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  1. So now, without further delay, here it is:
  2. As with most PAL stuff, you better have a look here.
  3. The 'ugly sticker' (indeed ugly) is probably part of the game, compare here, so I guess I will not remove it. Which indeed leads me to the sad question: Yes, it is THE game, but is it 'Home Vision'? Rom, you list the black cartridges of War 2000 under 'home vision'. Still, both of them, have or had a sticker on them, saying: 'Meteor defends, Kat. No. 55433391, Doppelpack'. This will probably relate to ITTs double pack of Meteor defence/Aliens Return you are listing here and here. From what I can read on the reminder of the sticker of No. 3, it says: 'Alien's return, Kat. No. 55433391, Doppelpack'. So, I think its possible, both games may be early releases of ITTs double pack Meteor defence/Aliens Return, while ITT did not yet have own labels/cartridges. The same may be true for my black copy of World End, which clearly shows remainders of a sticker ... If so, the "true" Home Vision No. 3 is still out there (so Rom, please do not yet rest in peace ).
  4. If you think what I think you think, you're thinking about the right thing. I think so Soon, wait for the weekend.
  5. These http://www.xenophobe.de/atari/Highlights/home_vision_style.jpg have the same cartridge type.
  6. Leider scheinen aber gerade die VideoGems auch besonders empfindlich zu sein, auch bei zwei von sechs Exemplaren die ich so im Laufe der Jahre erstanden habe kam leider kein Bild mehr ...
  7. Just wonderfull! And I definitly need that beautiful Goliath Spider Kong box
  8. Great stuff! Ahhhh, general retreat/westward ho, very nice. And you are definitly missing one of the white demon attacks
  9. How cool is this! My next holidays definitely should go to Italy
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