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  1. So I had problems with my 2600 so I decided to try my hand at the AV Mod. I did all the work, it doesn't look great but I hoped it would work, but it didn't. Is anyone able to see what I did wrong and if I can fix it? https://imgur.com/a/xY43JRJ
  2. So I found an Atari in my grandparents basement (along with a Coleco Telstar) and I decided to hook them up. The Coleco is perfect so I'm not worried about the cord to the TV. I hooked up the Atari and without a cartridge it's a solid black screen. When I put in a cartridge I get a distorted image. I used rubbing alcohol to clean both the cartridge and the slot and used pressurised air to clean it all out and the same thing. Today I got a 2nd game just to make sure it wasn't the cart and I got the same result. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Images of Screen and System
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