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  1. Oh, I actually just remembered another game that would be great on the 7800, King & Balloon! That game runs on the same hardware as Galaxian, and it even has digitized speech. And since we already have a great port of Galaxian, I think it's possible to make a good port of King & Balloon based on Galaxian.
  2. The Atari 2600 and 8-Bit versions of Bosconian are amazing. I especially like how the 8-Bit version has that jammin' title music. If someone were to port Bosconian on the 7800, we would have the game on all three of the 8-bit Atari consoles. Funny enough, Bosconian was actually in development for the Famicom at one point. It ended up getting cancelled because they couldn't get the scrolling to work. However, this was early in the Famicom's life. So, they probably didn't know how to take full advantage of the hardware yet. And with how great the 2600 and 8-Bit versions are, I'm sure the 7800 would do a great job at representing it. Another top game I would like to see on the system is Rally-X, which features a similar radar system. Maybe if I ever get around to finishing Dig Dug 2, that could be a game to do afterwards.
  3. An interesting fact about those Atari and Intellivision Flashback units is that many of their games ended up getting hacked into other games and put on various bootleg units. For example, Food Fight became the brilliantly named Nut Cracky. As for the original NES recreation of Food Fight, I remember it playing kinda sloppily. Same with the Atari 8-Bit version. It's cool that those ports exist, but they're just not very fun to play IMO. So, I think the 7800 is still the way to go for Food Fight.
  4. Not much of an update, but here are some sound effects that I've made for the game recently. I'm hoping to have a new build out soon. Dig Dug 2 7800 SFX.wav
  5. I've decided to broaden the scope of the project, and now include all kinds of different cartridges. Not just homebrews are accounted for, but also ROM hacks, demos, utilities, and reproductions. Of course, I'm still looking for games that were actually sold in some large amount. This doesn't include one of a kind custom cartridges, which I feel would be do difficult to document (unless someone else wants to prove me wrong on that). The spreadsheet is still very much a work in progress, but I hope you guys like what's here so far. And I'm hoping that members here will get some use out of this information. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TWG0W3bmlJrtGmO5p9rLiCwYUyXIF4uqqOveJMSqeKI/edit?usp=sharing
  6. I didn't count the high score cartridge since that's not a game, but a utility. However, I was completely unaware of a Halloween cartridge. I'll have to look into that a bit.
  7. I probably should have asked this earlier, but I'm curious. How were these Pac-Man games distributed? Were they sold independently by Bob, or someone else? I also wonder how many were produced of these.
  8. I do think cartridges like those are interesting. However, I think they would be a pain to catalogue. If someone else wants to do that, be my guest. But I'm mainly looking at "official" releases. Still, very cool that such a thing like that exists. I personally would like to see a cartridge with just the Namco conversions on them, since I'm a big Namco fan. Maybe one day.
  9. Oh wow, didn't know about these either! If the game inside is the same as the standard Baby Pac-Man release, then I don't think I'll be counting this as a separate entry. But still, these look great. I'll at least make a note of it on the spreadsheet.
  10. Yeah, I'm not gonna be counting pirated stuff. I'm only looking for ones where the developers approved of a physical release or are doing one themselves. And also, who knows how many pirated games could be out there? It would be a nightmare to try and catalogue all of those. Same reason why I won't count any of those custom 7800 cartridges that people can order. There has to be more than one of it, they have to be a release approved by the developer, and they have to be made from the ground up. Those are my qualifications for what counts for the homebrew list. Also, if the Wasp! numbered edition and standard edition have no real differences between each other, then I won't bother making separate entries for them. However, I probably will make comments for games that had alternate releases like that. I'm not sure what to do about the 30th Anniversary collections, but I'll find a place to put them later. Maybe they would go in the hacks section, but I don't know.
  11. I'm definitely aware of the upcoming 7800 releases. I have a section dedicated to them in the spreadsheet, but it's still a work in progress. I'm hoping that this will be helpful to many people, as I felt the documentation for available 7800 homebrews (especially ones with cartridges) could have used some work. Also, I didn't know there were that many Pac-Man homebrews released. Thanks for bringing those to my attention, Trebor. I didn't add the Ms. Pac-Man ones and Asteroids VE since they say they're hacks and I'm not counting those. ROM hacks might get their own section later on, though. The other Pac-Man cartridges have all been added to the list. Again, I really appreciate all of you guys helping to keep this list accurate.
  12. Here is the most up to date version of the list. And again, I'll link the spreadsheet here. Thank you all for checking out the list and letting me know what games I missed. atari 7800 homebrew physical.txt
  13. I completely forgot about this collection! I'll add it right now.
  14. I got Merlain on the spreadsheet. Speaking of which, here it is! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TWG0W3bmlJrtGmO5p9rLiCwYUyXIF4uqqOveJMSqeKI/edit?usp=sharing This is definitely much nicer to look at than a list, but I'll probably keep both for people who just want the list of games and nothing else. I didn't include E.T. because it's not really a game and I don't think non-games belong. Dragon's Cache hasn't came out yet, as far as I know. So, I won't add that until later. I'm debating on whether to including Pac-Man Plus, since it's already on Pac-Man Collection. But maybe I'll put in on there. And I also didn't know there was a non VE version of Beef Drop. At least, I haven't seen one. I'll probably add it later. Thanks for the response!
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