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  1. Price shipped is $20 it works great and would clean up nicely if you took the shell off and scrubbed with soap and water. Not yellowed or cracks like that just dirty
  2. I have several. You picky about condition?
  3. Did the power supply have a Ferrite coil? I have no video noise in my ST with pico supply
  4. I've never used them since I've been repairing consoles myself the past 2 decades. But I did repair a Truboduo they worked on previously for someone and it was a disgrace. So my take is its probably a toss up on quality
  5. Hey Yes they should work, You might have to move some jumpers depending on what your current set up is.
  6. I have a set of TOS 2.06 chips. I've had these at least 10 years maybe longer. They may or may not work. Thus why I'm giving them away. If you have a compatible ST and want to give them a go. Just pay shipping. Please have intentions in tossing these into an ST not to erase the roms and sell or do otherwise with. Probably should of dusted them off before the photo 🤣
  7. 1997 for me. I still remember my very first purchase, Battlemorph for the Jaguar. This was after Babbages no longer carried Jag games. My second purchase was either Exiles for the Turboduo or Snatcher for Sega CD, cant remember which game first. Bonus points if anyone remember the name of the company that use to send a Money Order for you.
  8. I've done well over 50 FRAM mods on the Saturn. Its really a simple process as long as you use property equipment and the chip is not heavily glued. If you dont have a hot air station and wish to do it yourself then use Chip Quick it works wonders and will save you from damaging the traces. Just wik up the left over and your golden
  9. If in the UK it might be cheaper to take up LX.NET on his offer. Last week I sent a loose Nintendo DS game to the UK in the poly bag (2oz) and it cost $13.50 because it cant go through the mail sorting machines. But if it was a flat envelop then they would of only charge a fraction of the price around $4 since it can be machine sorted. I know it sucks US Postal system has raised prices like crazy the past couple years.
  10. You referring to the Mylar for the controls? If so Best in the US has them and I know Pete at Telegames UK did have some a couple years ago but not sure if he still has stock.
  11. If you are in the USA i have a box full of screws harvested from broken Lynx II consoles that had busted cases. I never toss out screws haha..
  12. One more go at this before falling to ebay
  13. looking to see if a group member has one for sell before going to ebay?
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