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  1. Here is some interesting HBBS trivia for you. Long ago, when I was 14 or 15 years old, I totally reorganized HBBS and adjusted it so that it could support loading individual code modules on demand. It was pretty cool for the time. The HBBS original author liked it so much that he invited me to participate in the product and I actually went up to NYC to hang out with him and do some coding. In the end, we had what we thought was a vastly superior to GBBS product, but we had one major problem. He had gotten it to work with the AppleCat Modem, but was having trouble getting it to work for any of the Hayes modems. As this was right as everyone was transitioning off 1200bps, this was a killer. GBBS finally made the transition to prodos and did work with Hayes and we were left in the dust. Always made me wonder what our uptake would have been if he had gotten that done. I had completed everything from a casino to a 1000 room adventure, all designed to run as part of the HBBS system. Sorry I don't have a copy for you. Sold the Apple IIe I used long ago...
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