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  1. Guten Tag @enthusi! Tiger here, so to make short story even shorter - we used whatsup for coordination, separate channels for code/gfx/msx. We are Atari 8bit scene group since 1996, so that helps also In details work took like 40 days, first Laoo made all the tools and prepared the field, then Solo and I worked that 40 days non stop (I mean it:)), there was no plan,just improv. I managed to do 2/3 of the gfx the rest is from net - and is subject to change. We learned that Lynx has a nice power potential. Possibly we will show another (smaller) game for Lynx on SV19 and then we go back to classical scene producions in 2020, (already to many games: port of Time Pilot and Flimbo's Quest on A8).
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