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  1. Secret to Microcenter is to order Online in whatever store you can get to physically and pick it up. You get to go to the Customer Service desk to pick up your order skipping all the lines. The only bad thing is you cannot actually pay online, you have to do it in store but not such a big deal since you are going to be there anyway. Love me some Microcenter!
  2. Where are the reviews? Don't tell me you did not send any review copies out? Thank you so much for producing new content for the Jaguar! Reboot Rocks!
  3. You commit to doing something on NUON my friend and I will give you a NUON controller.
  4. I had to sign up again a while back and I would really like to have my old Account back. I have been here since the beginning https://atariage.com/forums/profile/341-the-helper/ I have no idea what email is on that account but apparently it is an old one can i get reactivated to my current account email address?
  5. Every time I watch a new video the game is improved. Good job! I hope you do alot more on the Jaguar! The NUON could use one of your games as well
  6. Porting it to something else is definitely possible if the source is available. Now just someone to do it. I can code but my experience is in a business environment using VBA and my Assembly and C skills have not been used in so long....
  7. I remember the Battlesphere one was really cool I wish I had a pic of that one.
  8. Maybe Carl or someone else would be interested in getting the Authentication stuff working and could release the Demos CD for all players. The tool is out there it is just does not work on current technology but if someone could emulate the environment those tools should work.
  9. I got these a long time ago when I was dealing in Jag stuff on eBay and collecting. Custom overlays for games that did not have them. I used to have one for Battlesphere too but I included it when I sold my copy of Battlesphere for like 700 bucks. I thought I lost these or sold them but yes I have them again!
  10. It is because likely they are not going into the forum archives through the forums rather they are getting to the posts from a search engine then registering to reply. I am sure many of these threads rank real high on google for specific Jaguar specific key words. This forum is the primary source for Jaguar information on the web that is for sure.
  11. I really like the way this guy is going about releasing his games and doing his dev blogs and stuff. Good Stuff! I am a fan.
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