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  1. I totally get what you are saying and agree, but i have things of his that I am keeping that have an actual personal connection. We played a lot of video games together growing up. Especially his Turbografx, SegaCD and Nintendo. I have all of these and will not sell them and instead actually play them. He also had a huge 40ft x 10ft Slot Car Track that I was in racing with him all the time and I have all my cars I used with him. So I have all the things I'd want that are a personal connection and great memories. The Adam I do not have any connection with and I really don't think he played it much. My Grandmaother doesnt even remember him buying it or using it. Of course she's a little old lol but her memory is still solid. She wants me to sell it for her. So with the being said, that's why I'd like someone else who'd appreciate it more or has a personal connection with it, buy and have it.
  2. Thanks for all the responses and input everyone. I got my adapter in this past weekend and was able to test it and I am happy to say that it works 100%! While testing buck rogers, I did notice that my Grandpas name was in the high scores. So this is not brand new never used... but this thing is in perfect consition as if it was new! It makes sense, because my Grandpa was the kind of guy that took excellent care of his gaming systems and such. Kept them in great condition, kept the boxes, manuals, etc.. So this is 100% working "Like New" excellent condition with all original packaging (including plastic, styrafoam and box) and all manuals. Now gotta see what it's worth. There is a similar listing on ebay for $599. I'd rather sell local to avoid shipping damages but I'd also want a fair price for the condition, contents and it working flawlessly. But open to shipping as well... if anyone is interested, please let me know. I don't want to sell to a reseller, rather a collector or someone with a personal connection. 20190929_200451.mp4 20190929_201432.mp4
  3. I'm in eastern PA. Looks like you are in Chicago? Yea I dont even know how much its gonna be to ship this big guy. Did a quick check on USPS for possible shipping price. Put in 50lbs and 38x20x10 size shipping to 60007 and it says $72 (to give an idea) FYI: Getting adapter tomorrow to be able to boot it up and connect to my tv to test it out to confirm it works.
  4. Good points! I'm sure someone buying it would definitely want to know it's working, as they are buying it to use for nostalgic reasons or similar. It would still be "new"ish and working would be good value for a collector. Okay, so let say i test it and all is good to go, what is the current market value given the condition?
  5. Hey 128Kgame, thanks for the quick response and kind words! So for the digital packs, I assume you mean the three cassettes? (Buck rogers, SmartBASIC, etc..) They are not shrink wrapped. Does this mean my grandpa must of opened them? Would it have definitely been sold this way? This will probably sound stupid, but I figured I should make sure it actually works, but given the information that it was never used, i didnt know if i did if that, it would decrease the value at all. Typing that out right now, I realize it probably wouln't and I should do that even though my grandmother said he never used it, I should probably still test it. It's not like it's factory sealed, the box was definitely opened and inspected. The rest looks like it was never actually taken out of packages, but i should still test it regardless?
  6. Hello, My name is Branden and I joined the forum to get information on the value of a Adam the Colecovision Family Computer System that is new but open box. It's never been used! I am selling it for me Grandmother. My grandfather passed away last year and he was big into video games (Atari, Turbographx, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Nintendo, etc...). He bought the Adam the Colecovision Family Computer System new when it came out but other than opening the manual/instructions, he never used it. It's been sitting in his closet still int he original packaging (box, plastic, styrofoam, etc...). I've seen them on ebay listed for many different prices. From like $200 up to $600. Where might this fall? Especially given its new, never used and still in all its original packaging? Thank you in advanced for all your help! I played games with my grandfather from the atari onward growing up and love technology but honestly am not familiar with this system or it's worth. Thank you, Branden PS I have attached images for your reference.
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