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  1. Hi folks, just wondering if folks could point me in the right direction. I've got some stuff I'd like to scan and upload to Atarimania's database (mainly manuals), and have registered on the site, no problem. However, trying to register on their forums seems to be a different kettle of fish. I'm guessing whoever signs off on new forum members is super busy at the mo, as I can register but my account is never activiated (or a link sent out). Wondered if people had similar experiences, or knew if their forum peeps hung around here as well As always, TIA Si
  2. Got the beastie working before I read your advice, just used a universal adaptor. Regarding that mod, the white RF cable pictured continues out the back of the machine to be attached to the TV, should have taken more pics, but have passed the machine on. Only reason I guessed it was a Japanese machine was that it had the red decals, wasn't aware there was a different Asian variation. Either way, I got it to work with a UK PAL TV so my mate was happy.
  3. Hi, I've just picked up a Japanese Mega Drive 1, which was unusual as it had a built in RF cable sticking out the back. I popped it open to see what was going on inside (guessing it had been modded to work with UK televisions) and found this... Mega Drives are not my area of expertise in the slightest but I'm hoping this would allow it to work with a UK PAL TV. In addition, the Mega Drive power supply that came with it did not fit, would a universal adaptor be any good and if so what power supply settings would be ideal? Thanks in advance, I appreciate some of these are simple questions Si
  4. Well it arrived and in really good condition, just testing it now, although, in hindsight, Red Max was probably not the best choice of test tapes... Surprisingly, there's not a lot of weight to it, a bit more than an XC12, but not much. Tis a little weird having a tape deck with a power lead though.
  5. A Taihaho cassette deck in really good condition. Seems to be working fine. First time I've had a working tape deck in about 25 years Si
  6. Yeah, looks about right, kind of like a mutant XC12. Not sure what the Atari did to earn that red cover... Looking forward to see what condition it arrives in
  7. Just picked up one of these on ebay but have never seen one before. Anyone here know much about it? Edit: I could have offered a bit more - it's an Atari compatible tape deck with built in PSU TIA Si
  8. This is what I genuinely love about this site - you pick up so much useful info, I'm just beginning to teach myself the joys of electronics so at some point in the future, all these replies will make sense to me. All the best Si
  9. Appreciate the help, but I'm UK based. I've updated my profile to indicate this. I should just fork out the £20 for a proper one off eBay Thanks again! Si
  10. This badger... I'm guessing that as this pops out DC that it'd fry my 1050 quite quickly
  11. Would you get away with using a universal power supply? I just got my second 1050 unit, sans SIO or PSU. I have a universal supply that happily powered my 410p tape drive, but wondered whether this would be suitable for the 1050? As always, thanks in advance Si
  12. Hi folks, super happy that I've managed to get hold of a working 1050 at a fairly decent price in the UK, but have one question - can you daisy chain an SD Drive Max via the second IO port? Main reason I'm asking is the printed SIO plug on my SDM is a tight fit on my 65XE and straight up about 1mm too big to fit in the IO on the back of my 1050. I didn't know if this was a design choice or some poor quality 3D printing (that I could fix with a little plug shaping). As an aside, will plugging it in to the 1050 provide it with enough power to work, or will it need an external supply? And I'm guessing if it will work, I can copy from the SDM (using D2-4) to disks on the 1050 (D1) And by god, how expensive are new 5.25 inch floppies these days... best I found on eBay (yes I know...) was 10 for £30. OK, might have been more than one question. When I was 13 years old, I thought I had a decent understanding of these computers, what you can do with them these days absolutely bakes my noodle! TIA Si
  13. that's brilliant, hopefully should have done enough to get it working again
  14. Hi peeps, I'm just in the process of replacing the belts in a 410p unit - does it have the same number of belts as the other 410 model? I ordered a pack of eBay that stated it had 4 belts, when it arrived, the seller had sent 6 belts! I opened up my 410p and could only find 2 belts: one from the fly wheel to the motor, and the other from the counter to the right hand spindle. I've had a fairly decent look around but cant see any others that need replacing. I'm wondering whether someone has already tried to repair and removed the belts. As usual, thanks in advance Si
  15. just found one for approx £9 it's finding the 3.5mm jack that seems to be the problem with the universal supplies online. i'll keep looking, thanks for the help guys
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