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  1. Hi, I ordered and paid mine for international shipping on the 30th of January. Is my order still OK or I have to do it again with the new shipping prices ? PD : I let you a PM because I haven't received an confirmation of my order expect from Paypal. I don't know if this i the normal procedure. Thx
  2. Thank you _The Doctor_ its very clear now!
  3. So thanks to your help I can now run BAS games. I undesirables the two side games too. i have just one more question, what is the purpose to have so many D1 to D15 ? How do you start a game on D5 for example ?
  4. Hi guys, Thanks for all this information. I try to process all of them and see if I can do what I want on this SIO2SD. Thanks again !
  5. Hi all, I just received my SIO2SD and I had a lot of doubts that I resolved thanks to this forum, but I had 2 more that I canot resolved. The fisrt one is how to manage double side games, I mean I put Dallas Side 1 on D1 and Dallas Side 2 on D2. I run the game and when he ask me to put the Side 2 I select my D2 and nothing it doesn't work. So my question is : Some have the correct procedure to manage 2 sides games? My second doubt is with the BAS program, I select one on the D1 then on Basic I type : Run "D1:CASTLE.BAS" and I hace a magnifie Error - 130. What I'm doing wrong? SIO2SD is a great hardware with a big lag of documentation Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi, Please I would like to be on the list. i'm a happy owner of a Neogeo Pocket SD and I would like the same for my new Lynx thank you !
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