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  1. The first auction ended at 6:39PM on October 4th with a winning bid of $202.50 - it was relisted 36 minutes later and then ended by the seller - "error in the listing". It has now been relisted with a BIN of $499.99. Non paying bidder? Give me a break.
  2. I think the game would have been better if you got to use all the special powers shown or hinted at in the film: Levitation, empathy, healing and penis breath.
  3. Let's keep this going - this thread has all the potential to be EPIC!
  4. I have a similar issue with 1 system and many games. I have included a picture of the games that worked on the system and a picture of the games that did not work on it. Still haven't figured it out... Working: Not working: They all work on my other systems. All the games that work were TTI releases. All the games that don't work were NEC releases except Bonk III. I have a feeling that my issue is a damaged cart slot.
  5. I have a couple Atari and Activision boxes which have the cart "stopper" in the bottom.
  6. I don't know if it is still readily available, but there is a homebrew Sonic demo for PCE-CD. It is quite impressive considering (I believe) it was done in HuC.
  7. Can't really add anything to this discussion, but it looks like you are having fun with this. Good job so far. A good version of Popeye is always welcome.
  8. Does yours have a region switch already installed? I remember back around 2000-2002 when these were being sold by NCS and they would either give you a region cartridge (ST-Key) or they would put an internal mod with a switch on the battery door. They must have sold a ton of them - I think they were $60.
  9. So maybe I don't have a closet full of broken Zappers, Light Phasers and Stunners? I'll have to drag out another CRT to see if any of them work with a non-flat CRT...
  10. Very nice work phoboz! I would suggest one thing - after listening to the video a second time while I was reading the comments, I noticed that the explosion sound gets very repetitive. Can you give the explosion a different volume or tone depending on how far away the exploding object is?
  11. The rubber of the controller cables reacts with the plastic of the casing. Don't store TG16 with cables on it. It is also not a good idea to wrap cables around TG controllers.
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