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  1. I bridged 34/35B on the cart port so the system will power on as outlined in a guide by Zerosquare I bridged the two Pins on the underside of the motherboard. No jamming into the slot lol
  2. I came across a loose Jaguar console $30 at a thrift store while traveling out of state for work. No carts available and all my stuff is back home. I bridge cart pins 34B and 35B to see if it would power on and it does. However I don't get the Jaguar logo or Red Screen. So my question is with out a cart and bridging these two pins does the Jaguar display anything?
  3. Yea those were the only Micro SD cards I had available to me to test out. Not a huge selection but they all behaved the same
  4. Anything is possible, it could be the sd or current firmware or even my two K jaguars are finicky. Everything works great as far as I can tell with the M model I picked up off ebay so I'm happy regardless
  5. My M model Jaguar arrived yesterday and playtesting it has no issues with Doom on Jaguar SD. Still not totally sure it was my two K early model Jaguars since they did not display the issue with a retail Jaguar Doom cart. Has anyone with a K model Jaguar with the Toshiba chips manufactured before March 94 tested
  6. Thanks for converting that for me. So looks like I'm using the tested rom
  7. I'm using a program called Checksum Calculator and its producing this value with the two roms I've got both the same. I'm using the GoodJag v2.01 rom set which was the one Saint recommended in the main forum and the Jag (World) rom set. Doom (world) =1579998144 GoodJag 2.01 Doom - Evil Unleashed (1994).jag = 1579998144 They look to be the same rom. I downloaded 3 other rom versions of doom off the internet all the same checksum as above. I'm not finding any rom with 5e2cdbc0 . Not sure if its Checksum Calculator that's producing a different value or if that rom isn't the main on flooding the internet cause I'm not able to locate any that doesn't produce the value 1579998144
  8. MD5 Checksum for the two Doom Roms I've used Doom (World).rom = 3A5878EA3F391174BECC37B037318804 GoodJag 2.01 Doom - Evil Unleashed (1994).jag = 3A5878EA3F391174BECC37B037318804
  9. Both of my systems are NTSC North American release both purchased originally from Babbages. As far as I know the two Doom roms I've tried are region free, could be wrong. I just find it odd this behavior does not happen with a retail doom cart. The M model Jag I ordered off ebay shipped yesterday so hopefully it will be here early next week. I wish I still had my Skunkboard to test it as well but sold it once I got the Jag SD. Though I don't remember every playing doom on the skunk since I had a retail cart.
  10. If you have a JagCD or Skunk you can get Alice for $8 from Orions webstore. Well worth the $8.
  11. Yep 16gb PNY, 16gb Silicon Power, 32gb Transend, 32gb Samsung, 64GB Sandisk, 128GB Sandisk, 200GB Sandisk, and a 4gb one that came with my Nintendo 3ds when I bought it new
  12. Here is a video of it crashing using the Goodjag 2.01 rom. Just crashes to a black scree no rainbow bars but still crashes with using a .e2p from a previous game. I'm at a loss at this point. Maybe its just a bug in the early Jaguar silicon not playing nice. I'm not ruling out the possibility both my Jaguars could be the culprit since they are both early IBM models. Who really knows to be honest. I did order another Jaguar console, hopefully it will be here early next week. Goodjag.mp4
  13. Yep that's an M by Comptronix or something like that. Both mine are early K models (IBM) one from 1993 and one from March 94
  14. Deleting the MRQ didn't change anything. Still if I start a game with a previous .e2p I can reliably get it to crash more then half of the time. If I start a game with no .e2p in the folder I've been unable to get the game to crash. Firmware v1.07 Menu v1.04 ASIC v1.05 and Stub V1.02 are the current versions correct? noMRQ.mp4
  15. I tried several doom roms' including Goodjag 2.01 set. Didn't make a difference. What model Jaguar is yours?
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