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  1. I can still remember the feeling I had the first time I booted up my TG CD with Ys I&II. I was absolutely floored.
  2. Gray Matter - look at their output: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray_Matter_(company) I knew someone who worked there and in their defense, they only did what the publisher wanted.
  3. Missed the edit period... It was Babbage's and it was at 12 Oaks. I found two of the receipts from that day 05-19-1997. Paid more than I thought for those games as well. Dragon's Lair $5 Zoop $10 Club Drive $2.50 I-War $10 Theme Park $5 S-video cable $2.50 Brain Dead 13 $5 Ruiner Pinball $7.50 Pitfall $7.50 Myst $7.50 Flashback $7.50 Hove Strike CD $7.50 Pinball Fantasies $7.50 I also found a receipt from Dentec for a NIB Jaguar with Ruiner, Pitfall and Checkered Flag for $24.95
  4. I think I still have the receipt. I’ll check but I am thinking it was 12 Oaks
  5. Babbage's was still around - I bought about 20 Jaguar games @ $5/piece circa 1997 from a mall store in Detroit.
  6. Ok? Fonzie is too cool for school!
  7. Who specifically would you be referring to? Give examples, because I can't think of anyone releasing games who fits your description.
  8. So... the characters in the game knew they were in a video game?
  9. Amazing! And it does all that with a slower CPU.
  10. This guy is single handedly taking the forum back to 2002. Read the room! Back on topic - the CPU of the Genesis is the fastest of the three.
  11. Ruiner for me. I can forgive the weird frame rate issues and choppiness and just enjoy it. I do get a headache after about a half hour though... Ultra Vortek with the speed up code is a pretty fun game.
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