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  1. This is mine. Recently purchased and it has a lot of work ahead before it can get back run normally.
  2. In addition to those already mentioned, Knight Lore, Skool Daze, Abu Simbel Profanation, Chase HQ, Sabre Wulf, Batman, Sir Fred, Army Moves...
  3. Wow! You're really lucky, it seems to be an amazing machine. Initially it runs its own SO, but you can install CP/M too. https://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=1078
  4. And the question is: why do you need two 5.25 emulated drives ?. In my Apple IIc and Apple IIe I keep one physical drive together with the wDrive and is enough. On the other hand, the external switcher for Apple IIc from BMOW perfectly works with my wDrive: https://shop.bigmessowires.com/products/internal-external-drive-switcher-for-apple-iic And last but not least, wDrive is 40% cheaper than Floppy Emu...
  5. I agree, I own the same and it works like a charm in my Apple IIe and Apple IIc.
  6. Of course, they were bought at the Spanish site of RS-ONLINE. I guess that the american site will also have them.
  7. Oh! I was not aware of this. Anyway, here's the new link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tXPcqFWTBaqUbEOPQQS5D7iz7UoIy-SG/view?usp=sharing
  8. Congratulations! I can understand that you're really excited, same feeling that when I got my Apple II.
  9. *** UPDATE *** DO NOT BUY the JesusDelatorre version! I agree with @Ripdubski, do not but the JesusDelatorre version. I ordered him the kit in 01/01/2022 and as already explained, once received and installed did not work properly because the cursor had an erratic movement that make impossible to point an item without having to rectify its position continuosly. After contacting him, they told me that a new firmware version will be issued to correct this problem. Yesterday I received the "new" board and the problem is the same, and also now the mouse moves by itself. Sometimes when do you leave the mouse still after a movement, the cursor starts to move over the screen. It's crazy! Due to this finally I decided to use my Amiga "tank" mouse again with the small cable adapter that works like a charm in the Atari 1040. Mouse Atari.mp4
  10. Congratulations! I also own both machines and are really amazing. I advise to buy some floppy emulator to avoid managing floppy disks. I use wDrive as shown in the picture and works like a charm.
  11. This is the price that you have to pay to keep the mouse as close as possible to the original design. Of course, if do you want a good performance the solution is to use an USB adapter and connect a modern optical mouse. In the case of old-computers collectors, we prefer the first case to the second.
  12. It seems that the problem is located in some 2A version motherboards only. These boards have a different mouse processing data speed and therefore the mouse don't correctly works. The Jesusdelatorre team is working in a new firmware that will solve this (I hope). I bought the converter two months ago and at the momenrt I still using the Amiga mouse with a small cable converter due to these problems...
  13. What the hell is that old fashioned switch in the back?
  14. If your motherboard version has not RAM slot, the ROM 255 is enough I think. I own an Apple IIc with the 4x and recently I moved to the 255 to check compatibility with different software, and I realized that 255 perfectly works for me. As I also do not have RAM slot and I don't use 3,5 Unidisk drive (I have an wDrive connected), nor use serial ports, it makes not sense to upgrade the ROM version.
  15. Years ago I already filtered the "good" games and apps for my Apple IIe / Apple II computers contained in the TOSEC, but it seems that now I have more job again...
  16. The first magical moment for me was in the 80's when I connected the Sinclair ZX-81 to the TV of the dining room and I typed a three-lines basic program. Second one and most recent was five years ago when I bought and restored an Apple IIe. The sound of the 5 1/4 floppy turning into the drive disc was music for me...
  17. This is the one that I use. I guess that a Contact Cleaner product is better than a Lubricant for this job...
  18. After contacting Tim, he told me that the laser board is sold out and he don't knows if a new edition will be made or not in the future 😟. Therefore, I ordered the Jesús de la Torre board. We will see what happens... Actually I'm using the Amiga 500 mouse adding a small cable adapter and works like a charm, but I prefer to have the original hard of each computer and that's why I prefer the original Atari mouse instead of the Amiga one.
  19. That's right, but I do not know why the iPhones at home are not able to see the IR emitting. I succefully tested a Nokia, an HTC and two different Samsung phones without problems, but the iPhones 5s, SE and 7 at home do not show the light ¿? I alss tested the IR remote of my SAT receiver with the same result.
  20. Thank you for the suggestion, but I already checked this and also re-soldered some solder points in the PCB without success. As the plastic parts have also some minor defects and the mouse cover are like new, finally I decided to buy the Tim Lenke's conversion kit to improve the mouse movement and avoid future mechanical problems.
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