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  1. that's brilliant, hopefully should have done enough to get it working again
  2. Hi peeps, I'm just in the process of replacing the belts in a 410p unit - does it have the same number of belts as the other 410 model? I ordered a pack of eBay that stated it had 4 belts, when it arrived, the seller had sent 6 belts! I opened up my 410p and could only find 2 belts: one from the fly wheel to the motor, and the other from the counter to the right hand spindle. I've had a fairly decent look around but cant see any others that need replacing. I'm wondering whether someone has already tried to repair and removed the belts. As usual, thanks in advance Si
  3. just found one for approx £9 it's finding the 3.5mm jack that seems to be the problem with the universal supplies online. i'll keep looking, thanks for the help guys
  4. Hi, I've just picked up a 410 Cassette deck, sadly with no power supply cable. Are there any suitable alternatives that I could use rather than trying to hunt down an original PSU (seems to be quite hard in the UK). TIA
  5. True, I just kind of hoped someone had maybe uploaded the paper copies, I have a typing fetish 🙂
  6. Exactly this, I've seen the P6NAU library, and, although it had the issue disks, there were no uploads (that I could find) of the later editions longer programs. Just a curiosity thing for me really, nice to be able to pick these programs apart. Thanks for the replies
  7. Towards the end of its run, P6NAU started provided larger program listings on an 'as required' basis, to save space in the magazine. I've got a couple of these, but was wondering if anyone knew whether any more had been preserved for posterity... TIA Si
  8. Think Origin games had a thing for using artifacting. In addition to the Ultima, games I remember Auto Duel (sure I saw US screenshots in colour for this one) and Ogre using a similar technique.
  9. I'll have to concede defeat on this one, I'm using Altirra and the file from AtariMania, maybe its just me, the same thing happened with my physical copy. At least there's plenty of other stuff out there.
  10. The chap that posted the video on Youtube got back and said that he just held down the R-Ctrl button to activate the pack menus, but no joy for me 😪
  11. Movement isn't the issue, or the menu items, it's activating anything in the inventory pack. Thanks for your time and help though.
  12. True, but still no joy. Trust me, I pored over those instructions a lot when I was younger trying to get the thing to work. I did wonder whether it had been released buggy, a la Universal Hero, until I watched that video this morning. Si
  13. I had this game as a kid, enjoyed it quite a lot, but never really managed to work out how to play it properly. The instructions weren't great, and nothing seems to do anything keyboard-wise. Upon watching a video on YouTube, I noticed one player managed to get menus to pop up when trying to use items. Anyone got any ideas how to achieve the same results? Regards Si
  14. Well, I managed to resurrect my 65XE so at least I have one working A8... Currently armed with a full set of Atari User Mags and over half the Page 6 mags, my next question is this: Using Altirra, I can type in the listings, got that sorted, is there a way to xfer them to the physical XE? I'm guessing one of the SD based solutions would suffice. I would try to source a 1050, but they're like rocking horse s**t in this country... Apologies for the noobishness, I'm about 35 years behind you guys. Attached my XE, not in too bad nick for its age, apart from the name plate I'm literally waiting on "Electronics for Dummies" to arrive so I can start on the XL, fully intend for it to be a new hobby for me Regards Si
  15. It'd fit nicely in the backend of my resurrected 65XE, freshly washered up in the keyboard department 770525 Si
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