 32KB chips on them. But the other two sticks are tossing me off. Can anyone help identify the capacity of this variation. Backside of the stick is blank
  4. Purchased a bundle of VHS movies. All showed up well packaged and quick delivery.
  5. Feedback for repair work and sells
  6. Back in 97 I traded my original Jag/JagCD and about 20 games. two being min CIB Long Box Primal Rage and Braindead 13 in for a PS1.. great Idea then but what a way to kill the investment. PS1 are now $10-$15. Thankfully I repurchased 2 jags and a few games from KBtoys liquidation and later a Jag CD for $99 form Best
  7. Not sure what is more exciting. The fact comlynx works or me just discovering they still make Crystal Geyser
  8. my latest ebay would be a US released 1040STE. Received over the weekend. Works great.
  9. You can still buy the game new. Telegames UK has it still in stock. Songbird did also but sold out few months back
  10. I have a new replacement screen lens and bezel. PM me if interested
  11. Looking for a SF314 and have had zero luck finding one for sell. I know people use those Gotek as internal drive but can you also use them as an external drice on a 520ST that does not have an internal drive?
  12. Oh wow really.. Thats awesome I actually have a Touchpad in storage. I was a big Palm WebOS user back in the day. Its in storage now with my Palm Pre's and Pre Mini. I'll dig it out this weekend and check the power supplies.
  13. Looking for an SIO cable. Or at the very lease the end of one. Prefer a cable that has some damage vs a mint one. One that has frayed cord or some other damage to it but at least one of the ends are undamaged. I plan to cut the cord. I know a seller on ebay sells 3dprinted end caps but then I have to source pins. But the dig draw away from a 3d printed one for me is that it looks like a 3d printed part and not original like the Atari
  14. Yea not going anywhere near a cheap chinese charger. Thats why I preferred to use the ones I have on hand from Apple or Lenovo as I at least trust those brands.
  15. Thankfully both of the ones I have on hand are not smart power supplied. They offer a signal output 5.2v. The Apple one is a first gen Ipad Mini
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