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  1. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-01-20-star-fox-f-zero-and-tingle-designer-leaves-nintendo-after-30-years?fbclid=IwAR3rikMc2OBkCiC6Q-Sj5kedluaHwIZnESBp2hNyByN9ydJ_wpOI0IgdQTo Ill just say. Wouldnt that be something??? @Tommy Tallarico wouldnt it? Lol A gamer can dream
  2. @AtariSociety is this your plan once you visit intellivision headquarters so they can come up with the next big hit?? @Tommy Tallarico will be like "but why does the villian have to be a vegetable??? Veggies are good for you, our market research shows parents want kids to eat more vegetables......( " gas " takes effect) Whoaaa i just thought of something....imagine evil broccoli characters......those kids will kill those bastards then go to the fridge and eat all the broccoli in house so broccoli don't eat them.......wouldnt that be something guys??? " John alvarado (playing with mustache ) "Tommy, what if he had a sweet mustache??" @Tommy Tallarico. "The kid??" John " nooooo man, the evil broccoli " @Tommy Tallarico. "Thats stupid......wait...yaaaaaa. "wouldnt that be something" " John "why did you quote yourself?" @Tommy Tallarico. "Yeahhhhhhhhhh" (laughs while wearing a spiderman mask) John (looks in mirror at his mustache eating frozen broccoli) Intellivision " hello amicos, we have an announcement. Coming summer 2022 spiderman and friends vs the killer broccoli from SPACE" Spiderman " thats a sweet stash"
  3. Im not a fan of that. Id rather extree goodies like pisters figure etc for physical even og intellivision game. But adding anything extra to the game for physical is a downer to me. Rather everyone have same game with everything in it... even if it doesnt effect gameplay.
  4. . Jume.july possibly..... imma little sad but its understandable. Hope 8f that dar out you can bump.up the launch games to closer to 50 sonc3 thats orob clise to what would ve acailable by that time antwats. Give or take a few over under. @Tommy Tallarico. Either way imcant wait . Glad you guys arent doing a half assed launch like atari are. As it will be til prob late jan to feb til all backers get units... and they are consisered beta testers and Also pat and ian dropped 2 videos and poked jabs at Intellivision. One was for the atari vcs coming out and that atleast they arent blaming delays on covid . Funny thing they did no research as apparently the vcs main launch for pre orders is pushed back to june.... due to supply chain issues. But outside of supply issues the vcs launch even though just to backers feels like a disaster. They had problems with the store from purchasing and while that was corrected some people with security background are talking about the info on receipts which doesnt look good...oh and the os which is just a barebones linux unfinished. was hacked and run.on a pc. I hope the VCs becomes something decent but you.only get so many first impressions. Im back working full time antwatts right now so if amico is pushed back ill have something to look forward when work slows for the summer.
  5. @Tommy Tallarico this is a pretty cool game that intellivision should look into remaking for amico.its a metal slug style shooter. Which could prob be expanded on with new graphics, no levels new modes , expanded multiplayer and more depth .. this game came out in 2002 and bever went past arcades.
  6. Cornholes a pack in pack in games will work no matter what. Im sure if multiple people are aying a gane in house you might want to buy multiple for certain games as they wont be expensive.
  7. Yes you can. Your game purchase info is on the consoles controller rfid. So you can tap on the other console and download the game to play. Once you leave that console the games locked on til you return or you delete it. Just can be played on one console at a time. So if you want 2 consoles or more in house , you are good to go buy them.
  8. What about say for a wrestling game where with a create a player we can add our own entrance music (this is pretty much a standard feature in wrestling games)
  9. What about peer to peer wheres its direct connection between users with them.being their own server. Pretty much like old school direct ip connection games. This could work via ip or maybe a facebook.or other type of messanger plug in as an added option in addition to direct ip. This way its future proof so once intellivision moves on to several generations of consoles or lets hope not but just say it fails....worst case scenerio (hopes only success) . Maybe even allow ability for users to create private servers even. This way even if you guys have official servers if for any reason those go down we can still play games. I still play sega saturn netlink games to this day. @Tommy Tallarico
  10. I was amazed by the remake bought it for ganecube not long ago since i ran avross it and was like wow not a laserdisc game but real time. The game has a few issues but nothing major which could totally be fixed. But i could see this on amico with multiplayer and maybe a role reversal in single player which could be a different experience.
  11. Have you played the gamecube remake of dragons lair dragons lair 3d? Id love to see that on amico in hd with better controls and more rooms and multiplayer. The game was great and i felt the 3d cam wast so needed as much even though its"3d" it was dragons lair in real time. Not video with quick time events.
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