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  1. Of course. Its hard to trust the opinion of people who has money invested on this thing, and also those whose entire Internet presence its built around the Amico.
  2. And tons of more bullets on screen!!!
  3. Doubtful. I have a phone with an equivalent soc (and more ram) that struggles with most dreamcast 3d games.
  4. In my opinion its the best looking Amico game, but the gameplay seems to bit kinda boring and bare. I hope they reach Cave levels of polish on this one.
  5. Considering their development restrictions and odd business model, i would say a heck of a lot!
  6. Dont forget its not only a code, its a code contained on a rfid tag, totally different thing.
  7. Also dont forget to read the comments on this article to get an insight in what the general public thinks about the Amico!
  8. I hope you are being sarcastic. If not you are giving advice to the wrong guy.
  9. Its truly sad seeing how these middle aged men are so emotionally invested in the Amico that they keep swallowing all the crap that Tommy feeds them with a smile on their faces. They truly believe they are a part of this and Tommy cares for them🤧.
  10. Maybe because doing so would cost them money without receiving any aditional profit. I dont think it has been done by any other company. The games may be preserved by the fans but still the rfid will be useless.
  11. The big deal is because when Intellivision severs go down, your amico card becomes useless, while on the other hand, you can still play all your old atari cartridges and floppies decades after their respective companies disappeared.
  12. The difference is that in your examples the entire code of the game is stored in the physical object. The Amico cards only contain an authorization to download the game stored on its rfid tag
  13. IE should hire you. You make a better job promoting this thing than most of the dudes who appear on the super long interviews.
  14. No way! Thats a game for just the most hardcore of the hardcores! I spent about 100 hrs on the 3ds one.
  15. And it is physical! Totally tangible and storable!
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