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  1. I think.in a poscast i watched a while back he said not at the moment but might do amico remakes of them.in the future..
  2. Im.in my late 30s myself. Another piece of evidence proving ian wrong.
  3. @Tommy Tallarico i showed the new trailer and said its work in.progress to a girl.at work whos a switch gamer im friends with. Shes addicted to animal crossing.and we talked zelda breath of the wild . She was like its a beautiful game world but makes her dizzy with the way the camera moves. I showed the 10/10 trailer when she seen shark shark she was like "now i could see myself playong this" same for cloydy moutain and astrosmash. I et her try out moon matrol she loved that its challenging and downloaded the amico club to her phone . Shes 31 married has 2 kids
  4. But whatif it also stars sinbad the actor wouldnt that be funny and wouldnt that be sonething @Tommy Tallarico lol
  5. Lol ill be getting most of the games. With exception of simple games design for children. Will pick up edutainment titles that are fun for adults though.
  6. [email protected] Tallarico so a few weeks back on oeb petes podcast( under my real name walter) i asked you about the xfl football game mainly because the rock just purchased it and what a spomespersom hw and the xfl would be for amico. But i thought of something just as cool.or cooler...at least in my opinion. Remember the game comixzone on genesis? What if you got a celebrity license which was a major sega move that got them attention. But say you license the rocks likeness for a game like that...but instead of comics you battle through action movies ( this can go from top down 3d to side scroll shooter to platforming racing and so on. Throw some jabs like tooth feery references. For fun jokes in game. Like you said when licensing brands its about sometimes more so on what makes sense as in the scope that brand reaches. As of past week or so the rock is officially the most followed person on social media in America. And has a huge global following with children to adults. And in many circles from. Movies wwe, to out reach programs such as the special.olympics and other youth groups. Hes over 200 million followers. I remember action platformers on SNES with shaq and micheal.jordon. micheal hackson not the best games lol sure although jordons was kinda fun in a cheesy way. And like moonwalker But having a huge action star in his own action game would be cool to anyone. Call.it ActionZone or something like that.
  7. Hope you can get them to.put demons ate my neighbors on amico though be awesome if thevamico vetsion got the zombies ate my neighbors license and made it a crossover exclusive between both .. the physical.media would have to be super cool for it.
  8. Has anyone went to check on @OEB_Pete after @Tommy Tallarico talked about the 6th pack in then said maybe a 7th or 8th ...then that health crisis moment of joyfulness maybe 9 games. He stopped before he could potentially say 10. Hope you are ok pete
  9. Most gambling games i have played have been e rated i k ow the ceasers palace stuff was and i belive the hoyle games were. Id love a more story ddiven adventure game mixed in a casino gane. Think cegas stakes from nes plus vegas dreams on snes but on steroids...with more.of an adventure element. The canceled ceasers palace n64 game was going to be pretty ambitious in that regard.
  10. Dont need zombies ate my neighbors when demons ate my neighbors is a thing thats about to be kick started many of the people working on intellivision amico toe jam and earl ate making it. And gameplay is a mux of zombies ate my beighbors and toe jam
  11. So tommy with Microsoft's big purchase . How about get Jay to have some talks with his old friends. Imagine bringing fallout to amico a top down action rpg where the amico controller becomes your pipboy
  12. Not a light gun game ..but demons ate my neighbors you use squirt guns.
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