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  1. I remember our local arcade having Jack the Giant Killer and sending it back after a week. Gary
  2. Great Trade. Berzerk on the 5200 is a fantastic game! Gary
  3. No one has posted here lately, so here are 2 more new ones: DuckDog, Duck!! 0CEA-0000-008D-81F3 i got the Duck Hunt Dog amiibo suit and wanted to use it in a level. Wario Bros Mountain Adventure 2 5D05-0000-00A8-4E81 i wasn't going to change this one but under 4% completion rate and I noticed that there was plenty of room before and after to add another mountain so I made this update. As always, comments (or stars if you like ) on any of my courses are appreciated. I am also getting close to 50 stars so any help would be appreciated. Gary
  4. I made a revision to the Chase because players only completed it 2% of the time and I added another course: The Chase!!!! v2.0 - D544-0000-0084-923D Goomba's Castle - D87A-0000-0080-73E6 As always, comments (or stars if you like ) on any of my courses are appreciated. Gary
  5. A new course in Super Mario World style: Bowser Manor: The Chase II - D11A-0000-0078-D443 After I did the Chase where Bowser rides a cloud to chase you and less than 2% of the players have completed it, I decided to make my original idea of Bowser starting at the beginning and chasing you through the level on foot. I gave many mushroom power ups to make it easier and would like to know what you think. Gary
  6. I just uploaded a new course called The Chase!!!!. Bowser got hold of Lakitu's cloud!!! UH-OH!!!!! 7F55-0000-006A-BABA Enjoy Gary
  7. Thank you so much for the stars. I was frustrated by how short some of the levels are so I decided to use the whole available area. The Amiibo use was decided when I unlocked Waluigi and I thought it worked out well. On Pick your poison I wondered if people would find the upper part so I'm glad that you went through both paths. Thanks again. Gary
  8. It will unlock as you build levels with the tools you have or you can change the system clock to whatever time period it tells you to wait. Gary
  9. I have made 2 levels so far: Pick your Poison - DB7A-0000-001C-63B8 I wanted to see if people would notice the alternate route but have not got any comments. Wario Bros Mountain Adventure - 3996-0000-004A-F46E I decided to use the entire area and see if I could fill it with obstacles without being unfair. I would like to get some feedback to know if my courses are fun. I am enjoying both playing and building immensely. My only complaints are the people who put one thing to get by and call it a level and although I am impressed with the design of the automatic levels, I don't want to play them. Gary
  10. So who else is playing Super Mario Maker? I'm having a great time with it and am making my own levels as well as playing the levels made by others. Maybe we could start a thread for level codes if there is interest. Gary
  11. I bought Crazy Climber loose at a tag sale for $1 Gary
  12. I was at a tag sale and saw an Odyssey2 with 15 or 20 games including Quest for the Ring and Conquest of the World for FIVE DOLLARS!!! I still regret not getting it because I thought it would take up too much room. Gary
  13. If only there were somthing like this in CT or Western Mass. My Only choice is a 2 hr ride to New Hampshire. Thanks for sharing. Gary
  14. I wanted to bring in NIGHT DRIVER by Atari but couldn't figure out how to add a picture. I used to live next to a bowling alley that had the stand up version. The only video game where I played the expert level better than the beginner level. It just took learning the rhythm of the track and I could play without crashing. Gary
  15. You can get a sample which puts the music into Journey for MAME but Two Tigers doesn't show that there is a sample for it. Gary
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