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  1. I thought about that too. My take on it is to set only your primary Wii avatar to mingle. Well my minglers are the 6 or so former US presidents I've tried to turn into Miis. I'm shooting for the whole set, of course, but it will take some time. If you want to see them in your parade just for kicks, add my Wii code: 8208 9528 8707 0286 I'll add whichever codes I see above, and whoever sends me a PM!
  2. I hope everyone else got the special letter from Mr. Iwata of Nintendo recently with the attached "coin" item. Just connecting to the WiFi service should do it. It's kind of ugly, but great for the nostalgia. I couldn't find an ant using the guide (it just says to look on the ground? whatever), but when I left a rotten white turnip outside it was swarming with them. Nothing much new in Ogonek. Just paid off the 4th house expansion, so looking forward to even more room.
  3. I was finally able to catch K.K. Slider Saturday night. So, I used my four save slots to gather four tracks: Rockin' K.K., Soulful K.K., Two Days Ago, and Marine Song 2001. So who's up for some bootleg swapping? I'm reluctant to part with Soulful K.K. - that's good stuff (especially on the phonograph)!
  4. Hey, glad you dropped by. Busy day for me, so I wasn't able to play much. I'll try to actually move around next time. I hope to visit your town tomorrow. I didn't see it on the list when I was playing. Visited w00tland tonight, though! Some pretty nice tile artwork there.
  5. Well now, I could sure use some oranges. I replanted half my town today, so I'm a bit short on fruits. I think I have some hanging around, though. Can you put me on your friends list so I can visit? 4252-6282-8940 Name: Gyro Town: Ogonek
  6. I'll leave my town open for 24 hours - starting now. There are plenty of pears to pick, some coconuts growing down by the beach, and some nice little surprises in front of the town hall. Help yourself! Please buy something (or everything) from Nook. I'm itching for the final store upgrade. I believe I've added everyone who has posted a code. 4252-6282-8940 Town: Ogonek Name: Gyro (I'll probably be snoozing in town somewhere since I have all of those real world holiday obligations to deal with.)
  7. Alright, I started from scratch. I'll stick with this town. Name: Gyro Town: Ogonek Code: 4252-6282-8940 (Pears growing around here.)
  8. I just learned there's already a (very interesting) villager named Pascal, so clearly I'll have to create a new character. My code is dead for now. I wish Nintendo had created some neutral towns for people. The code exchange is a bit cumbersome, but the tradeoff is probably worth it. (No roving gangs of pre-teens in black shirts chopping down the world's orchards.)
  9. Name: Pascal Town: Ogonek Code: [deleted - see followup posts] Villagers so far: Wolfgang, Walker, Kody, Daisy, Monique I never played the Gamecube version, but if it was anything like this game I would have been hooked on that, too. I think it's great. There goes my GPA....
  10. 107,980 I don't think I've ever played this one before (thankfully I have a Cuttle Cart 1), but it's neat. The graphic for extra lives reminds me of the soldiers for hire in Dragonstomper.
  11. xeex

    Hunchy II

    I tested the last version on my Supercharger and didn't notice the graphic glitches between levels (I played up to Level 4). I used makewav to convert the bin. No problems here!
  12. I think I agree with that assessment. Well, I managed to score 5,300 by not moving forward at all. I just stayed by the trees at the start of the game and picked off as many enemy soldiers as I could.
  13. 3,000 I have no skill for this one, and it's pissing me off!
  14. Masterfully done! I wish I had some more time for this game. I love it. I was really hoping to see if the difficulty resets after the series of boards with 3 enemies, but I didn't survive quite that long.
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