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  1. Literally why would I not hate them. Like the Ms. Pac buyout is one thing, but i’ve also had to deal with: Falsely advertised Flashback Blast with NES games instead of arcade Sega Genesis systems with sound playing in minor key handheld Atari Flashback with the most uncomfortable joystick known to man Bad clones of games (frogger and space invaders) instead of the real versions Awful generic games included to inflate the game count in the menu Games REPEATED to inflate the menu, NES bootleg-style Consoles that wouldn’t play any sound on my TV AtGames isn’t someone I trust. At all. Stretching the potential “good side” of AtGames means nothing to me; in my eyes, there isn’t one.
  2. There have been very few Ms. Pac-Man releases recently. It wasn’t on the Wii, DS, 3DS, and will likely never be on the Switch. It WAS on the Wii U, but it was the sub-par GBA version. Would you rather play it on one of THOSE systems, or some poorly-emulated AtGames mess? Because the latter option will be all you’ll ever see now, if even.
  3. They were going to release some stupid mini arcade of Ms. Pac-Man (Arcade1UP-ish). Namco has been saying “no” to it for literal years, so AtGames bought GCC’s royalties, directly before Namco was about to finally settle things with GCC. I don’t understand what logical outcome they thought would happen with that, other than Namco never acknowledging Ms. Pac again...
  4. In case it hasn't been mentioned here yet, I wanted to give a warning: Bubble Bobble 2 is very glitched on the Bubble Bobble Pocket Player. Any platforms that moved are stationary in the background for whatever reason, and the first boss doesn't scroll to the side properly (leaving Bub stuck on the righthand side). Its not COMPLETELY unplayable, but definitely very annoying.
  5. Out of all gaming websites I've ever visited, this is the only one I've ever seen that frequently defends the horrible company AtGames. So I thought it would be nice if everyone took a look at this page: Pac-Man Licensing Fiasco 2: The New Adventures In short terms, AtGames has bought the Ms. Pac-Man royalty rights from General Computer Corporation. They didn't speak to Namco about this beforehand, and are currently in a lawsuit with them because of it (among many other shady things). Depending on how this lawsuit goes, this could lead to Ms. Pac-Man never being released again, which is completely AtGames' fault. If you at all care about video games, STOP SUPPORTING THIS COMPANY. Do not buy the Atari Flashback 22+ XL or whatever this Christmas. Root for Namco to win this case, and get the rights back to a game they should've owned for the past 13 years. I hope this lawsuit destroys AtGames once and for all, and you should too.
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