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  1. I've never experienced this, and I have a couple of HD Flashback 9 consoles. You may have a defective unit.
  2. Bill posted this link in a 2 or 3 related threads around here: https://armchairarcade.com/perspectives/2019/10/15/hardware-mod-to-support-standard-paddles-on-atari-flashback-9-and-9-gold/ It's cool to have the info, and I may try it, but I also thinking modding the paddles themselves will be much easier for most people. Give me a week or two and I may have a utility ready for editing the INI file. If not sooner.
  3. I liked the wireless models, the last two incarnations the wireless controllers have worked really well. Dropping those would be a bummer. I know cables, and even connecting to the back of the unit, is more authentic, but this is 2019 after all. I use aftermarket wireless on my other mini consoles, but I doubt they will be forthcoming for the flashback. So far the most the FB X seems to have going for it is just appearance (it does look good). But I don't exactly hate the older style.
  4. Interesting mod, thanks. Supports my assumptions. And yes, please do share about adding games to FB X.
  5. Actually the current custom firmware for the Genesis FB would have to be modified a little bit more. The feature to call a startup script (startup.sh) from the SD card was not built-in, I added it to my custom firmware for Atari FB 9. The hook is really simple but needs to be added to the CFW for the Genesis. Then basically the exact same script could be used to dump the emulator partition.
  6. It looks like the menu app is hardcoded to use absolute paths to /emulator/retroplayer and /emulator/stella_libretro.so, so the internal copy versions of the emulator only for now. And I can't really remount the /emulator partition without altering the root partition. Which I could do, but trying to avoid for now. There might be something cute I could do with the data partition and symlinks to trick it out. Of course I could do custom fw to try different cores, but it's iffy what would actually work or not right now. But given time I can just hack or completely replace the menu app to have it do what I want anyway. There is also a retroplayer.ini file on the /data partition which has a couple of settings related to Bezels. I haven't messed with trying to figure out how or if they work, but should be possible to retrieve and overwrite this settings file with your own using simple scripts. The script hook is very simple (look for startup script on SD card, run it) and could easily be added to the Genesis or Legends flashbacks custom firmware. But as I don't have these units to test I'm not the best person to try doing it. Our friend rmr_rd provided those fw I believe.
  7. Wow, thanks for your contribution of ini entires and box art! I was thinking to whip together the ini file tool over the weekend, but I got busy. Maybe next.
  8. The main circuit board including SD slot on the FB9 is only a little larger than a credit card, and the FB X is probably similar. The reason for the removal of the SD card was not technical, it's some sort of business decision. By all appearances so far the FB X seems to be basically just the FB 9 with a new housing, SD slot removal, and some circuitry change to address the paddle issue. Assuming it is an identical or very similar SoC the support for an SD slot is still built into the core logic, but one is no longer included on the board. I don't know a lot about the earlier hardware FB 8, other than it was different and possibly Android-based and ran the proprietary AtGames emulator of variable quality. FB 9 was a substantial re-development of the platform and based on embedded Linux and Stella 3.9.3. Visually nearly the same identical system seems to be running on FB X. It wouldn't have made sense to throw away that investment/effort and lose so many emulation improvements. On the FB9 the micro USB is for power only. It is possible with hardware mod or tapping into a header to establish a data connection and using flashing tools, but the SD card slot and firmware flashing ability makes it easy to produce software-only distributable mods that anybody could use. There will almost certainly be a way to access and modify the FB X system by either USB or UART. The FB X may support USB OTG, which would mean the port can be connected to and potentially a user-friendly mod could be built. But if not then the FB X will be a modding dead end for most except a dedicated few, and most of that modder interest has only been for the Legends and earlier Sega products. This will be the main driver of whether to spend any real effort on the FB X or continue focusing on the FB 9 exclusively. And even the FB9 has some real limitations which may or may not get resolved to support further substantial modding.
  9. Regarding the FB X, I think Bill has indicated that it MAY support USB OTG, allowing you to potentially plugin a thumb drive through a special type of USB Y cable or small hub/adapter, to expand games. The SNES usb port was hacked to do this very thing. This is very iffy at this point, even if the usb data pins are connected I don't know if the support is there or functional. I don't see anything in the FB X games list that would warrant AtGames spending the effort on a Stella upgrade, but maybe they'll surprise us. If the hardware is roughly the same or similar as FB 9 we may be able to flash firmware through usb, hopefully without hardware mods, but with likely very limited internal storage it would kind of depend on the ability to use USB for much expansion. Although most of the storage needs on the internal /rom partition were actually for box art. The SD card slot on the FB 9 and the patching feature made things easier. The one known plus with the FB X, other than aesthetics, is that it should work with unmodified paddles.
  10. Nice pics, thanks. The listed FB X games I don't see much very interesting. I couldn't really read the list, but nothing that I think would demand a Stella upgrade. Supposedly the usb power port may support OTG. Or maybe not. It looks real nice anyway.
  11. Here is a sample of an SD card startup script. This script will dump the /emulator partition to your SD card the first time it runs and then run the emulator from the SD card thereafter, if it sees the same mount_sd.ini control file is present. Then you will find under the /emulator folder on your SD a /res folder containing subdirectories of images and sound files for the UI. This gives you some limited opportunity to tweak and customize the UI. For example there is an ogg file you can replace to provide alternate background music, although I have not tried this. You can replace the stock border files. You will find them labelled as bezelXX.png in the images folder. Their names and numbers are hard-coded in the UI, so you have to rename/replace them to substitute your own borders. On the regular hdmi (non-Gold) SB9 it has a different set of bezel files than Gold, and the "6th" one (bezel05.png) is actually unused. Simply extract the script into the root of your SD card. Insert and boot your Flashback 9. Delete the script to run emulator from the internal partition with the stock image files. startup-emu-dump.zip
  12. Well I don't know the RetroN 77 very well, but from what little I dug up it has twice as many cpu cores (4 vs 2 of roughly the same cpu architecture) but half as much RAM as the FB9 (128 vs 256). If that's accurate. The FB9 may need the clock speed increased a little, but I don't otherwise know yet what specifically prevents it from running Stella 6. That doesn't mean it ever will of course, I really haven't gotten that far.
  13. I don't think we know much at all about the X except that the casing looks more retro. Did anyone ever really confirm that Stella was upgraded? And still no games list. If you have a Flashback 9 model with HDMI output then that's a pretty good one right now. You can add games to it on an SD card, with or without my hack. The X is still a bit of an unknown but may have some hacking potential. The few affiliated retailers listing the X right now have the price jacked up and expensive shipping, and I'm unclear if they really even have them yet. Also their description seems to be wrong as it mentions an SD card. I'll wait.
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