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  1. Was the 3 supposed to just be another refresh of same system or something new?
  2. Tommy maybe a multi game like 2 or 3 game pack called Canadian games. actually I like curling I'm im.on the far south side of canada ......new orleans lol.
  3. Also now I have no idea from the launch of the switch But generally Nintendo also profits off hardware. The whole take a losd on the hardware approach started with Sony... At least Tommy knowledge.
  4. Atari's beat ya guys . Best em and eat em and custards revenge. I used to work in a fane store was involved in marketing and was a manager. The atari porn games came in leather cases I just always imagined the folks buying them in the early 80s late 70s lol
  5. Imagine a bill & ted , doctor who or Jurassic park game with some educational elements for adults .adventure action abs learning through history science and puzzles problem solving.
  6. Lmfao . If you meant for both males and females from teens to 90 the. You totally got me.
  7. I think I'll be buying mostly everything with exception to edutainment title that's geared towards small kids Hey tommy will is adults get some edutainment games??? I'm not anti edutainment games, but I have no kids and neither do my closest friends but can totally get down with fun educational games.
  8. Not only have you beat atari you are ....also ahead of ps5 and xbox series x in sales........hey a wins a win lol :
  9. I think it's over 113k to break even its over 200 ir 300k to be profitable. I forgot but to.my dropped numbers a few months back in this forum.
  10. Just about to beat the atari vcs preorder numbers . And Atari spent money promoting that
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