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  1. I have about 25-30 CDI movies. You have a list your are after? I had well over 100 a few months ago, been selling/trading on the CDI Facebook groups but still have a few
  2. Awesome order placed, Thanks for bringing these out even if limited they are still welcomed
  3. My recent one from Retro Game Stuff is doing this exact behavior. Did you go through them for the replacement or send to SainT?
  4. Anyone in the community collect or have an AES system. I have a loose copy of Samurai Spirits. Asking $35 shipped within the USA
  5. Awesome news. My copy just showed up today so I will have a busy weekend.
  6. I got mine Christmas 93 also. Parents picked it up on a business trip to Cisco. Thankfully I bombarded my mom with Gamepro adverts before they went haha
  7. Sad to see this is over, Been waiting on my copy for 2 months no fault of AA they are busy. Will there be another round by chance ?
  8. Try SAMS club if you are a member they usually have 240ft rolls for about $12
  9. If memory serves me correctly. Launch 1993 $250 Spring 1995 Power Kit released $150 Holiday 1995 Power Kit dropped to $99 Summer 1996 liquidation started post reverse merger (Tiger Direct and KB Toys) $29.99
  10. I've updated the 1st post to reflect what I still have.
  11. I do still have 1 or 2, These are original Atari factory parts for the Lynx II however
  12. I would be down for 1 of each to see which I prefer
  13. Does it only do that with the Jag hooked up but not other systems? I have the regular Tink 2x and 2x pro and do not have that issue with them. Sorry dont personally own the Multi
  14. I dont think so. If I remember most of my cards I collected a few years ago were all mid 90's 3dfx, Rendition, PowerVR, S3 and Ati. I think the newest card is probably around 1999. Your card looks about a decade newer with the HDMI
  15. I have a box of PCI 90's GPU's I know some are voodoo. I'll see if any are V2's tomorrow
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