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  1. I'd like to see a smaller model with docked clockspeeds in portable mode, or at least higher than the current portable mode.
  2. It's funny you mention only armor piercing rounds damaging it. Dan O'Bannon, the late original writer that came up with Alien, insisted on not having the typical "bullets won't kill it!" cliché. He wanted the monster to be just like any other animal in that if you shoot it, it will die. The acid blood was made up by Ron Cobb, one of the artists, to counter the option of the crew to simply shoot the thing. Then again, the space jockey was originally an alien that looked nothing like humans, and here we are...people will change things all the time. Other alien games may have them as tough as wet paper, but Isolation made them too tough. I think Alien Resurrection on PS1 was a great mix of tension and still being able to kill them, even if it was too hard.
  3. I wish the design was sprite-based like Sonic Mania, but at least they're making a new game in the series. I hope it's good.
  4. I'm an Alien nut, and I mostly enjoyed the game and the tension it gave me, but this is far from my type of game otherwise, it was the masterfully crafted universe recreation that pulled me into it to finish it on Nightmare as well as the DLCs. The game is very flawed from the rubberband AI, excessive robot enemies, humans pitted against each other for no reason, firearms that don't do anything to the alien, unfair deaths, and the freaking long animations and button presses for everything. It's only for Alien fans who can overlook the game part, or for people who like that kind of game in the first place.
  5. My opinion is pretty much the same as Sega. The console should have been even more powerful and in the meantime release a slimmer version of their handheld with new games (Lynx III with MK2 and Street Fighter 2).
  6. Hotel Dusk and Last Window: The Secret of Cape West are top tier games. I also unironically like Phantasmagoria on PC .
  7. In that case it's the PS2, in terms of games and hours put into the system and watching DVDs, but with a PS3 60GB, that system is obsolete for playing PS1/2 games for me (except for Alien Resurrection which doesn't emulate well). PSP is a close second because of how much I used it with old game collections and PS1 classics, but played little actual new PSP games. I used it extensively as a multimedia device, so much that it's hard to pick between it and the PS2, though ultimately I pick the games first.
  8. I think the OP needs to clarify if we're talking about the physical machines themselves, their libraries, their impact and history, or all of the above.
  9. PS3 60GB. PS1, PS2 and PS3 all in one console with wireless controller and HDMI. Does need maintenance and modding to keep it cool though. I had it cleaned, repasted and got a new power supply that doesn't heat up nearly as much as the old one.
  10. Atari Lynx was probably the first (and only) ambidextrous handheld. Sony was the first console to have dual analog controller if I recall correctly. It was also probably the first to reach 100 million sales, but I don't know if the Game Boy reached that milestone first. The Master System is the longest running console of all time if you count Brazil. The Xbox was the first with a built-in hard disk drive.
  11. Just beat Metroid Zero Mission. I have to say I was disappointed with this game. The movement felt too fast compared to the first three games and some of the battles were pretty frustrating and not fun to play, and to top it off, the stealth part at the end completely ruined the game because of how trial and error it was and how tacked-on it felt, especially having played the original before. Still prefer the NES game by a mile.
  12. The Wii is very small and can play lots of games of you take Virtual Console into account. PSone and PS2 Slim are also small and can also be used with a flip screen. The Switch is the latest option, but has fewer games available though it already has its own screen. Another choice is a laptop.
  13. Street Fighter 2 is a no brainer. Sonic 2. Team Fortress 2. Tomb Raider 2. Silent Hill 2. I like the western Super Mario Bros. 2 bettter than the first game and Lost Levels, but they're completely different.
  14. The quick edits and the thumbnails with open mouth is so cringey. I have taken a liking for Top Hat Gaming Man, he is more negative and cynical but at least provides an European perspective to the mix, debunking the common "NES saved gaming full stop" myth too.
  15. RIP, makes one realise just how long gaming has been around. Thanks for the contributions, Ted.
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