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  1. Not enough pins for that in the project I am working on. You can get full keyboard support with Megaplay, though. What would be your preferred if you could pick only two ?
  2. You really got me, lol!! I am not too familiar with the 5200 🤣 And by the way thanks for the answer !
  3. Thanks. Why these two keys? any game in particular?
  4. If you were going to use a NES controller on the 5200, what keys would you assign to SELECT and START?
  5. Absolutely! I am happy to contribute.
  6. It is a good idea to choose a case and then design the pcb around it. If you need some help with the pcb please tell me.
  7. Masterplay alike concept adapter that provides start and pause buttons with minimal parts count.
  8. Orange Pi Zero File server for Open PS/2 Loader (OPL) built on a toy tank shell (link).
  9. Yeah, that's complicated. If you allow me to suggest, add the 5V line and let a mark where to cut to disable power on pin 5. It might be a jumper or a solder jumper as well but the first requires an extra component - the jumper - and the latter requires some soldering skills.
  10. I should be out of my mind when I missed both the Inhibt and the mux Select issues 🤪 ! But I am glad to hear that the circuit is working.
  11. I believe that games that were made to work with trackball might switch off "pot common" line to differentiate which controller is being connected to the joystick port and that would be the games that most probably will present issues with 8bit do. Am I correct? A possible solution would be connect 5V from pin 12 to DB-9 pin 5 and thus provide power to 8bitdo all the time but keep the PIC being powered by "pot common".
  12. You can use a 1N4148 diode, anode on pin 7, cathode on pin 5 to provide power to any Sega Genesis compatible controller.
  13. It is an open source project. It will cost you the price of the components. If you're not on electronics you can always count on a friend to build one for you.
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