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  1. Yes I do get the same 39K under MyDos 4.53 - but how do you load Sparta to get even more? Kudos on getting some added commands in there like the DIR command I like! Dare to dream big. How much more executable space is possible do you think? Imagine 50K or more OR why not bank switched 100's of K workspace?
  2. I like how you got 43K free there please explain how this was accomplished. As you can see I tried to duplicate this but only realize a very modest gain to 35K instead of 32K It's still nice and must be possible to get more this was using SDX448
  3. SpartaDos X 4.47 (SDX) seems to work pretty well. What form of Basic provides the largest workspace to go with this SDX? I can't find any variation of TurboBasic that works right with the SDX versions. Am I overlooking an obvious workaround to get Sparta or SpartaDosX to work together with the great Ostrowski's (and tip of the hat to anyone who picked up and moved his work along) masterpiece?
  4. Really searching for the best menu for all the Dos's along the lines of the SpartaDos MENU.COM program it can read both Sparta and MyDos disks but can't seem to copy to a MyDos disk without my getting an error 162 disk space full error. Surely by now someone has devised the best MENU.COM program for both (or all) the disk formats? The MyDos 4.5 or 4.53 just shows the Sparta Disks as garbled trash.
  5. So trying to look through some old disks and do some work on the old 8 bit collection and I keep having to switch between MYDOS and SpartaDos Is there a good menu program like the Sparta toolkit MENU.COM which will work with the MYDOS disks? Usually it can read the MYDOS disks from the sparta menu.com but if you try to copy files to them they often give an error 162
  6. I don't believe so. The original Xbox was a PC at heart but the 360 core is a Xenon (an IBM "PowerPC" core knockoff and Not a Xeon Intel CPU). The fact that the Xbox classic was an Intel PC at heart is why so many things will run on it.
  7. Using your atarixlbox on the xbox and trying to use it to code some turbo-basic-xl (ostrowski) stuff but can't find where the break key is.  You know when you list a program and want to hit BREAK to stop the listing from continuing?  Or when the basic code is running and you want it to halt in mid-execution?  Normally on Altirra or Atari800win I'd hit the "pause" key on a PC emulator but I cannot find such a break key on the xbox with USB keyboard added on AtariXLbox.  Most everything else seems to work great.  Is there a spot in the atarixlbox.ini I can edit to pass through a break command?  It's like 2000 lines long so no idea where it would go.  Thank you in advance.


    1. Ray Gillman

      Ray Gillman

      So I gave up and just kept using the PC with an XBOX 360 controller so the joystick works pretty well.  I develop there and then it works more or less the same when I FTP it over to the classic XBOX mediatank

    2. Shannon


      I'm not sure what type of USB keyboard you are using.  But I just checked this and when I pressed the "Pause/Break" button (usually next to scroll lock) on my USB keyboard it worked.  Also you can use the onscreen keyboard to press break.


      You might want to get the most recent version of atarixlbox over at www.emuxtras.net.


  8. Main problem I ran into off the bat was the Xbox even with the USB keyboard does not want to BREAK out of apps like basic code running I would usually just hit the Pause button (next to the ScrlLk button above the PgUp button) to break and get back to a command prompt. Can't find a key on the USB keyboard plugged into the old clasic Xbox to trigger a BREAK - any idea where this needs to be added? An INI file somewhere? I mean I found an atarixlbox.ini file but it's 2000 lines long and no idea which one is the PAUSE button on a PC keyboard if it's even in here. Second thought is which xbox emulator is this? Is it like mame or something? Is there a way to update SID to use better Altira or atari800win emulation instead?
  9. I noted how 4.53 allowed for H drives as a density and added the autorun.ar0 ar1 ar2 feature instead of just autorun.sys for loading like drivers or whatever so made sense it could handle larger drives - Just what I was looking for. Very nice thank you so much!
  10. I have some SpartaDos 16 meg disk files for the emulators which are simulating a large hard drive but I am wanting to make one that large for use with MyDos 4.53 - is this possible and how can I do this? I like how MyDos uses the : symbol for sub-directories rather than the > symbol but I am only getting like 2867 sectors with the largest disk size Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge!
  11. I have a random idea - why has nobody built a remake of the 130XE or 800XL using modern parts like a RasperberryPi or other core to emulate it exactly without being an actual emulator but real hardware - same joystick plugs, same connectors etc. Seems like it could be a straightforward and simple build plus since all parts are modern creations replacement parts become much cheaper and simpler to find. Maybe use a simple USB keyboard. The idea came to me when I added a usb keyboard/mouse to my classic Xbox with an 8bit emulator and was like whoa this is just like a real 8bit almost and the controllers are a lot cheaper to replace than classic joysticks. OK so I shared.
  12. Complete set exists on the archive.org but can't find the code disks for Atari no seeders on the above torrent sadly https://archive.org/details/softside-magazine-44/page/n31
  13. I now recall having stored a set of 8 bit files in LIST format so they could be added by simply doing an ENTER"D:READSECT.LST" and it would load a block of basic code with the USR calls for reading and writing sectors from a disk. This library was quite impressive and allowed me to create lots of cool tools with a nice starting point to know I could "include" (to borrow a C language term) those code snippets to kick off the new application. Anyone have a current set of files or one big file even of this sort of treasure in their collection? Thank you in advance for keeping the librarian spirit of Atari kicking.
  14. Yes that appears to work attaching the spartados X cartridge then load TurboBasic 1.5 and it shows ?fre(0) 35000 - perfect. No wait that is not right. That is a different basic. I had turbobasic named BASIC but when I typed BASIC from SpartaDosX it launches like Atari basic or something that shows 35000 free Turbobasic gives a memory conflict message error 179. And it wont load TB32Q.COM either just black screens
  15. I view the 8 bit as ideally a 40 column display - no desire to make it 80 however editing listings does feel like it could be done more easily in the PC editors. I will seek to create a better Notepad++ formatting flavor which can work better with 8 bit files. In Turbobasic just save them to a virtual HD folder using the LIST "H:output.bas" instead of using SAVE and then you can also convert ATASCII to ASCII using like Atari800WinPLus4.1 then your listings will be easily accessible in a PC editor giving you a lot more power to cut and paste and save code routines. For the H: drive to work correctly I have had to launch Atari800WinPLus using Administrator permissions (I'm using windows 10 64 bit)
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