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  1. I've seen those. I was hoping for a less bulky solution, but of thats the only solution I may have to settle for it. Thanks.
  2. I have a CH Products' atari 2600 style PC joystick. Without a converter, was wondering if someone would be able to rewire this so it was recognized as a usb controller in Windows. Controller will be supplied and we can discuss payment in private messages. Thanks.
  3. PSIO Modded PS1: $325 for the chipped system that's ready for the PSIO, plus the PSIO itself. Also including two dual shock controllers and the two PSM magazine stickered memory cards shown. Modded by StoneAgeGamer. Boxed N64 Games and Accessories: Forsaken 64 - Box, manual, game, and strategy guide (very good condition) - $25 Pilotwings 64 - Box, manual, game (very good condition) - $20 Rush 2 Extreme Racing USA - Box, manual NO GAME (very good condition)- $10 Top Gear Rally - Box only (good condition, sticker remnant on front) - $10 Starfox 64 - Box and game, no manual (very good condition) - $35 Mario Golf 64 - Box, manual, game (good condition) - $30 F-Zero X - Box, manual, game (very good condition) - $40 Rogue Squadron - Box, manual, game (very good condition) - $20 Zelda Oot Collector's Edition - Box, manual, game (very good condition - $100 Episode 1 Racer - Box, manual, game (good condition) - $27 Cruisn Exotica - Box only - (good condition) - $25 Mario Kart 64 - Box, manual, game - (very good condition) - $45 Beetle Adventure Racing - Box, game, no manual - (very good condition) - $25 Memory Card boxed (very good condition) - $20 Rumble Pack box - no rumble pack (very good condition) - $15 Cruisn World - Box, manual, game (worn box condition) - $15 Diddy Kong Racing - Box, manual, game (very good condition) - $45 Pokemon Stadium - Box, no inner box, game, no manual (good condition) - $30 Space Station Silicon Valley - Box, manual, game (good but slightly crushed condition) - $70 Cruisn USA - Box, manual, game (very good condition) - $25 Wave Race 64 - Box, manual, instruction card, game (very good condition) - $30 Loose N64 Games: Banjo Kazooie: $27 Donkey Kong 64: $22 Pokemon Snap: $13 Offroad Challenge: $7 Dreamcast: GDemu clone modded Dreamcast - With 200gb micro sd card (DC runs every game perfectly accurately) - $180 x2 Boxed Dreamcast controllers (wonderful shape) - $20 each VMUs - Black, Green, Blue - $3 each DiGi Charat VMU with connector cap - $15 N64 system: Jungle Green N64, matching Nintendo brand N64 controller with new joystick, with matching Tribute N64 green controller, power and av cables included - $90
  4. Selling my PS2 Test. This is an H30101 model, which means it's able to play both PS1 and PS2 games, both domestic and import titles. This is obviously one of the more desirable models, unlike some Test units that only play PS1 games, or only play domestic PS2 titles. It comes with a Sony brand red memory card, and a Sony brand Dual Shock 2 controller in really amazing shape. The system is in very good shape, with some minor dings along the front edge, but no major scratches on the top where the silk-screened TEST logo is. $400. I'm also selling quite a few import PS2 games and uncommon/rare PS2 domestic games. I'll have pictures below, if there's anything that stands out, PM me an offer. If a large majority are left after some time, I'll go through them piece by piece and price each out. I'll severely lower the prices of the games if bought in bulk. I also have an assorted batch of og Xbox games for sale. Same thing as the PS2 games, PM me an offer, severely lower prices if bought in bulk. Thanks everyone. PS ((apparently my new phone doesn't like to focus in low light. I'll retake the PS2 photos tomorrow when the sun is up))
  5. Most of what I stated wasn't opinion, you do realize that, right? As I said, you can use the way back machine and find interviews from then current or ex msoft employees that talk about nearly everything I mentioned outside of the giant logo on the pad that was my conjecture. The interviews were back around the end of that generation or so, maybe the last year or so before 360 was introduced? They DID base Live off Seganet. They DID base their easy development on the Dreamcast's easy development. They DID borrow elements of the Dreamcast pad for their controller. And they DID push for Dreamcast backwards compatibility (and failed to obtain it) but instead got exclusives as a sort of "continuing the business relationship" they had developed since Microsoft helped them with their console. I don't understand what was so hard to misunderstand in my post. Thought I made this pretty clear. Unlike the other poster you originally talked to, I'm not saying any of this because of passing observations like "both systems had four controller ports, so there ya go". These are things you can look up if you have the time. I read these interviews years ago.
  6. Because this is common knowledge. It's been well confirmed that the idea and design influences of the OG Xbox was done through influence of the Dreamcast. Microsoft had a big role in helping develop the system and specifically targeted Sega's console to help gain industry knowledge before coming out with their own product (basically, they do what Microsoft always does, swoops in to work on another company's product as a team effort, then takes that knowledge and experience to create competition with said company and or other companies in the industry). Being that the Dreamcast died before the two could really be competitors, the two kept a good relationship. Xbox Live is an evolution of Seganet's ideals and actually Microsoft was very pushy with the proposal to allow DC games to run on the Xbox naively, but Sega didn't want to go forward with it. Microsoft also learned from Sega in making a system that was easy to develop for, which the Xbox was certainly a reflection of that ideal (something Sony failed at with the PS2, which was notoriously difficult to develop on). They did, however, give them numerous exclusives as a sort of "thank you" or continuing on with their previous business arrangement which initially helped Microsoft with it's library near launch and beyond. If you can't find those old interviews from back in the day on the way back machine, for circumstantial evidence just put a Duke pad next to a DC pad. It's clearly an evolution of the same idea. Analog triggers in a "gun trigger" configuration, dual memory card slots that mount from the top down, four face buttons of X, Y, A and B even in the same color pallet, etc. Heck, I'll fight anyone here on this; I bet my damn life that the reason why the Duke's Xbox logo was so damned large was there essentially was a "hole" in the design where the VMU's screen used to be, and they needed to fill the surface space and didn't know how.
  7. Yeah, between the controller and the disc slot, I still don't get the confusion. I instantly was able to visually understand its size immediately. Even Linus tech tips thinks it's a huge PC tower, and they're TECH PEOPLE for goodness sake.
  8. If he was smart, he'd spin this. "I'm selling as many units as Coleco's last console! Wow!"
  9. Spoiler alert: The boxes are just full of Checkered Flag manuals.
  10. Doomcock was right. Yoooou were riiiiiight.

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      Cobra Strike Down

      Who's the king penguin avatar looking guy, his reviews are really good and indepth, too.

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      ^ I'm afraid I don't know, but another good one is "Mr. H Reviews."  His review of TROS ended with: "If you like this film, I don't like you."  Sums up my view perfectly.  :lol:

    4. Cobra Strike Down

      Cobra Strike Down

      Shadowversity has one up. (sp) really good as always. What's mess this film is!

  11. I really shouldn't do this with the new one coming in a year, but screw it. Looking for one. Don't need a box, don't need games. Heck, technically don't even need a controller though if it comes with it that's fine. Condition is a priority. Make your offer! Thanks.
  12. That illustration makes it look like she farted too close to an open flame, haha.
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