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  1. Moreover, while searching, i have got a good list of gaming keyboards under $100 here https://www.reviewsed.com/best-gaming-keyboards-under-100/ . I have used CORSAIR keyboards before and i am looking interested in CORSAIR K57 mentioned in that list but not sure whether it will be good option or not. Any recommendations will be highly appreciated.
  2. Hi im looking for the best keyboard out there for under $100 im currently running on a $10 "gaming keyboard" that was bundled with an old PC but id like to upgrade it to something better. Ive heard that mechanical keyboards are the best to go for but any advice anyone can give is great thanks!
  3. Honestly, I think it's too much hassle. Usually when you fix a cable they will need to change the entire cable, they will probably put something cheap, it might break again or interfere with the DPI. I think getting a new mouse is the way to go here. I don't know what your budget is. But a good 50$-$55 option is the Cooler Master Masterkeys Lite L combo RGB. It comes with an RGB Mouse(Omron 10M Switch) and Keyboard. The RGB on that Keyboard is even one of the best ones I've ever seen including repeat rate Adjustment (Normal 1X and Turbo 8X). It's defo worth its price.
  4. Gaming has simply been the entry point for generations of programmers and has boomed the industry to where it is now
  5. I swear everytime i play KH1 especially starting from the beginning it feels like im going back in time. Glad Ive been following this series since 2003
  6. A pure masterpiece. I've played through a lot of unforgettable JRPG's over the last few years, and Dragon Quest XI is easily one of the greatest. Please don't skip this game, it needs as much love as it deserves in the West.
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